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Christopher J Skpper writes, “I got my CHL the day after I turned 21 and now carry wherever I go.

“These are the items I carry every day when I go out (wallet not shown). I carry a M&P Shield with an extra eight-round mag. In the Shield, I carry one round in the chamber and a seven-round mag. So total I have 16 rounds.

“With this set-up I can carry appendix and still be fairly comfortable in the car or walking through town.”

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  1. I have tried (maybe not hard enough) to love the Shield my buddy allowed me to shoot at the range, and I hated the trigger. When I later read how many folks praise the MP triggers I was surprised. It really is about personal preference.

    I carry a Sig P938. There really is a good amount of choice for conceal carry out there nowadays. I don’t think you can go wrong with the Shield, XDs, Glock 43 (and the likes), P938, Walther CCP…

    I like this young gentleman EDC. Only question is why two knives? Especially two that looks very similar. Why the hell not I guess! You must love knives haha.


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