New From Alamo Precision Rifles: APR G2 Action

Figures. Shortly after Chris commissioned Alamo Precision Rifles to build him the gorgeous tack-driver of a custom bolt gun he reviewed here, they go and release a brand new, Gen2 version of the APR action. Updates and improvements manage to be minor, yet dramatic at the same time. Savage pre-fit barrel compatibility, wire EDM raceways, and…well…here’s […]

Coming Soon to a Theatre Near You…

As a public service to our loyal TTAG readers, here’s a couple of trailers for upcoming movies that promise to feature some serious hardware of the firearms variety. Above, you’ll see the trailer for Killers, the upcoming Ashton Kutcher/Katherine Heigel comedy, let’s call it Mr. & Mrs. Smith meets True Lies.  After the break, you’ll […]