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OK, this isn’t exactly “new” but its friggin’ awesome. Imagine taking a Saiga-12 Shotgun design, slicing out everything that sucks, and making it insanely more awesome. That’s basically what these guys have done. The build these shotguns from scratch, and even better (with the impending firearms legislation and such) is that they are selling the receivers right now, allowing you to legally posses your firearm before any bans come down and they will build the rest of the gun when your turn in line comes around. More pictures after the jump . . .

One of the more interesting features is that this gun comes apart in the middle. One pin, and the whole thing slides off. Apparently the plan is to offer this as a shotgun first, with a later conversion kit to turn it into a rifle. No idea how the ATF is going to classify THAT one.

The shotgun comes with an “infinitely adjustable” gas system that uses shotgun shells to add leverage and let you manhandle the thing, allowing you to adjust between slugs and birdshot to keep the thing running. The shotgun we were testing had a couple failures to eject, but a quick twist of the gas system and everything was peachy.

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  1. Nick, I’ve asked this before of you guys. But instead of gun and gear reviews, are any of you asking the scary black rifle, ammo and gear manufacturers about supply, delivery and prices of their products. It’s nice to see these new weapons, but if they are not available or you can’t find ammo for them, what’s the point!

    • It’s shot show mate. Nick and all them are super tired right now after 12 or so hours walking around a giant convention looking all of these new guns and tech and gear.

      Expect the next 3 hours or so being nothing but “New from” with drool worthy information and wishing you had more money.

      • Ah, yeah it’s shot show mate, you know manufacturers of “scary black rifles” ammo and such. I can’t believe that Hornady, CCI, Magpul, and all of the rest of the folks that make what we’d like to be able to buy (at a reasonable price) aren’t there! I don’t need a review of a $2,700.00 rifle without a barrel, bolt or mag, I need to know if someone like Magpul has halted production because they are worried there might be a ban or restriction. As with Hornady or CCI with ammunition. I don’t think that’s asking too much!

        • @Taurus Press release from Magpul a couple weeks ago was that they’d rented extra production capacity to compensate for extra demand for PMAGs. They implied they’re delaying release of 10 and 20 round versions to focus on 30 rounders. Internet rumor claims there’s a backlog of 1 million PMAGs currently.

        • Thanks Loyd, had not seen that. If I’m not mistaken, my order from Midway for four Pmags was coming direct from Magpul and not through Midway.

    • Ok here it goes…I bought 2 of the Origin-12 shotguns…they both shoot flawlessly having to adjust the gas choke between bird shot…buck-shot…and slug…because the latter two shells are much more powerful you literally can feel the shot to your shoulder…(ouch)…The ONLY real complaint i have is i haven’t received my two 20-round drum’s..and my two 30-round drums…It’s been 18 months shooting with 5-round mags and they fire way too well and way to fast to have any real fun…the kind of fun these weapons are capable of…

  2. Very interesting, but from the website video the only thing that concerns me is the ginormous dust cover… that just sort of flops around. Also, the fact that the ejection port would be so large and odd that it requires such a huge cover…

  3. These are the same hacks that make the wraith maker saiga drum that is exposed to the elements, weighs a ton, forces you to send your gun( even red jacket or Tromix S12s) to them to get their drum to work, and has been caught using shill accounts to blast competitors and promote their company.

    Sorry, but those guys DO NOT DESERVE a single dime from anyone.

    If you buy something from them prepare for misery. Tromix and Red Jacket ended up using their drums as door stops.

  4. Sounds interesting… but I am reading the website right when it says it’s $2.6k?! Wouldn’t it be easier to buy a cheap-ass Saiga-12, and spend some serious cash re-fitting it to spec?

    I’m intrigued by the idea it can be transformed from a shottie to a rifle, though. We need video! =)

    • You assume that, starting with a Saiga-12, that there is an obvious and/or well-documented path to turn a pile of money into a smooth-running super-Saiga. I have not seen any evidence that this is likely to be possible — in fact, I have spoken with one guy who estimated he had $2k into his Saiga competition gun in upgrade parts and gunsmith time, and it STILL wasn’t 99.9% reliable.

  5. When will people learn that you can’t improve the AK? The reason it’s so great is BECAUSE it’s as elegant as a shovel. If you go at it with an AR-tuner gun-LEGO mindset, you’ve missed the point completely and compromised the one thing that makes the AK platform good: simplicity.

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