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New from Stack-On: Tactical Steel Security Cabinet

Part of having guns is storing them. Responsibly. And Stack-On has just the solution(s) for you. New this year . . . tactical storage! Wait, what? That’s right Bunky, they have a new tactical safe and gun cabinet. Above is their new Tactical Steel Security Cabinet (which closes with a key, as opposed to a full-blown, fireproof safe with combo lock). It’s user-configurable, but in the standard set-up above, it’ll hold seven long guns on the left side. The center section has two extended barrel rests to hold two tactical guns (with mags attached). And then you can cram the right side and top shelf with all the pistols and ammo your little heart desires. There’s also that on-door meshy pouchy thing. Oh, and it’s Cali DOJ-approved, too. Price: not bad. The TSSC will retail for about $300.


  1. avatar Loyd says:

    Added to the wish list

  2. avatar DrVino says:

    “Cali-legal” or CA DOJ – approved?
    Big difference….
    The latter requires different bolts than what this appears to have…..but I could be wrong….

    1. DOJ approved. Text updated. Thanks.

    2. avatar TTACer says:

      For those of us not in that utopia, what does that mean?

      1. avatar Paul W says:

        That there’s one more reason to be glad we’re not in Cali?

  3. avatar RKflorida says:

    Nice bluing job on the rifles.

  4. avatar okto says:

    $300 is well reasonable. Cost is one of the major factors that has been keeping me from getting a safe.

    1. avatar theaton says:

      This is not a safe. It is a lock box or security box as describe above.

  5. avatar Damon says:

    well, i’ve got something AWFULLY similar to that….but i wish mine was “user-configurable”. As it sits, the barrel rests are too tall for a 16″ AR or a hi-point carbine(i don’t wanna hear anything about that particular choice lol). and the chintzy plastic half-shelf sucks!

  6. avatar Jim says:

    I have a stack on that I use to store my powder and primers. It has the same locking system. I would never trust it for my guns as it is cheap sheet metal and could be openend with a sledge and a pry bar in a couple of minutes. This gadget might be useful to keep little hand (kids) off the guns, but it is not a true security solution. An Adam Lanza could break into one of these no problem.

    1. avatar Damon says:

      just wanted to say to that no it’s definately NOT properly secure for guns but i live in an apt, so for one thing i’m never getting a real safe in there, and two it’d make so much noise to get it open that it would attract serious unwanted attention(my neighbors are very complainy about noise). so it’s not a good solution…. but not bad for my situation.

      1. avatar g says:


        Locked metal cabinets are obvious inferior to safes, but I think all of us responsible gun owners would prefer people would use them rather than say, leaving all your guns underneath the bed.

        I was thinking this kind of cabinet is good for closet spaces where a full-size safe wouldn’t fit, or if you’re renting a house and you know you wouldn’t be allowed to bolt a safe to the ground or the wall.

        1. avatar In Memphis says:

          Wouldnt a safe that isnt bolted down still be better than a security cabinet that isnt bolted down?

        2. avatar Rambeast says:

          These boxes have holes (usually) that will allow you to secure them to wall studs and floor joists. The racket made trying to get them open and/or loose will garner enough attention in an apartment to get said thief pinched.

        3. avatar AndyWas says:

          Just like the gun-grabbers, incremental steps.
          A: Nothing at all
          B: One of these security cabinets
          C: A typical safe
          D: Multi-thousand dollar hardened fire-proof safe

          I think most of us understand the difference, and are smart enough to figure it out. A security cabinet has a place in the spectrum.

  7. avatar theaton says:

    So if you add “tactical” to something it must be better, right?

    1. avatar 16V says:

      To the tactifools? Yup.

    2. avatar AndyWas says:

      That’s one tactic to take.

  8. avatar Old Ben turning in grave says:

    Don’t they rate security devices on how long it will take to break in? Looks like you could pop this thing right open with a crow bar. Would keep small children out though, so that would be a big plus.

    1. avatar full.tang.halo says:

      RSC – Residential Security Container = 5 min with long screwdriver & hammer /worthless rating & what 95% of “gun safes” are rated for
      TL-15 – 15 min with power tools – $3,000+ and not with a gun interior. weight 1500-4000 lbs
      TL-30 – 30 min with power tools – $7,000 same as above or more weight wise.

      Most “gun safes” are more paint and interior than actual metal and security. Anything generally under $2000 can be bossed with a $400 battery powered combo set.

      1. avatar 16V says:

        Anything under $100K is just an intellectual exercise for someone who not only wants what’s behind ‘door number one’ but has north of 120 IQ points to acquire it.

        Given 30 minutes, anything short of a bank vault is child’s play.

