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One of the only problems some shooters have with the ubiquitous AR platform is its charging handle. When the adrenaline’s pumping and time is of the essence, the mil-spec handle takes a fair amount of attention and fine motor skill. Sure, you can train for it, but many find it less than ideal. That is, not as intuitive and fast handling as an AK- or SCAR-style side charger. But opportunity and cash being the motivators they are, a couple of solutions are out there. Devil Dog Concepts’ Hard Charger gives you the side charging, non-reciprocating option you want without losing receiver Pic rail space. We’ve asked for one to see if it’s as cool as it looks and will report back soon.

[h/t LB]

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  1. To clarify … This is not Devil Dog Arms, right?

    Seems like a neat idea, but why does it not work with billet uppers?

    • Forged uppers are more or less uniform in shape. If your billet upper has some fancy angles or curves in it, they might interfere with the fit of the handle.

    • I wondered the same thing as well. Apparently Devil Dog arms and Devil Dog Concepts are not one and the same… at the very least they don’t share websites, or business addresses, or reside in the same state, for that matter.

  2. Interesting concept, although I do have my doubts about long term reliability and longevity. Looks like you bolt a guide with an internal, manually operating rod to the side of the upper. The Op Rod then engages a replacement charging handle. So, now you have an op rod in an open sided guide that you can bind up, bend, or break.

    What’s more, since the charging handle isn’t attached directly to the bolt carrier, but connects through linkage to the standard (or replacement) charging handle, when you operate the side charger, the regular one still must travel back over the buttstock – if you shoot with your face close to the front of the buttstock, you’ll have to move it out of the way – negating one of the advantages of side chargers.

    I’ll be interested to see your tests, but if having a side charger is your thing, I suspect that the direct solution of having an upper that’s designed for it would be a better choice.

    • On the other hand, this might let you “try out” a side charging handle before taking the plunge into a specialized upper (and maybe bolt etc.)

      Not cheap … But a less expensive way of learning you don’t like it.

      • Not really a test of a traditional side changer as the manual of arms will not be the same. and you are looking at $250 for a AR stoner upper with the bolt (no barrel)

  3. The AR charging is BS. But I’m not so sure about this contraption.

    That charging handle is big, bulky, and sticking out there.

  4. I really don’t think this is going to be a good test for a side charger as your manual of arms is NOT going to be the same. You still need to deal with the charging handle coming out. You have to get you cheek off the stock or you are going to be in a world of hurt. Looking around the internet, a real side charging upper is $250 with the bolt, so no savings going this way.

  5. Uhh, didn’t Devil Dog just shut down suddenly? I read something about that on TFB. Something about the founder revealing that he’s guilty of Stolen Valor and that the company just shut down because of it.

    The entire story was a little weird… so it probably needs more verification. Only reason I bring it up that if it’s true you might not be able to even get these items anymore. :/

    Hell… here’s the link so everyone can chase it down.

  6. The real problem with the standard charging handle is that its existence precludes any kind of comb height adjustment, which combined with the buffer tube forcing the stock straight back eliminates any kind of customized gun fit. There’s nothing faster or more comfortable to shoot than a well fitted gun, which an AR-15 just can never be.

  7. This is a fix for a problem which was already fixed, and cheaper to boot. Try BCM’s “Gunfighter” charging handle. It uses an internal cam to offset the rear force and an oversize release that is easy to hook with your offhand. It’s a drop in part, costs less than fifty bucks, you don’t have to modify anything. I’ve been using one for five years now, it operates smoothly, no binding, and I can operate the charging handle with the off hand, from the shoulder without lifting my head. It’s the first AR mod that really changed the way I use the platform. Everything else so far has just been barbie doll dresses.

    • My last AR build uses the handle you speak of. It’s easy to manipulate with whichever hand you desire. Four stars will buy again, that sort of thing.

    • I have found that if you operate the BCM handle without gloves, it’s fairly easy to pinch your hand with it.

      I’ve had better experience with Raptor, which is similarly oversized, but the design is such that it cannot pinch anything.

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  9. Seeing how it mounts, i’d have to get rid of my scope to use it. I’ll stick with my scope but interesting concept.

  10. Looks like it would catch on everything just when you don’t want it to. I don’t need stuff sticking out of the side like that and I don’t need to fix stuff that’s not broken.

  11. I can’t find any pics or video of it in operation, but looking at it, I find it hard to believe that there isn’t still a rod that will be coming at your face if you don’t adjust your head to charge the weapon.

    • Ok, I found some more pics and some non-op video and this is basically a forward extension of you existing charging handle. IMO its useless, unless you want to spend $150 to add some weight to your weapon, and move your charging hand forwards about 7″, all while retaining the nostalgia of moving you face out of the path of you actual charging handle.

      There really is no real side-charging AR solution that doesn’t require a non-standard upper.

      • I could imagine such a solution that would use some kind of cable and pulley system. But I wouldn’t trust the reliability of such a contraption.


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