I’m an unabashed fan of Danner boots.  Their Melee desert boots kept my ten little piggies warm and cozy all day yesterday during Media Day In Antarctica, even though they’re not really designed for cold weather like that.

Danner’s new Tachyon lightweight tactical boots are intended for much warmer climes, and tip the scales at just 26 ounces for the pair. They might be (don’t quote me on this) lighter than a pair of hippie Birkenstocks, and they look much cooler. And at $139, they’re almost as light on your wallet as they are on your feet.

If your hikes take you to colder and rockier spots, Danner’s new Gavre mountain boots are a better choice. They’re fully waterproofed with Gore-Tex, and have a full-length polymer footboard for puncture resistance and flexibility. MSRP: $170.



  1. I’ve never even considered any ‘Tactical Boot.’ No crush resistant toe? I wear boots every day and that is one of the most important features. I would not ever even consider a boot without a steel toe or at least an ANSI approved cup over the toe.


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