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The ability to quickly zoom from a zero-magnification 1x with daylight bright reticle to 10x magnification is huge. Something nobody else on the market is offering. And this innovation isn’t coming from a big-name, long-since-established, expensive brand but from affordable, relative newcomer Atibal Sights.

Over the past ~18 months TTAG has enjoyed solid success with Atibal’s products, and the new optics on The Pig Truth are also performing above expectations. We haven’t yet puts hands on the X, but we can’t wait to put it through its paces. I can think of a couple rifles that this scope would be absolutely perfect for.

Heck, if the reticle is truly daylight bright then you have a red dot-like, two-eyes-open, zero-magnification optic for fast, close range shooting and a 10x zoom to get you way out there. I’ve hit steel at 1,450 yards with a 12x zoom, so 10x with this reticle should be pretty dang capable. If the glass is up to it. We’re itching to find out!

In the meantime, here’s Atibal’s press release:



Mesa, Arizona, December 7, 2018 – Atibal has built a reputation of providing premium quality optics at mid-range prices and Atibal continues to push that envelope with the all new Atibal X 1-10×30; the only true 1x -10x magnification first focal plane scope for under $1000.

courtesy mfr

In the past Atibal has developed innovative new products to further enhance the shooting experience all while maintaining a very reasonable price point and we back our products with exemplary customer service and an honest lifetime warranty.

In terms of comprehensive product development, the Atibal X is no exception. We have gone to painstakingly long lengths during the development of the Atibal X to ensure that all aspects of the X will exceed our user’s expectations for such a unique optic. With features like a daylight bright illuminated first focal plane MIL reticle, locking target turrets with positive adjustment feedback, 1/10 MIL per click adjustments, an integrated elongated low-profile magnification adjustment finger tab, fully multi-coated lenses, extra low dispersion high definition ED Glass, and 10x magnification ensure that the Atibal X will perform optimally in any environment. We have piggy backed on the past successes of our other low power variable optics and consulted with sportsmen and competitors in the world of firearms to develop a superior optic with practical and sensible features. The Atibal X is guaranteed to deliver on quality and affordability.

At $799.99, the Atibal X 1-10x30mm FFP scope is one of the most affordable 10x First Focal Plane scopes with a lifetime warranty on the market today.

Atibal is currently conducting a pre-order sale special for the Atibal X. Customers can purchase the Atibal X and save $150 by using coupon code: XNOMOUNT at checkout, or get a free 35mm Bobro Engineering scope mount ($250 value) by using coupon code: XWITHMOUNT at checkout.

Find out more about the Atibal X 1-10x30mm FFP scope by clicking HERE.

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  1. Considering Atibal’s reputation for spam and somewhat unethical marketing schemes (gundeals on Reddit banned them recently,) I’m gonna pass on principle alone.

    • I am a coyote Hunter and I shoot a lot of coyotes using atibal scopes on top of my guns I have used a lot of Scopes but the clarity in glass and how easy is to use the Scopes are awesome I use the xp6. And the xp8 and the apex and the Nomad and the red dot this new scope is going to be bad ass why to go Jimmy.

      • Do their spam bots troll TTAG, too? I’m not saying it’s a bad scope. They’ve just been caught playing fuck fuck games a few times too many.

        • Spam bots? You mean customers? The crap people come up with. You must be malware fuckery. Anytime someone says something you don’t like you bitch and call it spam. Looks like your the only one trolling on here.

        • What an age we live in. I for one love that arguments now primarily revolve around calling out people for being bots and malware. Think about this, just wait until this spills out into the real world and we won’t know who’s a bot and who’s not ever again.

    • I have a many Atibal optics products and I love them. Theirs a lot of people that love to throw a companys’ name under the bus with misinformation without actually trying their product. Atibal optics are great try them before you listen to people who talked them down without any really knowledge.

    • I like my atibal lpvos much better than my vortex optics at the same price point. I’m sure the 1-10x wont disappoint.

  2. Someone better tell Atibal that the Trijicon 1-8×28 AccuPower just called and said get off his d**k

    • Roh-Dog – Yes, but at $300 cheaper, greater magnification, an even bigger (35MM) tube, and with a promotion including a free $250 mount or similar discount, IF the quality is comparable somebody’s wanker is truly squashed, to use your crude vernacular!

    • On a 10x the ACSS is of limited utility. I’m actually in the market for a 1-8 or better variable. Will wait for reviews, but the price is certainly tempting.

  3. Ive used there Xp8 for the last 2 years with zero issues. Looking forward to picking one of these up.

  4. 100% MADE IN CHINA.

