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Canton police officer and anger management poster boy Daniel Harless has been fired from the Canton, Ohio police force. Faithful TTAGers will recall officer Harless’s distinguished body of work. As so eloquently put it, “A pattern of verbal abuse and death or physical threats was too much for the city to overlook when deciding to fire Patrolman Daniel Harless, according to the safety director.” You can probably see how threatening to “execute” motorists who are licensed to carry a gun could be problematic.

According to safety director Thomas Ream who issued the ruling:

“It is quite clear that (Harless’) actions represented a pattern of behavior where inappropriate verbal abuse and threats of death or great bodily harm of the various complainants occurred,” Ream wrote in his ruling.

“This escalating pattern of potentially dangerous behavior cannot be justified or excused and clearly illustrates the seriousness of the departmental infractions,” he added.

As you’d expect, the Canon Police Patrolman’s Association will be appealing the ruling. CPPA president Bill Adams said,

“Obviously, it’s an unfortunate set of circumstances that transpired,” Adams said. “We feel that due to the fact that (Harless) has PTSD, that nobody realized it for eight-plus years, for it to come to light the way it did … this is not a way we wanted this to play out. PTSD is obviously a disease.”

Adams said that the incident that sparked the illness occurred in 2003 when a suspect nearly bit off Harless’ finger while trying to get the officer’s gun.

Harless’s PTSD wasn’t diagnosed until after was finally removed from active duty for his abusive behavior, eight years after the incident that allegedly caused it.

In the mean time, let’s hear it for the guy who invented the Dash Cam, without which Patrolman Harless would still be prowling the streets of Canton.

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  1. I have been waiting for the past five months, searching every so often for the latest updates, disappointed each time they postponed the hearing. I am glad to see that they did the right thing.

  2. Dear “good” cops,
    This is why we don’t trust you. When one of your own is this fncked up, and you close ranks and try to defend him and/or his actions, we lose faith in your ability to enforce the law in a fair, unbiased manner.

    • This, a thousand times over. When we start seeing supposedly good police officers stand up and openly criticize corrupt officers and officers doing unjust thing, then I’ll start giving them the benefit of the doubt that they’re a decent and law-abiding LEO.

      • But they wont and don’t because they dont give a shit about their fellow countrymen. They all are more than willing to remain silent, because at some time in the past they themselves have done something wrong, or because they don’t want to jeopardize their standard of living. And come the 4th of july they will wrap themselves in a flag, and tell us how much of a better place they are making this country by feeding the prision-industrial complex. If any of them did have a conscience, there would be officers speaking out, instead the only time when LEOs speak out is when it comes to their pension funding levels. Those “good police officers” you speak of dont exist, their very act of remaining silent makes them certainly complicit, and in the eyes of many an accomplice.

        • Oh, I’m with you on all counts – that’s why I said “supposedly good police officers”.

  3. Finally!!!!!!!

    How convenient that he NOW has PTSD. I wonder if his actions have caused his victims to have PTSD also. I’m sure I would if a cop threatened to end my life for obeying the law.

    We have have no sympathy for you, scumbag.

  4. fired isn’t good enough. he needs to be sent to prison. this is exactly the type of person i do not trust to carry or own a firearm.

      • i’m not going to agree with you there, i don’t believe that we should encourage violence in prison. i think it is cruel and unusual punishment which is in violation of the 8th ammendment of the united states constitution.

        • Actually that’s not what the 8th amendment was referring to – it was referring to things such as people having a hole cut in their stomach, their intestines pulled out and attached to a tree, then the person being made to walk in circles around the tree while it pulled their intestines out (actually happened in like the 1600’s or so in the American colonies). Besides, it’s against the GOVERNMENT being “cruel” – not what individuals may choose to do. We use special license plates to let everyone know that someone had been convicted of driving drunk, why not a special jumpsuit to let people know that the person in the cell next door was a crooked cop who abused his power? It’s rather fitting that a cop who abused their power should be at the mercy of their victims.

          But that’s the problem with the US – everyone wants to bitch about how we need to fix things, yet no one has the guts to do whats necessary if it means seeing someone’s feelings get hurt.

        • The law enforcement community very much do encourage violence in prison, we are simply holding them to their own standards. I’ve personally witnessed Cook County guards drag a 13 or 14 year old kid in to a cell, clear our the entire cell block, began beating him before they had finished clearing out the cell block, and by the time we all got back the kid had disappeared. All because he wouldnt stop crying his first night in jail. It is also well known that they engage in blood sport at Audy.

        • They wont find him out. He’ll be placed in to administrative segregation with greater privileges than the general population. That is what happens when cops go to jail, they dont actually go to real jail. And that is all IF a anyone decides to charge him with a crime.

        • Or they decide to reduce felony charges to a minor misdemeanor and just have him on probation. Which just happened to the Commander of the Jail in Ripley county.

  5. So he’s not an A-hole, but diseased? Looking into my crystal ball I see a long term disability claim in this man’s future. Nothing that a rubber hose would not cure, probably.

