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Charles Daly is no stranger to strange firearms. The importer sells the world’s ugliest AK-style 9mm pistol, the PAK-9. They’re also the company behind a popular range of tri-barreled shotguns called, unsurprisingly, Triple Threat. At SHOT, Mr. Daly’s mob introduced the newest member in the NFA buster club . . .

The Honcho.

Available in 12 gauge, 20 gauge and 410, the Daly show sports a 14″ barrel for an overall length of 27″, avoiding NFA status in a wieldy if not perfectly shoulderable package. The Honcho has a couple of major rivals: Remington’s Tac14 and the Mossberg Shockwave.

The Honcho’s pump action is spring assisted; the slide returns to its forward position when released. The action felt smooth and solid. While the slide sid forward with authority I doubt I’d let it go while shooting. Just sayin’ . . .

The Honcho’s birdshead grip is comfortable — better than the similarly priced Mossberg and Remington variants. With an MSRP of $369 I expect a street price in the low $300’s. Yes please, no thanks or what the hell for?

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    • A pump action repeating Snake Charmer – Why the hell not?
      Maybe someone who has experience with them can enlighten me: if spring loaded pump actions are a great idea, why don’t we see more of them?

      • I think there are some reliability concerns adding the spring and extra parts and some extra cost in manufacture but really I think it’s just that for most it’s no big deal. I mean really why put a spring there and make it harder to pull the bolt back to assist the action in a motion you’re going to do by hand anyway when you slide it forward? Most aren’t gonna just let go of the fore end after pulling the action back and not wanting to ride the bolt forward they’re gonna assist the fore end forward so that spring doesn’t make a lot of sense to the manufacturers. They cut it out save a few dimes and show a bigger margin on their pump guns.

        • One of the things that a lot of new users fail to do is fully return the slide into battery and then wonder why they are getting FTF’s. This is especially true if they are using those 1 1/3″ mini-shells.

          After trying both the Tac-14 and Shockwave, I’d be curious to see how it compares. I would expect the return spring to be rather stout.

  1. I’m just glad to see these series of weapons as a middle finger to the NFA. I can see them having a limited use as a car/truck gun for quick access incase your vehicle was suddenly mob rushed by Antifa. Other than that, I’d keep one as an EDC hidden in a box of roses. But, if I did that, it would have to be a lever action shotgun anyway. Which, one of these companies should do..

  2. People should be less proud of their “Branding” names. Smaller is always better and try not to name it after a 1980 gay porn magazine.

  3. A lot of companies sell spring assisted pump actions in Canada from what I have read. I think the main drawback with them is that it’s difficult to keep the action open to show clear unless someone builds a bolt stop in or something.

    • I assume the gun will still function if the forward assist spring is removed. Does anyone know otherwise?

  4. There are a number of similar style shotguns sold up here in Canada (mostly made in Turkey). I think the biggest difference between the Canadian ones and the shotgun shown here is that the ones sold up here come with both the bird’s head grip as well as a standard stock that you can swap. They are gaining popularity as backpacking guns.

    • It would appear that the free market disagrees with you. After all, if one company couldn’t sell enough of them to make it profitable, why would two more manufacturers introduce their own version? In order to lose money?

      Therefore, it seems the mere existence of this firearm is incontrovertible proof that the concept is not silly at all.

  5. An idea for those ‘birdhead’ scatter-gun companies :

    Make and sell those ‘birdhead’ grips drilled and tapped for motor vehicle shift knobs…

  6. I bought a Shockwave when they first came out. The dealer had sold a couple but still wasn’t sure what to call them for the transfer. I talked to four local dealers and they were all confused but one who had called the area ATF office and was told they are PGO firearm (pistol grip only). I googled it and PGO firearms are are defined in the GCA’68. There is a maximum barrel and minimum barrel length and minimum overall length. I did not know such a firearm existed. The paperwork included in the box warned not to modify it to change dimensions. I don’t know why this information wasn’t included in the box instead of the government doublespeak paper.

  7. I have the shockwave in 12 ga. The only thing I’ve hunted with it so far is an armadillo. I was surprised at the pattern it holds on buckshot, very tight. I used 7.5 on the dillo i think it must have eaten some tannerite cause what a mess……. =/- 20 feet.

  8. I bought a Shockwave purely to give the ATF the middle digit. I figured it would be fun. I was pleasantly surprised, it’s a BLAST, and I believe it’s actually practical up to 30 feet. Using #4 Buck, I was nailing coke bottles 30 feet across the ditch with ease after a little practice. I’m really surprised by it, and welcome any new models from any manufacturer. I like it so much, I’m going to pay the Mafia their $200 infringement tax and SBS it. Here comes the mind-melting year-long wait. Oh, and ABOLISH THE BATFE!

    • Yep, the .410, 30ft on the outside for practical range, MUCH better at 20ft. Great “inside-the-house” gun, sounds ferocious, but won’t take out a wall like the 12ga. Hornaday got some great loads for it called “triple-defense”. Contains an FTX HP .41 +P slug PLUS 2 .30 cal round balls. At 7-yds (21-ft), at least one of the projectiles DOES make the FBI 12-inch requirement in gel. I don’t really take this firearm too seriously, but it’s fun to play with. Hunt with it? Nah, not enough gun to hunt with, except maybe to splatter some small birds or squirrels with 5-ball, or snakes with birdshot loads. The. 410 shot shells can also be used in the Taurus Judge pistol, and a couple other long-chamber .45’s.

      • Mine (in .410) fits beautifully in the bed frame beside the mattress. Totally hidden and the perfect location for emergency night time use. Top quality build & very impressive home defense gun.

  9. It’s still against many state laws so check with a reliable source, not the person selling it, and keep out of hot water if you should have to use it.

  10. Having fired a shockwave as well as a regular shotgun with a folded stock, I have to say that, even if you’re going to fire it as intended, a stabilizing brace is definitely called for with these even more than with ARs and AKs, for sure. They are very difficult to be precise with.

  11. Americans should think twice before buying Turkish made guns. Their crooked govt definitely gets a cut of your money.

  12. Stop calling it a shotgun. It is a short barrel, smooth bore firearm. And yes, they are made in Turkey.

    • I’ll call it a damn giraffe if I want, it takes shotgun shells, and out the end of it comes…wait for it…shot! I don’t feel beholden to conform to language one would use on the official federal forms to describe this thing, thanks.

  13. I got the 410. The spring assist is quick for reload action.
    However there is not a bolt release lever, like the Mossberg, or Remington.
    Only the spring holds round in place, for firing.
    This makes for fast “repeater action”, but for the more novice shooter, it may be possible the round is not fully in chamber, when firing. I know the firing pin will not actual without bolt being inf “firing position”.
    But it might cause a hiccup or two. as always, Safety and training are paramount.
    Noble Sport make a buck round with 3 .40 caliber balls(police round). Excellent choice for HD.
    Bird-shot if you want a “snake charmer”. The ability to hold the fireamr, with both hands, makes it a much more manageble gun than the Taurus Judge.

  14. Just got my Honcho 12 guage.
    It’s got chiappa on the barrel. Made in Turkey. The spring assist is only on the .410, not the 12 guage.

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