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Ravin Perry (not pictured) is a great guy, and an amazing shooter. His teammates ain’t no slouches either. So when Ravin started hinting that Bushmaster was coming out with a custom built 3-gun rifle, I knew something good was coming. And I wasn’t disappointed. New for 2014, Bushmaster has released their 3-Gun Enhanced Rifle, and it might literally be the perfect 3-gun rifle.


The gun comes with a 16″ barrel, a Rolling Thunder muzzle brake, Timney trigger, extended magazine release, nickel boron coated bolt carrier, free floating carbon fiber handguard… the spec sheet reads like a list of my favorite things. And according to the Bushy shooting team guys, thanks to the adjustable gas system the gun shoots softer than almost anything else.

The best part: the gun will retail for somewhere between $1,400 and $1,600. It’s slightly more than FNH USA’s new FN-15 offering, but you get all of the competition upgrades straight out of the box. All you need is an optic and you’re good to go.

This all assumes that the gun actually works and is somewhat accurate, though. Ravin is a monster at short range, but long range isn’t exactly his strong suit. We’ve asked to test one out, and we’ll let you know how it works when we finish the testing ourselves.

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    • which means, one would assume, that it is also reliable. If and when I build an AR, I want it to look like this.

      • Reliable like a race car would be my guess. It better get you across the finish line, but don’t expect it to be a reliable daily-driver.

  1. Seems like a really good price, and should be reliable with the full mass bcg (if that is, what it is)
    I would be interested to see it compared to an 18″ rifle length gas system.

  2. To handle distance an 18 inch barrel and rifle-length gas system seems like a better choice. Perhaps they’ve kept the front end heavy enough by using a fairly heavy barrel form? I haven’t shot the Timney trigger, but it would have to be extremely good to better the Geiselle SD3G or S3G. I agree with the NiB BCG, regardless of the other components. There isn’t anything “race horsey” about a 3 gun AR, and reliability may be higher than normal rather than lower, with the exception of the adjustable gas system which seems a questionable addition.

  3. “New for 2014, Bushmaster has released their 3-Gun Enhanced Rifle, and it might literally be the perfect 3-gun rifle.”

    Bushmaster sponsorship to follow?

  4. Meh. I refuse to buy any post freedom group Bushmaster. It just gives me the willys.
    I’m loving that standard nickel boron carrier though.

  5. The first time there’s some abrasion or nick on that carbon fiber forearm and you slide your bare hand over it… you’re going to learn the hard way why carbon fiber sounds like the cat’s buttocks, but really isn’t in the real world.

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