  6. Question for current or former LEOs — How would you suggest the CCW have handled the situation after the encounter with former officer douchebag had started? That is the point where the officer starts yelling at him and interrupting his attempts at declaring his weapon and license.

  7. Just imagine if he pulled that Glock 40 out and shot this poor man. I think he was inches away from it from his behavior on the tape. I’m stunned he did not get everyone out of the car before searching it, that’s just plain dumb. And to follow up with threats of execution with no remorse is downright frightening.
    I sincerely hope he gets help, but not as a cop. PTSD my ass, he’s in need of medication for anger issues and a rubber room to play in.
    Did the victim keep his CCW permit? I bet he did. Now the civil lawsuit can make sure he doesn’t have to sweep buildings at night or drive a cab again.

    • “PTSD my ass, he’s in need of medication for anger issues and a rubber room to play in.”

      Nah, I think something much more old fashioned would do the job much better – strip him of any ability to ever hold a LEO / military position to use to bully people and strip him of his right to own weapons, then administer a good solid beating (the kind that police give out to non-violent citizens on a daily basis). Officers think it’s hilarious to watch non-violent people get tazed repeatedly and beaten (no, seriously, I know multiple cops and have personally seen them watch videos of just that on youtube and laugh while watching them), so it’s only fair to treat him as he treated others.

      Yea, I know I’ll rub some people the wrong way, but I live by a modified “Golden Rule”. Instead of “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”, I adhere to “Do unto others as they do unto you”.

  8. Temper, temper fellows, you’re all working yourself into a lather. He deserved to get fired and he did. I’m surprised the system worked that well.

    • The system did not work, he deserved far more than to lose his job. If you were to threaten a police officer with your gun, how would that end? This should end the same, otherwise there is not equal protection under the law.

    • There is nothing well about how the system worked. I doubt that was his first bullying episode. The canton pd should have recognized these type of behaviors and worked to prevent these type of incidents. His partner should have been fired as well for being just as guilty and thay should have also been charged with something and also been prevevted from ever carrying a firearm.

  9. Im curious how others feel about this, At what point was the motorist legally justified to put two rounds in this cops brain?

    Obviously mentally upset large man. Check
    Obviously carrying a dangerous weapon. Check
    Obviously and loudly threatened to do grave bodily harm to you. Check

    So what happens if the motorist blasts the cop? Does the cop’s partner return fire?

    Shouldn’t the second cop have been legally required to arrest the first cop?

  10. I’m thrilled to read that this fool has been fired and won’t be able to pick on law abiding citizens. The majority of police officers are good hard working people who have nothing to do with a moron like Harless.

    • He should go to jail, but instead he’ll probably get hired by private security doing gvmt dirty work on taxpayer funded bankroll. A perfect candidate for Blackwater?

  11. A cops opinion: The idiot should have been fired and possibly prosecuted for threats that were unjustified. But each district attorney’s office is different as to what they will prosecute.

    Those who paint all cops as bad probably really know better, and only have balls enough to talk s**t on a forum. I doubt they would go into situations that most cops handle on a daily basis. They would probably wet their tuff-guy panties.

    Bad cop got fired. Happens all the time. Get over it.

    • ” I doubt they would go into situations that most cops handle on a daily basis.”

      Yea, harassing people just trying to get to / from work is REAL scary stuff man – like sneaking in to an enemy military complex. Seriously, on a daily basis the most dangerous thing a cop is around is his own incompetence with his firearm. Most cops are rarely in life threatening situations, but you can’t justify the state hiring a continually increasing number of thugs to harass and intimidate the population if you admit that they don’t really do much 99% of the time.

      As for “they’d probably wet their tuff-guy panties”, I definitely apply that sentiment to all LEO’s. There’s a reason you always see them calling in 20 units of backup for ONE unarmed guy, because they’re cowards and bullies. I think we need to start teaching the police some humility and start a LEO vs UFC tournament – lets see how tough they are without being able to hide behind their guns and being able to call in backup.

    • Why does it happen all the time? How are there so many bad cops? Why is it never the police busting their own? Why does it require the incident to be publicized by the media?

      Why are you trying to pass this off on to the DA, there was obviously another cop there, why cant he arrest his partner? Just more evidence of “professional courtesy” and systemic corruption.

      What situations do cops handle on a daily basis, domestic incidents? Boo hoo, school employees, social workers, security guards, bouncers and plenty of other professions have to resolve domestic incidents, but do so without firearms, body armor, immunity from the law, or a massive amount of support. To me it sounds like cops are a bunch of pussies in comparison.

      And “possibly prosecuted”? Really, if a citizen made similar threats to you, how would have the incident ended? How is this not a violation of their right to equal protection under the law?

      • Yeah, my Wife has been a Substitute Teacher and has had some really interesting situations. Some really neat high school student fights with improvised weapons in the classroom. Yeah, she has lots of body armour, weapons, and back up.

    • Yes, cops are all very brave and risk their lives everyday. Just like at Columbine, huh? While two boys leisurely walked around murdering other kids, dozens of brave cops stood bravely behind their cars and did NOTHING because they refused to put themselves in any danger, even to try and rescue inncocent children. Bravely done, you should be proud of your fellow brave cops!!

