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The M2 shotgun has been a staple of the 3-gun world, providing accurate fire and a fast cycling action. Turning a bone stock Benelli M2 into a true racegun takes some doing. There’s the magazine extension, bolt release button, magazine well… There’s tons of stuff to replace or modify to make the gun competitive. Benelli just removed that obstacle for shooters by introducing a specialized 3-gun version of their M2 shotgun. $2699 and you’re good to go. Presser after the jump:

“Multi-gun competition demands the highest standards of reliable operation in guns performing under the pressures of action shooting and the stresses of a timed event.

Benelli’s M2 has passed the test of time, establishing a sterling reputation as the shotgun of choice for serious 3-gun competitors.

Now, Benelli takes the M2 to the next level with the issue of the Performance Shop M2 3-Gun Edition, the ultimate tactical competition gun that’s simply perfect.

Like all Benellis the heart of the M2 3-Gun Edition is its ultra-reliable Inertia Driven operating system, which has been worked to ensure that the bolt runs as smooth as oiled glass.

The trigger group has also been honed and polished to eliminate creep and travel, which provides a crisp let off for better control over timing of the shot that’ll have you on target more consistently, shot after shot.

This fine-tuned tactical gun incorporates custom parts from Nordic Components that promote efficient handling and enhanced performance. It begins with the fitting of a larger bolt release, called a Speed Button, designed to eliminate any fumbling during quick reloads. An extended tactical-style bolt-cocking handle integrates a unique swirled design that provides a quick and sure grip, and which, aids the effort of loading and unloading.

The M2 3-Gun Edition’s loading port has been widened, edges beveled and the carrier modified to assist with the speed and ease of loading the extended 8-shot magazine. Completing the magazine customization, heavy-duty Teflon-coated followers have been fitted to ensure the lowest drag possible and to eliminate unnecessary friction within the magazine. These enhanced followers are also designed to prevent over compressing the magazine spring, which can result in premature spring failure.

The M2 3-Gun Edition Crio barrel comes fitted with a HIVIZ Comp green LitePipe front sight with a bead size of .135.” for quick target acquisition in low light conditions. Extra LitePipes in different sizes and colors are also included.

Designed for serious “run-and-gun” style 3-gun shooting under intense pressure, the Performance Shop M2 3-Gun Edition is not just a competition gun—this is a gun you trust with your life.”


  • Gauge: 12-Gauge
  • Barrel Length: 21”
  • Sights: HIVIZ Comp Sight
  • Metal Finish: Matte Blue
  • Stock Material: Synthetic w/ComforTech
  • Average Weight: 7.1 lbs.
  • Overall Length: 42.5”
  • Length of Pull: 14.4”
  • Drop at heel: 2”
  • Drop at Comb: 1.5”
  • MSRP: $2699

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  1. I have a super M1 90 and it is a great gun. 6 shot tube (I want the 8) and very light and nimble. It cycles faster than you can pull the trigger, truly a work of art. No gas operation to worry about, dead reliable. Benellis are worth the money in my opinion.

  2. $2700 for one M2?

    So thats 2 regular M2’s and a Supernova spare
    5 Supernovas.

    Just how expensive are these to build on your own?

  3. Designed for serious “run-and-gun” style 3-gun shooting under intense pressure, the Performance Shop M2 3-Gun Edition is not just a competition gun—this is a gun you trust with your life.”

    At that price, I had better be able to.
    Really wonder how much better this is than an Ithaca 37 or Browning BPS?

  4. I picked up a stock Benelli M2 tactical with a pistol grip stock on GunBroker for $921.00. I picked up a DMW 8 shot tube with a spring and cap, barrel clamp, over sized bolt handle and a bolt release all for a little under $150 (great service from DMW too). I did the “ghost load” modification myself and the only thing left is to fix the loading gate to eliminate the dreaded “Benelli thumb” (about $30 from C-Rums). I got all that for under $1200 (and its a 10 shot total capacity) so I cant see where the other $1500 is going. I think I’ll pick up another M2 Tactical for a spare with the extra money. Just my 2 cents.

    • They do work internally plus have a new much better trigger…it is the perfect shot gun and I found it online for 2180.99


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