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You read the title right. The CZ Scorpion now comes in brown. Well, FDE . . .


The Bren 801 does too. Hooray!

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  1. Does the CZ come in anything less transmorgrifier?

    What’s with the base of the pistol grip? BREN’s got it a little better.

    • I wouldn’t expect to ever see a .45 Scorpion Evo.

      The demand for .45 submachineguns/PCC’s is fairly low. Looking at the global market for such weapons, there are basically no military purchasers, a tiny handful of US LEO’s, and a relatively small subset of the US civilian market. Beretta discontinued their .45 Cx4 entirely several years ago, as the only buyers were a handful of US consumers and those are probably the most readily available versions because nobody wants them. Kriss I think are the only ones trying to do .45 subguns/PCC’s seriously at this point, I don’t know of anyone buying UMP’s in .45 anymore, especially in any meaningful quantity.

      For a European firearms group like CZ, .45 versions of something like the Scorpion is probably not going to happen (although I guess not impossible).

      • Yep. Its hard to justify shooting .45 acp in a carbine when you could be shooting .223 for the same price.

        9mm on the other hand is roughly half the cost of .223 or .45, and has about the same kinetic energy, and you can have much greater capacity without a magazine that is a foot long. I can understand why .45 has it fans for pistols but it makes no sense at all in a carbine.

  2. At least they’re selling the Bren S1 Carbine now too. Though the MDR is likely my next long gun purchase. 😀

  3. CZ, CZ…

    I vaguely recall something about something called a ‘CZ’.

    Now I remember! An urban myth about a gun of some sort.

    Machined from Unobtanium bar stock.

    • They’re around, they just take a few months to become common. Every time I’ve walked into a local gun store or a Cabelas for the last four months or so there’a been a Bren or Scorpion (or both) sitting around.

  4. That Bren picture mislead me for a moment until I read the caption. I thought there was a magical sci-fi double-barreled gun that was introduced at SHOT.

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