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While I don’t own America’s Most Popular Rifle™ (or the commie bloc’s, either) I do have tiny homunculus hands. Meaning that I sometimes have time getting a proper grip on the trigger, depending on the gun I’m taking up. The people at ACCU-GRIP (the grip that always fits!) must be members of the non-average length digit tribe, too, because they’ve just come out with replacement trips for both ARs and AKs that adjust depending on your particular index finger characteristics. We’ve requested one to check out for ourselves, but until then . . .

LAS VEGAS – June 13, 2013ACCU-GRIP™ is a new pistol-grip that truly equips AR and AK rifles with a custom fit while improving one’s ability to shoot more accurately.  The grip is designed to replace the stock ‘one-size-fits-all’ grip, improving ergonomics so that proper trigger control is dramatically facilitated; it adjusts forward and backward to accommodate the reach of the index finger to the trigger.

Since February 2011, Dorian Fulton and Mike Jones, avid gun enthusiasts, have been working on their new revolutionary custom pistol-grip developed specifically for AR and AK platform rifles, among others.  After field-testing several different aftermarket grips they quickly realized none of them offered a change in distance from grip to trigger, until now.  The two entrepreneurs knew they had achieved their goal when they and their product evaluators began seeing an immediate difference in their shooting.

ACCU-GRIP™ is an adjustable two-piece pistol grip that is very simple to install and adjusts with ease. Other grips on the market may be comfortable but they do not allow the distance from grip to trigger to be precisely adapted to the shooter’s hand, this is where the grip differentiates from all other competitors. “People’s hands are all unique and different sizes—our grip has been manufactured so that the smallest to largest of hands can grip with comfort and the trigger can be properly pulled straight back with the top section of the index finger,” says Fulton.  He goes on to say that too many people are forced to adjust to the stock grip causing discomfort, improper hand placement and subsequently less accuracy.

“The two most critical operator controllable factors for accurate shooting are sight alignment and trigger control; precise trigger control requires a natural pull and a consistent index. Once someone uses our grip, they immediately feel more comfortable and accuracy is greatly improved.  We’re certain every user will feel and see the benefits of using our product,” says Jones.  For more information please visit

Gunutz, LLC is a Las Vegas, NV based manufacturer of ACCU-GRIP™ rifle pistol-grips.  We are dedicated to developing the best AR and AK platform aftermarket grips that greatly improve ergonomics and accuracy.  Products are US Patent filed, 100 percent Made in America, and can be seen at Gun Shows across America.

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  1. You know what they say about small hands… Don’t let the range babes catch you with one of these… 🙂

  2. The fact is that one size doesn’t fit all, but it does fit damn near all. So most people won’t need an Accu-grip, but for them that do, $60 MSRP seems like a cheap price to pay to resolve the problem.

    The next question is: does it work?

  3. I’m not a fan of the stock AK grip, but there are plenty of options out there… I ended up going with a Mako group grip. I wonder if the “Accu-Grip” is that great that it warrants dropping $60. I guess touching is believing?

  4. Why doesn’t anybody make a AR/AK grip based on the grips of CZ and Sig Sauer pistols? Those are extremely comfy.

  5. I remember with with my AR-15 SP1 I had to use the middle of my finger on the trigger and not the tip. Once I got used to it I shot very well. If I went back to using the finger tip on the trigger, like I would with my Match Air Rifle or bolt-guns, the accuracy went downhill.

    I wish this was available 20 years ago!


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