  12. Good news, too bad it took so long for justice to be delivered. I would think criminal prosecution would follow given his abuse and threats.

    The PTSD thing could be true but he even threatened that supposed prostitute before he threw his hissy fit with the driver of the car. It all seems way too convenient so I assume that it was a defense plan that the union thought of for him.

    • I’ll second that. PTSD my ass, he just uses steroids and has everything that goes with that.

      Fire his ass for drug use *and* abuse of power.

  13. They can lie to get you to say what they need you to so they can enforce their perception of your being. They physically and verbally abuse you without consequence, and if you respond with anything but a yes sir or a whimper, you lose your freedom and possibly your life. Law enforcement is steadily getting more and more like this. It is no longer public service. It is becoming “Public Serve Us”. Until citizens stand up for themselves this trend will continue. Until the law that they enforce reciprocates to them and holds them accountable for all infractions, they are not your friends.

    The good men that are officers need to leave the “blue wall of we’re better than you” before they are lumped in with guys like this. Hold your peers to the same standard of the people they arrest and abuse.

    “A man in uniform is just an extension of another man’s will.”

    Most of all, hold their handlers responsible for keeping people like this in their employ after many reported incidents. No settlement, no pension, no lienience. They will not give it to you if it were the other way around.

  14. Unfit cops are just like unfit gun owners, upwards of 50%.

    That doesn’t mean half the cops would do some stupid shit like this. This guy represents the worse end of the spectrum.

    • There’s some foodie blog out there that I’m sure Mike frequents to demand they ban forks to prevent obesity. Solid thinking there my friend.

    • So, let me get this straight – less than half of all cops would do something like this, but over 50% of law-abiding gun owners are “unfit”?

      Please cite your source(s). I’m betting you can’t.

      • There are no sources, Chas. This 50% business is a guestimate I’ve made based on reasonable conclusions.

        What are you trying to say, that every single gun owner is responsible and safe? No, of course not, so what we’re doing is arguing about the percentage of bad apples. I say “upwards of 50%, what do you say, something less I suppose?

        You see, this is the kind of discussion that cannot be settled by stats and surveys. That’s because the stats and surveys either have their own agendas to support or they’re based on incomplete and insufficient data.

        Reasonable conclusions must be drawn based on the best information we have. You cannot dismiss someone’s conclusions with “cite your sources.”

        • Best information rhymes with best speculation, but that’s about it. Can’t see how you’d confuse the two unless you were Jean-Ralphio. I actually thought you were just a misguided poster who toed the troll line before I read this. Now I realize you are a fear monger who loves to have delusions.

  15. Good, that’s a great first step, now revoke his gun rights and the world(ohio anyways) will be a bit safer; guy’s clearly a psychopath.

  16. I don’t think this guy really enjoyed this line of work anyways. If he is that paranoid/hyper vigilant/scared that he completely loses his mind in situations that cops are likely to encounter, he’ll be better off in his new line of work, whatever that winds up being.

  17. The overwhelming majority of police officers like myself here it Texas are pro gun rights. Texas has had licensed concealed carry for many years, and the most recent change to State law pertaining to carrying a handgun allows for a loaded handgun to be carried in a vehicle WITHOUT A PERMIT as long as it is concealed and the driver is not committing a crime more serious than a minor traffic offense. There are millions of guns lawfully carried by millions of Texans with relatively few mishaps. After reading some of the irrational anti law enforcement vitriol in this discussion, I’m reminded that there are a few CCW zealots out there that are just as unstable as the idiot named Harless that was just fired by Canton PD. Know this, here in Texas, criminals fear the Police, AND lawfully armed citizens, and by God that’s the way we like it!

  18. News update to all you cop haters out there,….for every single bad cop there are thousands of good ones. Your generalized ignorant rants are no different than the racists out there insisting every black or mexican is a dirty criminal,…GROW THE HECK UP.
    I’ve spent a few years around cops, my mom was cheated on and beat up by them, yet I’m not foolish enough to think they are all that way, there are many more that have layed there lives down in one way or another for disrespectuful jerks that never desrved it, and never asked for anything in return but to just be apreciated for their duty,….and you can’t even find it in yourselves to give them that…..
    Walk a mile in their shoes and your foolish, ignorant attitudes would change.

  19. PTSD, sure, when you get in trouble, plead insanity and you’ll get off. Anyone who buys this nonsense about PTSD is just as foolish as the police officer.

  20. First to very DL who said for every bad cop there is 1000 good cops. These are the same 1000 cops that turn a blind eye and protect a fellow bad cop everyday. Harless’s partner is just as guilty because he stood by and did nothing.Any citizen would have been charged with at least menacing if not aggraveted menacing but for some reason the Canton law director thought there was insufficent evidence. Did he watch the tape. Harless is a pussy and should be treated like one. And to all the 1000 good cops out there “CLEAN UP YOUR OWN HOUSE”

    • Thanks for the update, as unpleasant as it is. I have been checking every few weeks for news, knowing that something like this was probably coming.


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