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Walther is getting closer to releasing the 5-inch barrelled version of the PPQ M2. I’ve been holding out on buying a PPQ to get this model. There’s something about a 7.2 inch sight radius that makes me happy, happy, happy. But what really made me happy was to find out that Walther is also releasing a .22LR that has the exact same dimensions and almost the same weight (22.4 oz. empty vs. 26.5 oz. for the 9mm version). The .22LR (top, above) even features a threaded barrel. Take my money, Please!

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  1. I have been waiting for a 5″ PPQM2 also; I have the regular PPQ in 9MM with the euro style paddle mag release, I love it, its one of my carry guns but I do love me a longer sight radius.

  2. Hey Joe, if you do please don’t forget to post a review. I think the closest I have yet to see in TTAG to a review is one done on the PPX. I’m sure loving my M1 after a year and a half.

    • I think I’m going to have my hands on a 9mm in 5″ flavor and a .22 in tactical flavor (extended, threaded barrel) fairly soon. I have a few hundred rounds set aside for each, with plans to run the 9mm through an IPSC course to compare to my single action CZ SP-01. Hopefully I can get all that done within a week or two of receiving the pistols and then video reviews and a write-up for TTAG will be forthcoming.

    • Semper Why, I wholeheartedly agree!! I have the PPQ 9mm and 40 Cal which I love, but I’d give my left arm and probably get rid of a couple of my 45’s to have a Walther .45 ACP (I’d prefer it in the original style PPQ… guess it is PPQ M1)

      • I hear ya. I had a P99 in .40 that was fantastic. I sold it and moved to .45 with a SW99 and… it’s just not the same. The trigger is all different.

  3. Recently purchased the PPQ .22lr Tactical w/ threaded barrel. First time shooting pistol out of the box, the projectile was striking the end of barrel as well as the thread adapter, major safety design flaw by Walther Arms. I am sending this firearm back to Walther and will never again press the trigger of this PPQ pistol design unless it is dramatically changed. You should consider this to be the most dangerous .22lr on the market for the operator or anyone standing near you when you are firing the weapon. do yourself a favor and just purchase something in a more tried and true design. I wish Walther Arms the best of luck.


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