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CZ-USA continues to ramp up its domestic manufacturing and sourcing capabilities, which is great for their ability to sell semi-automatic rifles within U.S. borders (922r and such). In a sneak peek on Instagram yesterday, CZ-USA broke the news on their upcoming suppressor. Full copy of that post is pasted below. But…also visible in the photo is what looks to me like a possible new Scorpion EVO model entirely.

The barrel is clearly shorter than that of the current EVO pistol, and the stock — at least the rear, extending half — is something unique that we haven’t seen before. Additionally, the [annoying] right-side safety lever has been deleted. Factory SBR? Scorpion EVO “K” version? We shall see.

On the suppressor front, CZ-USA’s first inroad into cans of silence is an over-barrel design specifically made for use on fixed barrel, 9mm “subguns” like the Scorpion. It looks like their target MSRP is $929 for the all-titanium version and $599 for the stainless steel flavor. Weights are 9.6 ounces and 15.4 ounces, respectively. CZ-USA’s photo caption follows:

The first #MondayMorningCZSneakPeek of 2018 new products is a foray into a new market for us here at CZ-USA. With increasing use of Scorpions by Law Enforcement, we knew the time was quickly approaching when we’d need suppressed variants to meet the demands of some of the special units we work with. Not only that, we needed a suppressor that could maximize the available real estate of the Scorpion package while keeping the overall length as short as possible.

The can in question was something that we couldn’t source in the marketplace, requiring us to make it ourselves. Teaming up with the airflow specialists at Aerocharger, we were able to achieve the suppression of larger, bulkier cans but in a much lighter, shorter package.

A fully-welded titanium can, the S2 Ti Reflex is designed to fit under an HB Industries handguard, allowing it to have a 2” reflex blast chamber and giving it the volume of much larger cans while only protruding from the muzzle 5.83 inches. Weighing in at just 9.6 ounces, it spits out 147 grain defensive loads at well under 130 dB.

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  1. I just sent in my ATF form for the Osprey .45 silencer to put on my Scorpion to make it a 2 stamp gun!
    Now they come out with a silencer that partly reflexes back over the barrel to make it much shorter?
    That makes more sense for a shorter overall length for a home defense gun that won’t destroy your hearing if you ever have to shoot it off inside your house
    Oh well, at least the Osprey makes the gun look cool with its’ slab sides and eccentric bore

  2. Looks incredibly similar to the HB Industries forend I have installed on my own CZ. Partnership perhaps? Kinda disappointed that this may be coming out now that I dropped all my cash putting the pieces for the exact same thing together myself.

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