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 Joe "Double Barrel" Biden administers the Oat of Office to freshly-minted CIA Chief John "Fast and Furious" Brennan (courtesy The White House)

Remember Operation Fast and Furious? That would be the ATF’s anti-gun running gun running program that put over 2000 U.S. gun store guns into the hands of Sinaloa cartel members. A program that stopped only after a drug thug shot U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry with an ATF-enabled rifle. Well guess what? The now-current CIA Chief John Brennan was up to his eyeballs in Fast and Furious. As Deputy National Security Advisor for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism and Assistant to the President, I have no doubt Brennan kept President Obama abreast of F&F. Maybe the CIA job was a payoff for keeping shtum. What’s not a matter of conjecture: Brennan took his latest oath of office on a copy of the U.S. Constitution that doesn’t include the Bill of Rights from a man who’s doing his level best to undermine the Second Amendment. God may not play dice with the universe but he does have a wicked sense of humor.

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  1. He isn’t really planning on honoring that oath anyway, it’s just a quaint old ceremony to him.

  2. How deeply symbolic – pretty well summarizes the mindset of the Obama administration.

    • Several generations of dysfunctional families (abandonment, sexual perversion, continual relocation, etc.) have left La Bamba with a Superman complex. He really IS a total mess. He really DOES need to be ousted from office. There’s no guarantee he won’t arrange it so he’s president-for-life. He’s utterly and completely capable and willing.

      But I did enjoy the “oat of office” part; kinda shows its current value to those who take it.

      • No. A country like America cannot be made into a dictatorship without the consent of the people (because we are an armed populace).

        He would have to be better-liked.

        As it stands now, too many people don’t like him.

  3. Now, I love this blog and I appreciate all of the political material on here. I don’t want you guys to cut back on it, at all. But guns, and pictures of guns, make me all warm and fuzzy inside. Going along with other user-generated themes from months past, how about something along the lines of “Look at this sweet used gun I snagged at my LGS” segment to tantalize us during this time of over-pricing and under-stocking? New AR platforms might be hard to come by right now, but what other cool finds might TTAG readers be coming across to keep their wallets from getting too heavy?

    • So do I understand you correctly? You are asking for DIVERSION from the all-fronts cl*sterf*ck we are currently facing? How about you do that on your own?

      Try the intertoobs.

  4. It’s a shame Paul’s bladder gave out, doesn’t look like brennan is going to worry about who he p.sses on, Randy

  5. Shenandoah, I like this idea and Nick Leghorn just did this recently when he was gassing on about how cheap ammo was for his Nagant revolver.

    Nick got the ball rolling so it’s up to us to keep it rolling. Headed out now to see what I can find…

  6. Meanwhile, I believe a painting of Teddy Roosevelt, looks on in the background. While I’m not an admirer of TR’s imperial policies he was anything but the low-life metro-sexual politicians in office today.

    • True, TR direct opposite (full circle) of the Dem (and RINO) metros. But full circle politically as the 1st “successful” US full bore progressive statist.

    • As soon as they figure out that picture is behind them, they will photoshop it out and replace it with something else!

    • WHO’S a “muslim convert?” It’s not clear who you’re referring to. I can’t find a definitive antecedent.

      La Bamba? He’s DRONE-KILLING Muslims all over creation. His religion is the New World Order.

      • Brennan is. He had a “desert conversion experience” some years back. This is not an unknown at this point. It was verified weeks ago. It is also why he selected a document other than the Bible to swear on. The Quran would have been too sensational.

        • I don’t see any evidence of that at all. It sounds like the typical Internet conspiracy bullsh!t.

          Brennan’s a doucebag, period. We don’t have to make stuff up about him to prove it.

        • It doesn’t come from some internet crack site. This claim comes from a former Marine, FBI agent and a member of an intel think tank who knows of Brennan’s career and has confirmation from those who worked with him while he (Brennan) worked there as a government asset.

          Chris Mathews has played it down but simply because it doesn’t support BHO, the administration or Mathew’s left-leaning proclivities.

          There is also the issue of Brennan choosing not to swear on the Bible (which is customary). It may coincidental but, because this came out in advance of his swearing in and in fact during his “vetting”, it stands to reason he was counseled not to request the Quran.

          Could this be untrue? Everything can be said to be untrue until whoever is at the center of any controversy chooses to dispel it. Listen to his own words in a couple of his video taped speeches. At the least, a person would come away knowing Brennan is entirely enamored with all things Islam.

  7. “New CIA Chief Forgets the Bill of Rights”

    Don’t you generally have to know something first in order to forget it?

  8. What they don’t show you is Biden coloring an outline of Brennan’s hand on that very important document.

      • Ken’s remark is the point here but, Dave S, it has always been customary for oaths of this kind to be taken on the Bible. No, I don’t know how many folks who took oaths on Bibles have been atheists, agnostics or Martians. The point here has to do with the break in tradition by someone believed to be a Muslim.

  9. With punks like this heading up CIA and NSA, no wonder they are after Snowden. We have B. Todd Jones as Director of BATFE now as well.

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