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Attorney General Eric Holder was unavailable for comment. Let’s see if he’s any more forthcoming later today, when the Inspector General releases his report on the ATF’s Fast and Furious gun-running operation. Which could be a whitewash or a loose thread for journalists to pull. Watch this space.

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  1. People in a hierarchical structure of law enforcement and others in government ( allegedly ) implement an insidious, flawed and unworkable plan.
    Members of law enforcement ( allegedly ) involve civilians in violating the very laws those in law enforcement are charged with the duty to enforce.
    Allegedly, the purpose of the operation for those who planned it was to supply their favored drug cartel with traceable guns to produce the outcome of having one controlling faction with which to negotiate deals, and to have evidence to prove the iron pipeline of guns used by members of the drug cartels really does come from the U.S. Thus allegedly, to provide proof to those in Congress of the necessity of enacting more federal gun control laws.
    And the moral to the story is?
    After an agent in law enforcement is murdered in the performance of his duty by a drug dealer using a traceable gun which agents reportedly ‘lost track of‘, a murdered agent can get a really cool, environmentally friendly building named after him to keep his name and memory alive. This, in addition, to the named building serving as a reminder to all past, current and future agents of the dangers of the job and the sacrifices which have been made.
    Meanwhile, those ( allegedly ) actually responsible for this are doing what? Allegedly evading and eluding, and possibly actively involved in legal proceedings against a State trying to do something about the murder and mayhem caused by criminal aliens?
    But stay tuned. Later today the reporter who’s been on top of this from the start will be giving the anxious viewers an in-depth interview with the whistleblower on scene?
    Uh, maybe but maybe not. But she will be taking a tour of the inside of this really cool, solar-powered building.

    Sincere condolences extended to the family and friends of Agent Brian Terry.

  2. That Congressman they had a sound bite from was the one from that district, the one from which Brian Terry operated. He also had a “D” after his name. I’m curious if he’s a loud voice for the investigation into his constituent’s death, or if he’s falling into line with the rest of the D’s.

  3. When Brian Terry was killed I was actually in step two of the Border Patrol hiring process. This all came to light and I politely told them I didn’t want to be considered anymore.

    I wonder what the Border Patrol rank-and-file think of the ATF.


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