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I’m gonna keep doing this until Nick cries Uncle. And probably after that, too. Yup, it’s another “new” product with the most minor of mods for the firearms fraternity gathering at the 2013 SHOT show (at which TTAG will unleash four of its top bloggers and one salacious photographer). In this case we have a Desert Tactical Arms SRS (c. $2700 sans barrel, bolt, and magazine) with a NEW modular lightweight Picatinny rail and a NEW adjustable cheek piece with a NEW soft recoil pad. It may be a marketing ploy but who doesn’t want a bullpup sniper rifle with 1/2 MOA or better in your choice of calibers? Excluding Nick’s rave fave 300 Blackout. No doubt part of the conspiracy to annoy our Gun Test and Review Editor.

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  1. In this case we have a Desert Tactical Arms SRS (c. $2700 sans barrel, bolt, and magazine)

    If POTUS has his way, all guns will cost $2700 and none of them will have barrels, bolts and magazines.

        • Have you tried to reload a bullpup? If not, shut up and if you did and it was slow then you need to practice.

        • You can do AK style reloads on RFBs. I dont have a bullpup bolt gun, but I dont think it would be that hard to work the action.

        • lolinski: I could get fast at reloading a Mosin from stripper clips, too. But that doesn’t make it a better, or even as good method, as removable box magazines. Not worst != best.

          matt: Moving strong hand for reloads is bad tactics.

          If anything goes wrong in a bullpup reload—and do NOT tell me practice neutralizes Murphy—you can’t see what you’re doing. You have to un-shoulder the weapon to be able to even see the side of the magwell, much less in it.

  2. >2013
    >molded-in un-swappable grip

    There go half your sales. If you can’t put Magpul on it, it ain’t shit.

  3. Hate to be a POO POO head, but instead of showing guns we can’t afford, shouldn’t you guys be at Magpul and all of the scary black rifle and ammo manufacturers asking about production, delivery and cost!

  4. Wait a second here. It’s a bolt gun. Without a bolt. It’s a sniper rifle without a barrel. And it costs $2700? FOR WHAT?! Just a bunch of plastic and a receiver? I thought that the barrel and the bolt were the most expensive parts of a rifle, so what would this puppy cost ready to shoot? $5000 or $6000??? More?? Give me a break.

    • Try more like $4k list, not including scope. Which is not out of line for highly accurate rifles of this class.

      Seems like they sell the barrel/bolt package separately, probably based on advice from the marketing department, to highlight the fact that it’s an interchangeable-caliber major-power rifle system. And no, there’s no .22LR version…

  5. I agree that this doesn’t seem like much of an upgrade, but make no mistake, this is a VERY nice rifle. I own an SRS with .308 and .338LM conversions. Ergonomics are fantastic and the trigger is lovely. It’s price is certainly high, but in line with other precision rifles. DTA has my enthusiastic support and the SRS is the Porsche GT3RS of precision rifles.

  6. My personal opinion: that rifle is sex with Picatinny rails on.

    I’ll take two, plus the complete collection of barrel/bolt sets, plus custom carrying cases. Please.

  7. I’ve held one of these, not shot it. It blew my mind how small and balanced it was when the owner told me the kind of range it had. The fact that working the bolt on a bull pup is sort of difficult is pretty much negated by the fact that you’re 1000 yards away from your target. This isn’t a gun designed for people who need 20 rounds to hit the mark. It really is a wonderful feeling weapon, and the price is a result of lots of R&D and a very limited market. As stated above, it runs about $4000 ready to fight.

  8. Great, accurate weapon (although I haven’t shot the DSR that its based on) but there is something wrong with the company…terrible service, current wait times of 8 months, and they treat their retailers like crap. Not encouraging for long term viability.

  9. Sounds like a bunch of broke guys that really want a nice rifle but because their broke, they get mad and slam…everything…it may not be your pick for a rifle but that’s your choice…stick with whatever you can afford…a 22 is right in your future…loL

  10. I am now the proud owner of one of these fine DTA SRS-A1 rifles! It took months of waiting, but it is finally here! While the wait was definitely longer than anticipated, the guys over at DTA were great to deal with and they took good care of me. I couldn’t be happier with the new gun!


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