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“Concern Kalashnikov debuted its new VSV-338 high-precision sniper rifle this week during Russia’s Army 2016 International Military and Technical Forum,” UPI reports. “The modular long-range sniper rifle is all-weather and is accurate to a range of about 4,900 feet, the Concern said in a statement.” Also launched: a smaller, gentler [sic] Kalashnikov SVK semi-automatic “sniper rifle.” According to the company . . .

The units are assembled on an aluminum alloy base plate, enabling the shooter to change the barrel quickly. It is equipped with a side-folding buttstock with an adjustable pull and cheek riser, as well as height-adjustable rear support.

Also this week, Kalashnikov introduced a prototype of its SVK semi-automatic sniper rifle.

That compact weapon is designed in two modifications: one uses the standard Russian 7.62x54R cartridges, while the other uses the world’s most common cartridges, the NATO standard 7.62×51.

According to Kalshnikov, the VSV-338 has already been tested in the field. As they say in Russia, Без муки нет науки (without torture, no science).

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  1. I’m in California right now on travel.

    I think I can hear the pols in Sacramento sharpening their ban-hammers just at hearing the name…

  2. It would take a Hell of a rifle to unseat the Dragunov in my mind. Using one, an Afghan put 7 rounds inside a 30″ square turret at at a kilometer inside of a minute. With a 4x scope. Unfortunately it was our turret.

    • I realize this is in bad taste, but doesn’t the Afghan War sort of remind one of the Vietnam War? Especially when comparing the friendly native troops (ARVN) to the hostile native troops (NVA)?

      • No. Politically, in the US, people like to compare Iraq and Afghanistan to Vietnam to grab headlines or clicks. In reality, the war, the participants, the reasons the war occurred, the factions involved, and outcome/legacy is and will be very different. The only real similarities are the A-semetric combat and length. Which are also quite different themselves.

      • Not particularly. Vietnam was essentially a conventional war, with aircraft and division-sized units on both sides, fought via unconventional methods.

    • Thank you and all veterans for what you have gone through for your country and freedom jw. There are still a lot of grateful Americans out there even if you don’t get to hear it very often.

    • Quite so, Reminds me of an M-14 with a “match” bbl and a scope……we will need to field test these new wonder weapons before we know how accurate this rifle actually is.

    • Wish I was on same good terms with gods of rangefinding and especially wind 🙂

      There is a lot of doubt about SVK adopted instead of SVD and her offsprings. The rifle has “commercial offering” writen all over, and is not even scheduled for mass production.

    • Don’t know why. For at least the last 50 years on TV and in movies I’ve seen the Bad Guy sniper take a rifle out of a briefcase, fit the parts together, and hit MOA at 600 yards+. Nothin to it.

  3. Also launched: a smaller, kinder, gentler [sic] Kalashnikov SVK semi-automatic “sniper rifle.”
    Special Politically Correct Version.

  4. “The modular long-range sniper rifle is all-weather and is accurate to a range of about 4,900 feet, the Concern said in a statement.”

    Somehow, this statement reminds me of the MIG-25 and Soviet optimism about its combat capabilities.

    • Or maybe our overestimation of its capabilities?

      It wasn’t designed as a multi-role, frontline fighter. It was built for a niche purpose, intercepting high altitude bombers like the canceled XB-70.

      When that project was canceled it became a high-altitude recon plane, something it did very well at. The Syrians used them very well against the Israelis, considered the best pilots in the world, who could not shoot them down because of their high speed and altitude they could operate at outside of a normal fighter for the time.

      It seems to me we called a hammer a piece of crap because it was not a screwdriver.

    • Why? 1500 meters is well within capabilities of the cartridge. And VSV-338 is just your stock .338LM chassis rifle.

      It is like building supercars. Dump enough money into CAD process, carbon-fiber body, engine, transmission, etc., and you can make one. Even if you are Polish, or Russian (thanks God Marussia B-series is dead).

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