    Which is not to say it won’t be great, but we’re talking about a seldom-been-done-before LPVO (is 10x and 35mm tube still LPVO?) from a young company that’s pricing preorders aggressively to fill a backlog (or min order qty from a Chinese supplier?). This optic sounds amazing (especially at this price) but rarely does something like this live up to expectations. I, for one, really hope it does.

  5. Fist? Not at all.
    IOR Has been offering a true 1-10x since maybe 2012. Albeit 2X+ the money… but worth it.
    This is the first time I’ve heard of these guys.

    • Oh crap! Didn’t realize that. You’re right. Though the less expensive version of their 1-10x is $2,595 which I’m told is a lot of money. Actually, when I mentioned in my blurb above that I shot past 1,400 yards with a 12x zoom that was an IOR Valdata. It was a second focal plane 1-24x and didn’t have enough elevation holds in the reticle for that range so I backed it down to 12x to double the holds and it wasn’t no thang. IOR makes very nice, very rugged scopes but their reputation for being particularly heavy is well earned haha.

    • Not to mention Sightmark’s Ezekiel 1-10x. It’s only $300 at Optics Planet. Not great stuff, but it certainly predates the Atibal by a good several years. Think it came out in 2013 or 14. I’ve used it, it’s pretty fuzzy at 10x, but still – IOR Valdada, March Scopes, and Sightmark all have 1-10 scopes. Maybe somebody else I don’t know about too. Might need an edit on this one.

  6. I love my XP8 on top of my Valkyrie. Clarity is unmatched I have no problem taking targets out to 500yrds with this optic. You can’t and won’t be the quality of the product at the price point

  7. Optics is a whole bunch of trade offs. FOV, eye relief, weight, cost, optical quality, etc. Technology goes a long way but optical limitations exist. Push one of these features up or down and one or more of the other features goes up or down.

    I think we are headed down a path where one or more of these features are sacrificed in favor for others. Some day a cheap simple bomb proof 3x will be released and everyone will think they just discovered something new, that all those that came before them were dumb for pursuing more since whatever they discovered is all you really need.

    And then the process will repeat.

  8. Ok, I will preface this comment by admitting that I am no long range shooting expert. However, I have been researching long range ballistics and rifle setups that are used in long range shooting for quite a while, as I have been saving and building as money allows.
    There are several things I find wrong with this article, and I hope others will chime in where I am wrong as I am still learning.
    First off, I feel that this scope in being touted as an optic that is good to go for CQB at low magnification but can be used to make hits out to 3/4 of a mile or more (1450 yards is .824 miles) to be a stretch.
    A FFP reticle at high magnification with that reticle will A: obscure your target, and B: the subtensions are only valid at max magnification, and provide no markings for adjusting for wind along with drop.
    As far as long range (or ELR for most cartridges at over 3/4 of a mile), the objective lens is far too small to allow for the light gathering or the resolution needed to discern objects at distance with any clarity, no matter the coatings or other features this glass can bring to bear.
    I did not see anything in the picture of the scope that shows me a ‘rapid’ transition from 1 to 10x…there is a raised portion of the magnifier, but how is that any different than a speed ring used on scopes with a much greater magnification range, say from 4.5-27x?
    If you want a good scope from 1-8x for tactical 3gun or similar hunting applications, there are many options from good manufacturers, where the cost is similar to this scope. If, however, you are looking to get reliable, repeatable hits at range, this is not the scope for you.
    If you want to see what people who use variable power scopes and which focal plane type they use to compete at variable ranges under a wide range of conditions, check out Kyle’s surveys conducted over the past few years at precisionrifleblog.
    Sorry if I ranted longer about this post than Trump about his wall..

    • If you look at the image of the reticle at 10x you’ll see it does not obscure the target. Because it has a FFP reticle, the reticle ring pushes out to the side and sub-tensions are accurate at any magnification. SFP reticles only work at max magnification. It also has a long raised integral power lever to assist in quick magnification. It looks very nice and doesn’t stick out very far, it is long instead so you can get a good grip.

      I want this for my 224 Valkyrie so I can use at close distance and out to 1,000+ yards. I considered a 3-18x but I’m not a precision shooter, I just want to ring steel at long distance and have a scope that shines from 0-800 yards. This scope, for me, if far more flexible than a 3-18x that has one role only. If you need better light gathering no LPVO is going to fit your needs but this one has a bigger objective, 30mm, than any other LPVO I’m aware of. Razor is 24mm, Niteforce ATACR also 24mm.

  9. Im not sure the author is NOT biased about this scope or brand. He says nobody else makes a 1-10X scope FFP, – BUT clearly he’s wrong, Valdada makes a 1-10 and they have been for years, and so does March anf probably a few more. So how much can this guy really know?

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