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Aristotle Engineering got their start making tripod mounts for 1913 rails. Now they’re getting into the Ruger Mark IV grip market. Their new 6061 aluminum grips are precision machined for the popular .22 semi-automatic in Arizona to exacting standards.

They are hard anodized to match the factory Mark IV grey, red and black finishes.

The unique honeycomb texture is laser engraved into the CNC-machined grips.


The good folks at Aristotle Engineering sent us a set of grips to test out. While we haven’t gotten them installed yet, I can tell you the machining and finish are both top shelf. They’re available in red, grey or black.


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  1. Well, if they have some weight to them they might be a good choice for my bull barrel 22/45. The gun is a tack driver, but the weight balance just feels… off, if you know what I mean. So, yeah, please give us the weight versus the factory grips in the review, thanks.

  2. Are you going to make any for the standard MkIV? Meaning, -not- the MkIV 22/45?

    I love my Mk series pistols, but pretty much only shoot the standard frames as the 22/45 just feels “off” to me.

    • Chris, We currently don’t have any plans to make any grips for that frame, but that’s not to say we ever will. We will be designing additional upgraded aluminum accessories that will work on both frames. AE

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