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Charter’s latest contribution to the affordable revolver market: the Pitbull .40. It’s an American-made, stainless steel 5-holer. According to Charter’s Trip Banks, it took their engineers two years to perfect their new moon-clipless extractor design. Perhaps they should have worked on it a little longer. . .

I loaded up the Dangerous Doggie with five rounds of fotay cal – the rounds snapped nicely into place – and took aim at a metal target. The wheelgun seemed accurate and not as snappy as you’d think. The only problem: two of the five rounds failed to fire. Even after clicking around the horn again. Figuring I’d done something wrong, I reloaded for another go.

Same result. A 60% score. Then I punched the extractor bar to empty the gun. Only four of the five rounds popped out. One of the casings that actually fired was hanging on for dear life in its cozy cylinder, apparently not wanting to sample life on the dusty desert floor. Being the half-full guy that I am, I figured at least we’d gotten up to 80% in the ejection department.

That’s when Trip went to work with his little Victorinox to pry the little bastard out of there. The gun’s MSRP is only $429 (figure street’s somewhere around $375) and it comes with a lifetime warranty that follows the gun. Probably a good thing, too, as you’re likely to need it.

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  1. Really? That’s a shame. These looked so promising. Did you really only try one type of ammo? Was the gun brand new? Was it cleaned prior to firing? I was really hoping for one of these in 9mm. Now, I don’t think so.

  2. Check with the gunsmits in your area before you buy a Charter.
    I wanted to get a trigger job on a Charter I own so I called the largest gun store in my city to get a price estimate . The smith stated simply ” I don’t work on them.”
    I called the second largest store and their smith said ” $(can’t remember) but don’t expect too much, they don’t clean up very well.”
    From all I can tell Charter does not have a favorable rep. with gunsmiths.

  3. The gun’s MSRP is only $429

    That’s about 60% of the going rate, which is fair if it’s only going to work 60% of the time.

  4. pitbull?? really? as if the breed doesn’t already have a bad name you’re naming a gun after it? how bout you name the .22 version the chihuahua

  5. I have a 6 round 2″ barrel ,22 LR Charter Arms revolver. Keep it around for new or the don’t shoot much folks to use on our property. I use it with snap caps to keep trigger finger strength. If you shoot pistols a lot, trigger finger strength for a revolver is not maintained. I also like shooting this revolver single action so keep cocking thumb toned as well. Wasn’t wild about it first due to heavy double action weight but more I dry fired, better it got. Nice little weapon, never a problem with any function. Goes bang each and every time trigger is pulled. Would I buy a Charter Arms for self defense, probably not due really heavy trigger pull in double action. My life is worth the 500.00 to 700.00 I’ve spent on higher quality .38 & 357 revolvers.


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