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Looking for a cool EDC blade that’s doesn’t look like the same Asian import everyone else is packing? Check out Boker’s Plus line Mini Vanquish. This slick liner locker has a brutally sharp-edged 3 1/8″ 440C blade that opens with a tiny flick of its distinctive triangular thumb stud. At 7.5″ fully extended, the Mini Vanquish weighs in at a slightly hefty 4.3 0z. That may be more than some would want in an EDC knife, but it looks to be worth every ounce. And while that handle looks like carbon fiber, it’s really – shhhhhh – a nicely polished G-10, too. But we won’t tell. As you’d expect for a not-so-run-of-the-mill knife, it’s on the pricier side. MSRP is $116, but it can be had at a street price around $70.

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  1. 440C is a good stainless steel, rust resistant, and easy to sharpen. It’s a much better stainless steel than the cheaper 440A stuff.

  2. For those that don’t know, this knife is a collaboration, designed by Jeremy Marsh. For most, this will be the only way to own one of his designs. His custom knives are amazing and sell for prices well into the thousands. I like seeing these collaborations, they help the custom makers (Jeremy works out of a shop at his home), and makes their designs obtainable.

  3. It is nice, just not my type of blade though. I like the Emerson Karambit, it looks scarry(shhhh) just sitting there, Randy

    • Should the gun grabbers ever turn their attention to knives the karambit may be near the top of their list…! ;-> “No one needs such a scary black knife.”

      Are knives covered by the 2nd amendment? “Arms” are more than just firearms.

      • “Arms” are any weapon that can be carried and utilized effectively by a single person.

        So, to answer your question, yes, knives are part of the arms covered in the Second Amendment. Frankly, they are the most overlooked part of the Second Amendment; most States, municipalities and cities have strict ordinances concerning knife size (OAL under 5″, blade under 3″), style (fixed blade, folding blade), action (switchblades) carry method (sword canes) and appearance (trench knives, you know, with brass knuckles around the hilt), to name just a few of the more common restrictions. In fact, I remember some months ago a rumor that soon being able to see the clip on a folding pocket knife (think clipped inside a pocket) will be considered brandishing. Like I said, just a rumor, but would it shock anyone?

        Badger 8-3

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