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I was giving serious consideration to listing the Chiappa Triple Threat shotgun under From the Deepest Depths of Uselessness category. And then I saw Ron Norton shooting the thing faster than a camera shutter at a Miri Bohadana photo shoot. One of the things I like about Chiappa’s main man is that he shoots from the hip. Only not in this case. I’d like to see him try to maintain his balance while pulling that trigger thrice. Needless to say, that’s exactly what we’ll do when we encounter Ron’s post-Rhinoplasty product at SHOT.

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  1. Wow. I don’t see anything that I can’t already do with my pump gun. How often are you going to need 3 different chokes on the same gun at the same time? It might be an attention getter at the range, but I like being the gray man.

    • With slugs I could see it as a woodlands bear gun, as long as all three barrels are dead-nuts reliable. Waterfowl, too, where federal regulations limit you to three shells. I’ll agree it is probably meant as an attention-getter, though.

    • Actually, serious thought.

      I have never fired a double barrel shotgun. Does a single trigger pull fire both barrels? If so, does the “1 trigger pull, 1 round fired” NFA rule come into play?

      • I do not believe any currently-manufactured shotgun fires both barrels with one trigger. Those with single triggers fire one barrel (usually the left) first, and the second trigger pull fires the other.

      • If it has 2 triggers you can pull both at the same time. At least once in every mans life he should pull both triggers on a double 12. It’s something that you’ll remember a long time after the doing.

        • Remember for a long time? Is that because of the shoulder dislocation and bruised butt from getting dumped on the ground? :p

        • Shoulder bruise? Check. Dislocation and being knocked on my a$$? Not so much. Definitely got my attention, but 50-ish foot-pounds of recoil energy isn’t going to actually knock the average-size human off their feet.

        • Shot a 10 gauge double barrel goose gun when I was 12… both barrels… I fired and was very quickly on my back. I’d been kicked by horses and this was worse.

        • i think buuurr has the right idea, ive pulled both on a 12 plenty of times, never even picked up a 10 tho let alone pulled on a double

  2. A man can buy a lot of Silver American Eagle coins for the price that three barrel gun will be selling for. A good quality two barrel coach gun in SxS and O/U priced at about $500-600 (max) street price might get me to buy one. Why do I need or want one of these new gun toys?

    • MKS Distributing, Dayton OH, July, 2011-Distributor for Chiappa Firearms

      “RFID Removal: For those still concerned you can simply remove the grip and remove the hot glued RFID from the frame in the grip area when (over a year from now) these begin to appear. Others may prefer to wrap the revolver and their head in aluminum foil, curl in a ball and watch reruns of Mel Gibson’s 1997 film, Conspiracy Theory. Well, that’s a plan too!”

  3. I don’t care if it would be a niche product that just looks like so much fun!!!
    Besides can you just imagine the look on a BG’s face when you catch him in your house and flip the lights on with the Triple Threat in your hand!! Kodak Moment for sure!!!

    • I’ll sell you cheap three black barrel tubes you can solder onto and around a single barrel shotgun. Let’s see: 1 barrel + 3 barrels = 4 barrels. Add on four flashlights and four lasers and now that will give the intruder a heart attack. They thug will never know the three extras are not working barrels.

      • LOL!!! Ok but can you throw in a tripod pintle??? I have already figured out how I can mount it on a tripod and have it pop up out of the living room floor if a certain set of sensors are tripped after hours!!! Plus it will automatically turn an point at the tripped sensor!! Ah!! Although a fun as in I don’t need it type of weapon I still think it could be fun.
        The local skeet range officer would really crap when I walked out and yelled pull the first time!!

        • Sure, tripod pintle it is. Now that would be a hoot having it pop up on a tripod to face down an intruder. Yeah, the ranges will probably have to send for eye doctors when people see a 3 banger.

        • Just thought of this. What if Mel Brooks had had one of these when they done the scene in Hostory of the World where he yells “pull” and the peasant goes flying through the air!! 3 barrels…three peasants….3 times as funny!!!
          “It’s good to be the King”!!!

  4. In one way, I can think of this as 50% better than a double barrel shotgun, but on the other hand, it is gonna almost be 50% heavier too. I’m thinking that in less enlightened parts of the world where semi-autos and even pumps might be verbotten, then this would be a usefull solution to get 3 shots without reloading.

  5. A triple-barreled shotgun. It should come with a pintle mount because you know it’s going to be heavier than an obese girl at an all-you-can-eat buffet.

    As for Miri Bohadana, I *want* her to be my bunk mate. I’m sure my girlfriend won’t mind!

    (Ducking to avoid the iron skillet swinging through the air in an arc towards my head).

