Mossberg JM Pro Adjustable Match Trigger
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Mossberg’s out with a new adjustable drop-in trigger for AR-15 and AR-10 pattern rifles. And they’ve collaborated with shooter extraordinaire, Jerry Miculek on the design.

Mossberg® Introduces JM Pro Adjustable Match Trigger

Precision Replacement Trigger for AR15 and AR10 Rifles 

North Haven, CT – O.F. Mossberg and Sons, Inc., a leader in the firearms industry with over 100 design and utility patents and one of the most innovative firearms manufacturers, is pleased to announce the release of the JM Pro Adjustable Match Trigger, a drop-in adjustable precision trigger that is compatible with standard AR15 and AR10 rifles. Working with world-renowned, 3-Gun shooter, Jerry Miculek, Mossberg engineered the new JM Pro Adjustable Match Trigger as a standard rifle upgrade for competition and recreational shooters and hunters where trigger control and great shot placement are keys to success.

Designed and constructed for consistent, shot-after-shot accuracy with a crisp, creep-free break, this patented drop-in trigger design will fit all standard Mil-Spec AR15 and AR10 lower receivers with .154” trigger and hammer pin holes. The JM Pro trigger housing is precision-machined and the trigger pull weight is user-adjustable with a 3 to 6-pound range of adjustment. The trigger also features user-adjustable overtravel, allowing for personalization.

The JM Pro Adjustable Match Trigger (96010) is available as a Mossberg accessory (MSRP: $161) and is also featured as standard equipment in the latest MMR™ (Mossberg Modern Rifle) offerings – the MMR Tactical OR (Optics-Ready), MMR Tactical Vortex® Red/Green Dot Combo with Strikefire II optic, both chambered in 5.56mm NATO/223 Rem and the MMR Pro chambered in 5.56mm NATO/223 Rem and 224 Valkyrie. For more information on the JM Pro Adjustable Match Trigger or to purchase one now, please visit

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  1. Looks like an excellent aftermarket trigger. We need a review.

    Now, if only Mossberg would offer an option with a straight/flat shoe instead of the curved shoe!

  2. With all due respect to Jerry Miculek, I must wonder what contribution he made to this product development beyond merely licensing his name to it.

    • I watch Washington gun legislation pretty closely, and have seen nothing about triggers. We do now have SB 5992, which bans bump stock (a moot point thanks to Trump and the ATF), but it bans bump stocks so specifically, that it couldn’t possibly apply to binary triggers, cranks, etc.: “a butt stock designed to…”.

      Washington state is going to pay $150 for each bump stock turned in. Taking inspiration from John Boch’s stories about GSL selling broken guns to the Chicago area gun “buybacks”, I’m planning to 3D print a bunch of bumpstocks, sell them to the WSP, and donate the proceeds to GOA, or similar groups.

      • You should call up others in the 3D print community to do the same. We can milk so much money out of Washington state. The police will tout “Success” on buy back and we can use the money for lawsuits and brining in more members as well as public education.

        Free range days are the best things to turn voters in Freedom lovers.

    • Well, don’t modify it, then, looks pretty good the way it is, just install and forget. Or, maybe, install, shovel and shut up.

  3. JM has long used AR-Gold triggers in his competition ARs. I wonder if he’ll be using this in the short term to promote it. Truly, he could use the worst Mil-spec trigger out there and still beat 95% of the people out there, but I wonder how this stacks up against all of the other drop-ins out there?

    At least the price is fairly reasonable compared to the competition.

  4. There has to be a Popsicle stick involved somewhere. Two bad experiences with Missberg products. There wont be a third.

  5. Just picked up a JM Pro trigger and installed on my bushmaster 16” h-bar. My first reaction was “WOW”. Pull was short and light with almost imperceptible reset. As good or better than my bolt action rifles. I don’t have experience with other aftermarket drop ins but this sure beats any mil spec trigger I’ve ever used.

    As a test I installed my 22lr conversion to see if it would work. It worked as well as the original mil spec trigger did however I did have a few misfires. The misfired rounds showed solid hits. I am willing to chalk this up to lousy ammo as even a 10/22 has a hard time making these rounds fire consistently.

    The highest compliment I can give is that I will convert my MK-12 (ish) AR as soon as my l.g.s. Gets more JM Pro triggers in.


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