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The key to making any bullet perform is it’s ability to expand when it contacts fluid. Typically, most organic targets contain approximately 65% – 75% water. Once an Extreme Shock™ bullet penetrates into soft tissue and impacts fluid, the defractor plate acts as a piston to force the bullet fragments out into the tissue at 90 degree angles to the entry channel.

With 100% energy transfer into the surrounding tissue mass, Extreme Shock™ projectiles begin to act similar to a shaped charge used against heavy equipment, such as, tanks, APC’s, and other armored targets. Once the bullet begins to expand, the Nytrilium particles pick up the surrounding tissue and ram it forward, EXPONENTIALLY increasing the frontal area of the projectile.

As the Nytrilium particles hit soft internal organs, they release the last amount of kinetic energy as they dissipate, creating literally thousands of wound channels.

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  1. Me thinks we need to replace a whole bunch of federal judges!
    With some who truly WILL follow the Constitution!

    By the way, that looks like one nasty bullet!
    And just what the hell is “Nytrilium”?

  2. Looks like another variant of a frangible round. “article” is long on speculation and some made-up phrases [“Nytrilium”], but REALLY short on facts, data, test results—all the things that actually matter.

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