  6. Wait a minute! He fired that thing from the hip! Doesnt he know you can only do that with short pistol gripped “assault” shotguns?!?

  7. It’s kind of cool in a “I have absolutely no use for one” kind of way. I’m not a good shot with a shotgun, maybe I could choke all three barrells skeet to use on the skeet range? Or maybe for dove hunting? Was it me or does it look like it lacks automatic ejectors?

    I would rather have a reasonably (as in less than I paid for my first new car…not my first car, I got that for two hundred bucks) drilling, in say 12 Gauge over 30.06, or maybe .28 Gauge over .223, even .410 over .22 WMR.

    • Savage has the new model 42. If I ever see one in .22 over .410 I’m just going to buy it. I got 6 grandkids from 2 weeks old to 6 years old. They’ll put some miles on it.

      • I’ve seen the Savage, but I’d like to own a true Drilling, two shotgun barrels over a rifle barrel. When I was in Germany in the late 80’s you’d see some, mostly custom made, and way expensive.

        • LOL!! I was in Germany from 1983 to 1988 and the Drillings, what few I had seen, were almost, and some even more expensive than the new Harley I bought over there in 1987!!!
          But then again there were a lot of places, depending on the current exchange rate, where you could go downtown with a few US dollars in your pocket and get some pretty good deals.
          The local gun shop was one of them. Picked up a couple of nice Walther .380’s before I deros’ed back to the world!!!

    • Many side-by-side guns have only extractors and no ejectors.

      To put ejectors on a gun like that with a triangular barrel setup would be a challenge, to say the least. You’d need to have a way of getting the ejector actuated by the hammer & sear setup down in the forearm – that’s how double-barrel shotguns do it. A double or O/U with ejectors really is four gun lockworks on one firearm – there’s the two hammers/sears to fire the shells, then there are two more hammers and sears for the ejectors.

      Here, if you had ejectors, you’d have six hammers and sears, then three trip rods so that you’re ejecting only the barrel(s) you’ve fired and leaving the other unfired shells in the chamber(s)… things get complicated pretty quickly.

      • To quote Odd Ball from “Kelley’s Heroes”, “I don’t know how to fix ’em man, I just drive ’em.”

        Never having been able to afford a quality double barrel (though I think I may have convinced the wife that my retirement present to myself when I retire in 546 days may just be a Browning O/O in 16 Gauge) I wasn’t familiar with how the ejectors/extractors worked. Makes sense now that it would take some serious engineering to put them on a 3 barrel.

        Thanks for the explanation.

        • Congrats on your retirement!! Stay safe!!! BTW: where and when were you in Germany?? Was there Feb 1983 to June 1985 in Goppingen w/ 1st Inf Div, came back to the States from June till Dec of 85 then back to Germany from Dec1985 till April 1988 w/ 3rd Inf Div at Aschaffenburge!! Had a lot of fun and got to do and see a lot and see a lot of really neat and historical places while I was there!!
          Some of the European Castles and Churches had some of the most amazing architect work I have ever seen considering when they were built!!

        • I managed to con my TAC Officer at West Point into sending me to 3rd AD in Kirch-Goens for the summer of 87 and the summer of 88 as a CTLT cadet. I was stationed at Grafenwohr from 07-08. Loved Germany, Luxemborg, Holland and Belgium. France…meh.

        • Kirchgoens??….oh man!! Sham duty!! LOL!!!
          Graf…meh. Too many cold snowy frozen nights in Graf, Muncigen?? and Meissau, also Camp Hof pulling Border Duty for 3rd ACR when they were gone to a training area. Walked a lot of miles in those places!!
          Yea all of those places,except France were pretty decent, and pretty decent people, again except France.
          June/July 1984 I was in the 1st Inf Div Honor Guard, carried the American Flag for ceremonies, we traveled all over Belgium, France, West Germany, and a few other places doing the ceremonies for the 40th Anniversary of D-Day. Walking along the top and bottom of Omaha Beach and other places really gave me a new found and very deep respect for what the soldiers went through on that beach and others.
          Went into a lot of the old bunkers and buildings in St.Marie Igleas in France also.
          Will give you shivers.

  8. It looks somewhat interesting, but I will never buy another Chiappa firearm again. Their quality control is horrendous (to say the least) and their customer service is almost non-existent.

  9. This is the greatest and most useful invention since the 2 a$$ed monkey. If you ever encounter a situation that requires you to stand just about perfectly still for maybe 5 seconds while you arrange a shotgun on your hip and then take careful aim at something that’s not moving and not shooting back at you and then fire 3 rounds really fast leaving you holding an empty and hard to reload weapon while in the presence of someone you’re afraid is going to kill you, well then this is your item right here!


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