  9. avatar Joe says:

    Stack-on uses cheap wafer locks in a lot of their products. It’ll satisfy most legal requirements, but they are not secure. They usually open in seconds with a cheap set of lockpicks.

  10. avatar sdog says:

    looks good for folks in that price range, but it is a far cry from my liberty safe.

    1. avatar Lance says:

      Unfortunately, some of us are financially and physically limited in our storage options. This seems like a pretty decent solution for those of us of the great unwashed masses unable to afford or house a $2000, 800lb safe.

      1. avatar theaton says:

        You can get a good safe with this footprint. Your firearms can be removed from this box in 5 minutes or less. It’s almost the same as having nothing. Save the money over time until you can afford a better one. Why throw away three hundred on something that will not help? You could build a wooden box with hasps and padlocks for $50 that would protect as well as this thing. Heck, build two and name it something that includes “tactical” and make some money.

        1. avatar Lance says:

          I’ve never seen a real gun safe with this sort of footprint that would hold more than two rifles and some ammo.

        2. avatar theaton says:

          And just what will this security box hold, three rifles and some ammo? If you want a small, secure footprint, you must sacrafice a little.

  11. avatar Aharon says:

    Thanks. I’ll be looking into it.

  12. avatar Paul W says:

    Stack on is crap; I’m continuing to save for a *good* safe, thanks.

  13. avatar InBox485 says:

    Yeah… kinda. I wish manufactures would listen to demand a little better. There has been a persistent demand for small cabinets like that to be key-less and fast access. So far the attempts have been few, and some combination of pricy and buggy. Throwing tactical in front of a marketing term doesn’t change the fact that a keyed safe means you have to find your keys in an emergency, and any time a kid can get to your keys, they can get to your safe.

  14. avatar Ralph says:

    Security cabinet? For keeping tiny hands off the guns, +1. Go for it. For keeping gnarly hands off the guns, 0. No disrespect to Stack-On. Every cabinet that I’ve seen, regardless of maker, could be peeled open like a sardine can in 5 minutes.

    1. avatar 16V says:


      LOX, LNO2, thermite, thermic rod, anybody with 2 brain cells to rub together will defeat most “safes”.

  15. avatar JT says:

    So they took one of their cabinets, painted it black, and called it “tactical”.

  16. avatar Matt in FL says:

    Is this supposed to be some sort of upgrade over their green security cabinets that I’ve been seeing at the big box outdoor stores for years? It looks like it’s built slightly differently, but I can’t tell if it’s better or simply different.

  17. avatar JoshinGA says:

    I just want to add my agreement with the several that have posted that no gun safe, no matter how secure, will stop a committed thief with time to go at it. I see the safe as a feel good measure for the owner, and most importantly to keep them away from children. Thats it.

  18. avatar Allen Armintor says:

    First off, I dont need or can I afford a 6 inch thick steel safe. I have had this cabinet for several months and love it. Previously I had stored my long guns in the closet or under the bed. For me, this is a nice home security cabinet. It will keep shady contractors, curious teen agers, and grand kids away from your guns, but if the bad guys steal it or bring in an acetylene torch, then it’s toast- as are the most safes that cost thousands of dollars more. This cabinet is great for my home needs. I am confident it will secure my firearms. I keep a shotgun, an AKM and several handguns and and ammo in it. Thank you Marburgers in Seabrook Texas for recommending it.

  19. avatar Army127 says:

    Anything is defeat able no matter how expensive, heavy, thick, or high quality so good for anyone who locks up their guns to keep them out of the little ones hands. Also the thief needs to know the safe is there to have the proper tools to break into one. Yes the above cabinet isn’t very sturdy but put it in a close and bolt it to the wall and you have something most smash and grab idiots won’t be able to open. I do have a safe, and an alarm, as well as a camera in the room with my safe that turns on and records anytime someone goes near it and alerts my cell phone. Most guys breaking into houses are there to get in and out as quickly as possible so hide the cabinet in the guest room closet bolted to the back wall and they may not even find it.

    Remember if you can at least keep your guns safe from your young children and their friends until they have been properly taught then you did the right thing, and when you can afford a real safe use the above cabinet for ammo storage.

    1. avatar UB748 says:

      Well said Army127, I move often and simply cannot deal with a heavy safe. For me, something like this is a good option. For all of those people bashing this because they’re already sporting a 2k plus safe I feel sorry for you. Why, because with all of your knowledge and infinite wisdom you can’t see past the end of your nose. Not everyone can afford or even make use of a quality safe, it’s just not possible.

  20. avatar Marvin says:

    Sorry, but I would invest in an actual safe. I understand price is always an issue, and as a temporary storage would be OK until you buy an actual safe. Since we invest so much in our firearms, so should be the precautions we use to store them. I’d use this or original version for am storage.

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