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Say what you will — and our readers always do — off body carry isn’t going away. Let’s face it, there are times and circumstances in which it’s just about the only option. Recognizing this fact and looking to fill a niche, CrossBreed Holsters has announced their new Pac Mat line of off-body totage facilitators, basically Velcro-backed Kydex holsters that affix to panels suitable for carrying in your messenger bag, briefcase, tactical purse, whatever. Details after the jump . . .

Keeping your firearm safe and secure at all times is essential when carrying concealed, and is especially important when carrying off body. The Pac Mat by CrossBreed® offers a safe and secure way to carry in briefcases, messenger bags, bugout bags, backpacks, etc.

The Pac Mat is a combination of a CrossBreed® modular holster and a sturdy kydex flat panel lined with loop Velcro® Brand Fastener. The modular holster ensures that your firearm stays secure while keeping foreign objects out of the trigger area. It’s position on the flat panel can be adjusted to accommodate different bags and draw preferences. The same holster can be used with other modular systems from CrossBreed®. The Pac Mat is available in Right or Left hand draw and measures 9″ x 8″.

Choose the optional HOOK Velcro® Brand Fastener to attach to the back side of the Pac Mat for even more security when placing it in a bag where loop Velcro® is already integrated.

The Mini Pac Mat is a smaller version of the fully size Pac Mat. It combines all the features of the full size Pac Mat but designed for smaller firearms and smaller bags.

The Mini Pac Mat is available in Right or Left hand draw and measures 6″ x 6″.

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  1. I got this email yesterday and immediately put a star on it to mark it for later. I almost never carry off-body, but when I do I can absolutely see this coming in handy. My normal carry rig is a Crossbreed SuperTuck, and it fits pretty well in the front pocket of my backpack in the way this is designed to, so that’s my usual solution. Having the right, designed-for-the-job equipment is virtually always better than make-do.

  2. It would be a good idea to make holsters for off body carry 2nd level for retention. That would likely have stopped both of the children who got their hands on the gun in momma’s purse.

  3. I was at the Great American Outdoor Show today in Harrisburg PA. They were hawking these there pretty hard. Especially since they saw I was wearing a Maxpedition bag. The Maxpedition comes with a “universal” holster already in it so he Crossbreed was no on my list. Looked like a decent option for some one wanting to add a holster to a messenger bag or purse. Typical Crossbreed quality.

  4. I don’t like off body carry, but the fact is that my wife most often carries that way and I do on rare occasions. My wife has several purses designed for concealed carry and most of the came with universal holsters. Those things are terrible. The gun won’t stay in without a strap, and of course that is just one more obstacle to overcome on the draw. We bought an early version of the holster shown above and it was much better. It attached to the Velcro in her purse and stayed in place fairly well. As time went on, she discovered that in some of her purses, the lining wasn’t stiff enough and didn’t offer enough resistance to the draw and the gun wouldn’t clear the holster cleanly. A final solution seems to be to add a piece of stiff material that the holster attaches to. Crossbreed has a couple of variations to the one shown above.

    This seems to be solving the problem and I have found it an the holster to be useful in a number of ways.

  5. Hopefully the gun fits in the holster “just right.” Some Kydex takes a pretty enthusiastic yank to remove the gun – this level of retention would be good to prevent an inadvertent draw or fall from a handbag, etc. But I’ve seen some holsters where you really need it on your belt to provide a solid anchor to pull against, which wouldn’t work well if drawing from a loose bag, computer case, etc.

  6. I’m not a fan of off-body carry, but this could make for a great solution to carrying a gun in your car (as in leaving one in there for quick access, and before you accuse me of being irresponsible, I’m religious about locking my doors and my windows are so heavily tinted that no one could see inside in any kind of detail, let alone a black gun against a black interior). Certainly more elegant than my current, jury-rigged solution (which involves a regular holster and copious amounts of heavy-duty, double sided tape).

    • I’ve loved the concept of the Serpa holsters for the car, with their cam mounts system. Not necessarily good for concealed carry, but good for something secure in a holster in a car – bolt the serpa to the underside of your steering column – no one will notice it there unless they’re actually IN the car.

  7. What the heck is a “tactical purse?” My wife is in the high-end fashion business and owns countless purses, each of which cost more than any gun I own or would ever likely own. For the non-initiated: Purses are big bags a lady puts so much stuff in, she can’t find any of it. If my wife were to purse carry, even with this Kydex holster, it would have to be a full-size Desert Eagle or she would never get to it in time. If something were even called a “tactical purse” she would not even touch it. It would be like suggesting she wear “tactical shoes.” Don’t get me started…

  8. I’m excited about this. I don’t carry a loaded sidearm off body, but I often use a Velcro holster inside my bags to transport a cased unloaded weapon. This looks like an awesome option for that.

  9. I could see using this in my pickup truck. I’ve got a fairly deep, lockable, all steel (and by no means factory) center console. For the few times I go somewhere I’m not legally able to carry, I drop it in the console. Not having to dig it out of the rest of the junk that’s in there would be awesome, since I could easily affix it to the inside wall of said console.

    Saying that…I’ll probably forget about it by tomorrow.

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