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Ever since rolling out their consumer-oriented FN 15 line of ARs a couple of years back, FNH USA has gradually expanded their range, making more offerings available for those who want the FNH name in their rifle. Now, in advance of July 4, they’ve announce the new FN 15 1776 model, a  budget-priced AR that’s perfect as a starter or project gun. press release after the jump . . .

FNH USA is pleased to announce the launch of the FN 15™ 1776, the newest addition to the company’s modern sporting rifle product line. The FN 15™ 1776 is designed to be high performance, value-priced, and optics-ready, perfect for shooters looking for a base rifle to customize to their liking.

“The FN 15™ 1776 is an affordable rifle that includes the same quality, precision manufacturing and expertise synonymous with all FN products,” said Ken Pfau, Senior Vice President for Commercial and Law Enforcement Sales for FN America. “We are excited to continue the expansion of the FN 15™ line with new models like the 1776 and provide customers with an opportunity to buy into the FNH USA brand.”

The brand-new FN 15™ 1776 includes many of the same features found in the FN 15™ series like the standard 16-inch, alloy steel, button-broached barrel, 6-position collapsible stock, A2-style compensator, and sling attachments. In contrast, the FN 15™ 1776 features an optics-ready MIL-STD 1913 flat-top rail for mounting the scope or sight of your choice. Manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $899.

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To learn more about FN America, LLC and FNH USA branded products please visit us online at or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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    • I’m going to have to agree with you there. $899 isn’t exactly value priced, I can build a better rifle for less than that. I can buy an M&P for less than that.

      • You can still get a Colt 6920 for 900 or so (with front and rear sights), so you would expect a pretty steep discount off the 900 msrp. Don’t know how Colt company’s troubles are shaking out, these days.

    • Retail usually ends up under MSRP, so may be right around that mark (guessing)? But I love a good RRA trigger. Their standard mid weight barrel is a little heavy though, so like the CHF idea…

      If they would have named it the 1777, i may have been compelled to buy one (based on my tag alone). But I guess we really didn’t do much in ’77 (besides freeze our asses off and have a cast-off Prussian form a rag tag group of militias into a true Army under Washington haha)

  1. This is a “budget” or “starter” rifle? Yes, it is a very basic rifle, but I would bet that many of us could build the exact same rifle for $300 less. I don’t keep track, but aren’t their mossbergs that are significantly cheaper–suggesting that FN is falling into the same trap Colt did–charging a premium for the label but without any premium content.

    • Agree that msrp is high, but 300? Let me in on that deal 🙂

      It would have been nice if they released it with a midlength gas system… I don’t know anybody that prefers carbine gas these days.

      I would rather use the PSA upper with the CHF middy for 309$, alg trigger, magpul moe parts, etc and have a really fantastic budget rifle for the same or less money (assuming retail will be quite a bit less than 899).

      It is really the golden age of AR “assembly” right now.

  2. But it’s a FN, you know, the new Colt. Branding isn’t everything – it’s the only thing!!! Pony up and pay, boys. Hmmm, maybe I shouldn’t have said pony.

  3. Crappy butt stock, hand guard, and grip. CHECK!
    No front sight, CHECK!
    1 Magpul magazine. CHECK!

    899.99 MSRP? Are you kidding me?

    This thing has “fanboi, and gear queer sales only” written all over it

  4. The Ruger AR556 is $600 or less, CHF barrel, and front and rear sights. Much better buy than this. I love FN products, but own none of them because of price. There’s no reason things like 5.7’s, PS90’s and all of their other mostly polymer guns should be anywhere near the cost they want for them. I inquired to FN about their pricing for specifically the 5.7 chambered products, and they told me it was due to import.

  5. If you’re going to sell based on nationalism, shouldn’t you be, uh, maybe, from that country?

    It gets no more patriotic than the ones I built in my workshop. Whatever.

    Line FN and HK up with Colt… Just another lame horse that serves us better as dog food.

    My current AR build will come in under $600. No foreigners involved.

  6. That’s nice. My PSA mid 16″ has a CHF/CL FN-made barrel and cost barely over $500 to put together.

    Reading the specs, you’re paying $900 and still just getting a non-CL 4140 button rifled barrel.

  7. This is entirely a non starter.

    I’m about to pick up an SR556 SC for $800.

    This isn’t just uninteresting. It’s “Run away!”

  8. I own a ruger and one of these. It’s a nice gun. They should never come without sights though. It has a chrome line barrel. It’s well built. Building for x amount of I’m cheap dollars is a get what you pay for thing.


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