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Dan published his four star review of the IDENTILOCK gun lock on Halloween. It’s convenient and fast, but a bit expensive. If the price tag had you trigger shy, today just might be your day. For “Cyber Monday” only, IDENTILOCK is offering 20% off your entire order plus free shipping with coupon code CYBERMONDAY. Browse their pistol lock models here.

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    • Looks like they took our remarks on it’s expense to heart. I’ve often wondered if many of these vendors actually read TTAG…
      Good for them! I still wouldn’t mind selling these things to some folks. 🤠

  1. I’ll have nothing but a purely mechanical lock to keep my “ready” arms secure.
    Anything electric or electronic is an automatic reject.

    • Is there any electronic lock or nightstand safe thing that doesn’t have a manual backup? These Identilock ones also come with keys and the manual lock functions whether the electronics are active or not. I’ve been testing out a tabletop safe deal with the rapid finger button combo code and it has a key backup, too. I can’t recall any electronic one I’ve seen that didn’t also have a key?

      • You make a good point, especially because I neglected to say that I don’t want to have to retrieve and use a key in a high-stress situation. I’m very pleased with my AMSEC PS1210EZ Easy Carry Handgun Safe, which IIRC you reviewed favorably, because it uses the purely mechanical Simplex push button system (with a key for backup of course). It is very fast to open, and has no electrical or digital components to fail.

        • I like those Simplex systems! And that safe you got is the very rare tabletop container that can fairly appropriately be referred to as a safe. Nearly all of them are really just lockboxes, offering only very minimal protection against a thief that’s willing to take a hammer or screwdriver or whatever else to it. Basically, most of them are good for keeping kids and nosy guests safe, but not really for keeping your gun safe. Those American Security ones are more legit. BUT…not everyone needs that and keeping kids from accessing a gun is often the only level of security desired. The Identilock here can be secured to a solid object via a cable (which I think is included?) if you want to both secure the firearm against accidental use and secure it against casual theft. When I lived in CA my apartment was broken into, and a simple cable to a cheap gun safe worked fine. They were amateurs and broke in without any tools, so were unable to separate the cheapy lockbox from the metal bed frame thanks to that little cable and they couldn’t get into it, either. If they had bolt cutters, it would have been gone. If they had a hammer and screwdriver, they could have popped it open. But they didn’t, and the lockbox and its contents didn’t leave with the burglars.

        • That $170 AmSec seems expensive until you consider it will hold two pistols quite easily. Mine safeguards my pocketable Ruger LC9Sp and my Browning Hi-Power, plus one extra magazine apiece. It is good to have a choice! One other good thing about the AmSec is portability. Although not a lightweight by any measure, it is still quite carryable, and the handle is robust enough to take a non-puny cable lock.

          (nothing to disclose: no ownership, no stock, no commission, just a satisfied buyer)

  2. Having any type of lock on a firearm meant for self protection. Is no better than having one not loaded with a round in the chamber. Wasted time could very well mean wasted life.

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