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Press release:

TEMPLE, TX, Jul 27, 2018—Hudson Mfg continues to expand their line of factory-built accessories for the H9. Earlier this year, Hudson successfully introduced a 1/2×28 TPI drop- in threaded barrel for the H9. Then, followed that up by shipping their C1 Compensator a week ahead of schedule, ending a pre-sale that began on July 3rd.

Today Hudson announced the pre-sale of the H_RD Slide (short for Hudson Red Dot Slide). The H_RD comes complete with slide internals, front serrations, and a patent-pending steel mounting plate system at an MSRP of $747. During the pre-sale, Hudson is offering a 9% discount toward the purchase of the H_RD. During the first nine days of the pre-sale, three lucky customers who purchase the H_RD will receive their choice of a Trijicon RMR, Shield RMS, or a Leupold DeltaPoint Pro.

The H_RD Slide is a variant of the H9 slide engineered to allow for the mounting of red dot optics. The H_RD Slide mounting plate system allows a single slide to use multiple optics. Initially, Hudson Mfg is offering a choice of three hardened steel mounting plates for the Trijicon RMR, Shield RMS, and Leupold DeltaPoint Pro, and every H_RD slide will ship with an aluminum block-off plate to use when an optic is not mounted. The H_RD features a suppressor height front sight and a suppressor height rear sight integrated into the initial plate offerings.

The hardened steel mounting plates fit over a robust pivot surface and rotate into dual dovetail joints cut into the slide. The result is a robust system that prevents forward and rearward motion of the plate and provides the assurance that the H_RD plates will keep your

optic in place while shooting. The H_RD Slide is engineered to allow for the lowest possible mounting surface without sacrificing weight, reliability, or compromising critical dimensions.

“I’m excited where we ended up with the H_RD slide. We could have opted to mill individual optics, but with how rapid the red dot optic market is changing, we wanted H9 owners to be able to change out a machined mounting plate. Red dot sights are going to continue to impact the handgun market in the same way optics transformed rifles. We’re going to ensure our customers have the options to run their H9s the way they want.” – Cy Hudson, CEO

The availability of the H_RD changes how shooters utilize the H9. The H9 will be more competitive in additional divisions, and H9 owners have more options in configuring the H9. The H_RD Slide is available at MSRP $747

Hudson Mfg is a veteran and woman operated small business headquartered in Temple, TX. We produce the new and innovative Hudson H9—an original pistol design combining some of the best features and benefits from some of the most successful pistols in the firearms industry. Hudson Mfg is comprised of passionate and experienced shooters, professionals, and subject-matter experts from across the gun community and firearms industry. Be sure to check out and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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  1. Still not sure about then Hudson 9. Seen many reviews but not a lot from the non-industry population. Would like to try one with the comp though.

    • They have a really slick website, too

      Not to minimize what they’ve accomplished straight outta the gate with a clean-sheet design –a complex machine, no less– as their first product. It’s just their marketing team is even better & more ambitious *than that*

    • Not just TTAGs review, gunsamerica’s new H9 review shows an average of 5″ groups @ 25yards, with one of them being a 9″ group (!!).

      IMO, $1100 is a lot to pay for a pistol that is less accurate than most sub-$500 striker fired 9mms

  2. Nice that they offer just the slide if you want the option of just upgrading, though I wonder if they will also offer a “tactical” model with the threaded barrel and optics slide, or just an optics ready version, in case someone doesn’t want to spend half or three quarters of the price of the pistol upgrading it when they could get it how they wanted it. Maybe in due time, this is still a pretty new gun.

  3. Complete Hudson H9 with regular slide: $880.
    Hudson H9 optics slide only: $747???

    I appreciate the product that Hudson is putting out, but their pricing has been a major stumbling point since the beginning.
    If you could get the optics model for $150-200 more than regular, or optics+threaded for $200-250 I could get on board maybe. But at $1627+ ($880 is cheapest sale price ever for the base pistol) I’d rather pick up a CZ Tactical Sport Orange and have something useful for competition with an incredible trigger (for a mass produced gun anyways). The frame is already tapped for an optics mount, so you’re set to run an even larger array of optics (including faster, larger windor optics) AND a gas pedal if you choose.

    • Where are you getting the $880 price on an H9. MSRP on Hudson’s site is $1147 and I’ve seen some for sale at $1200. It’s a stupidly expensive gun. Guess I’m not surprised that the slide is being priced so highly–after all, f you have an H9 I guess you’re already committed to throwing money away. Might as well keep throwing 😛

  4. My “First Pistol by Fisher-Price”! An Modern Pistol at an Inexpensive Price, maybe not the best, but a start for those operating on a Budget…

  5. I’m still pretty sure I don’t understand how the low recoil spring is supposed to change anything about the recoil impulse, and I took a class on free-body-diagrams. I’m pretty sure that whatever forces that rod imparts off-axis to the shooter’s wrist, are absorbed as a couple by the slide rails, leaving only a linear recoil, and a torque caused by the moving mass of the slide off-axis above the wrist. Same as any pistol.

    Yeah, the bore axis is a bit lower than a 1911 so the recoil torque is reduced, but not by any significant margin above any other striker fired gun, or even some hammer fired offerings.

    • You’re correct. Reducing muzzle flip results in a more of a straight back pounding (well, as much as a 9mm can pound)…it’s a psychological reduction in “recoil”, not an actual one. And while I will admit that having a gun that tracks flatter is certainly fun to shoot, your finger can only work the trigger so fast–most current 9mm pistols are much much much more capable than the people shooting them.

      And given the number of innovations that Hudson had to employ to get to the finished product you see, there is a reasonable expectation that such an unproven design–which is essentially a beta version–is fundamentally unsound. If anyone is intrigued by the h9, then I’d say wait for the H9v1.0…maybe by then they will have the H9’s reliability problems, POA/POI problems, magazine release problems, loosening guide rod problems, and accuracy problems sorted out.


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