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  1. I can’t make fun of him, because that’s more ingenuity than I’ve exhibited thus far this year.

  2. I was just going to comment on the active shooter thread that the greatest innovation always come from the private sector. When we leave things up for the government to figure out we just don’t get anywhere. Quite impressive!

      • Which was a largely bank rolled but then left alone by the goverment operation look at the cd war projects that they did micro manage that achieved nothing

      • He should combine this system with the mateba auto revolver system and a larger caliber to have something like a 9 round s&w 500 with significantly reduced recoil which no matter how ugly it was would be awesome

  3. With people like this amongst us and tools of every stripe available how was that gun ban thing going to work?

  4. That was cool. It was both more clever and simpler than I thought it would be. I hope some filmmaker pays him to use it in a movie.

  5. Frankenvolver. We learned the subject can count to 9. If I think of somethin else I’ll get back to you.

    • Hidden safe under your bed. cover it up with carpet( I assume you have carpet on your floor) Then get some false papers made that you sold them at gun show.

  6. is this considered i high capacity assault clip?
    all kidding aside this is an awesome concept. now to add it to something like the rossi circuit judge. revolving cylinder rifle with more than 10 shots after the EVVIL magic number 9 round tubular add-on. difis head might explode.

  7. There’s a limit to how fat the shell can be as it slips past key pieces of a revolver’s “guts”. In this case the pawl (“hand” on a DA) was the critical bit…and it needed to be shaved some on the outside edge. That was the hairiest scariest bit.

    But other than that…extraction and feed are both 100%. Even leaving an empty under the hammer (not for safety, so that I don’t auto-eject a live round on the first shot!) I now have seven initial rounds instead of six. I have a couple of ideas on refining the mag catches on the 9rd reload mags. I’m going to get ahold of some 100gr double-ended wadcutters sized .356″ from Penn Bullets or the like, which should increase mag capacity by one or possibly two. ICORE and Revolver Steel Challenge classes don’t ban this weirdness (yet!) so I’ll have to go freak those guys out at some point (“you’ll be at a disadvantage with a single action revolver!” “wanna bet?”).

    Plus it’s already a side-step around California law. Add the 9rd mag to the 5 in the cylinder and we’re at 14 rounds continious without any one “ammo feeding device” exceeding 10rd.

    I think with the right tube-bender I can get a coil-tube 20rd mag going. That would be a hoot and a half.

    SASS has been joking about a Steampunk/unlimited class for years…heh. Oh yeah, bring THAT on :).

    TTAG mocked an earlier version testing the gas-eject system in 357Mag a couple years back. This is the same gun fully converted to 9mmPara with a Bowen cylinder blank hit with a Manson finish reamer and .3555″ throats. The barrel is a section of Douglas Premium .355″, tapped both ends…at the muzzle there’s a nut compressing a section of solid stainless tube back against the frame – this is a “muzzle stressed barrel” much like a Dan Wesson with adjustable cylinder gap. The outer shroud tube is from a 1980 Honda CB900 handlebar :).

    Much, much fun.

    Jim March

  8. Keep on it Jim. Personally I see this as only a way to get around rules and regs, but it looks fun and keeps you doing something you like.

    I would patent the idea and then sell the rights to a game company for something like Borderlands 3 or some such 🙂

  9. I oughta show it to Mas and ask whether my carry gun is modified “too much”?

    I guess when there’s no longer even a standard term for how it works, that *might* be a sign that yes indeed…


  10. I think it’s the coolest thing since Stoner made that thingumabob. I think we need to move to caseless ammo.

  11. Next vid up, how to servo motor a toilet seat cover. Jeez I thought my Smith 66 was just about perfect, now I see I got to get to work on her, Randy

  12. This could be done to the right DA wheelgun. A 9mm conversion helps as it keeps the ammo straighter in the mag and it means smaller entry and exit points. The bigger the gun the better of course.

    One gun I’d like to take a closer look at is the Ruger GP100 in 327. It might be possible to ream the stock cylinder into a 7rd 9mmPara setup, in which case it might also be possible to put the entry and exit points “two chambers out” from the firing pin on each side. I don’t know if there’s quite enough beef there to do it but there might be.

    A K-frame would be REALLY tough in 9mm. However, starting with a custom cylinder, some kind of very long 32ACP-ish variant wildcat might be possible. Maybe just 327 Federal Magnum with the rims trimmed off. Remember, in this setup you do NOT need an extractor groove in the shell! We’re blasting ’em out with gas pressure :). We’d have to modify the dies so that it does a more semi-auto-like crimp so we can headspace off the case mouth, and that means a custom chamber reamer but…David Manson could do that…

  13. Brass flying back into the face, don’t forget the eye protection!

    Does it not fire double action?

    • There is a hole drilled in the hammer that holds a brass post, acting as a shell deflector. I am not getting pelted with brass.

      The gun started life as a single-action near-clone of an 1873 Colt “Peacemaker”/SAA.

      I haven’t converted it to DA and don’t intend to. This same new feed cycle could be applied to some DA revolvers.

      • Odd thing: when I first tested gas-ejection in 357magnum, brass was gently bouncing off my goatee. No problem, right? But in the first test in 9mm at less than half the muzzle energy, brass was flying out fast enough to seriously hurt, and they were “printing” high enough that the goatee-armor wasn’t working. I guess the shorter tapered 9mm shells make a difference.

        So I rigged up the deflector ASAP :).

        The shell ejection direction seems very predictable, enough to where I could rig up a net at the range to catch ’em.

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