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I don’t think there will ever be a time when we’ll be able to purchase remote control firearms for self-defense. While the Second Amendment’s protections against government infringement don’t contain a clause prohibiting these devices, the ATF would throw you in a deep, dark hole should you Playstation your Mossberg. An autonomous gun with artificial intelligence? I’m thinking the needle. Meanwhile, NERF. And is it me or does the narrator’s voice sound like some kind of Siren song? [h/t sword]

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  1. Wasn’t there a company offering remote hunting over the internet a few years back that had the pearl-clutchers furiously clutching?

    Or was that an elaborate hoax?

  2. How about an “Anti Mother in Law” gun. You could home in on her perfume, or under arm stink, or……….what!

  3. Nice. A bit wobbly though. Need to add an adjustable damper to the tracking and tune until critically damped. Otherwise, super awesome.

  4. Now I have a way to up the level of our nerf fights in the house with my nephews when they visit…

    It always starts out free for all, but always turns nephews vs uncle after about five minutes…
    I’m thinking, two of these…each with a belt of 200 rounds of nerf ammo set up in my fall back fort in the office would even the odds….

  5. That’ll keep those trick or treaters off the damn lawn! 19fps!!!!’
    Perfect for the leetle candy beggars!
    Pretty cool!
    I’m sure the ATF has a form for belt fed NERF Guns!

  6. Easy sell it asa “paintball gun” kit and let people do what they will.

    These would be great for a when SHTF or TEOTWAWKIT.

  7. Is this the slingshot guys kid? He should be visiting the white house instead of “clock boy.”

    • Unless I miss my guess this girl is Russian – Slingshot guy is German.

      Excellent English, but then my 12 year old stepson spoke nearly perfect English already when I married his mother. Russians have schools where all classes and conversation is int he target language starting at a very young age (8 years old in his case).

  8. The best application for this setup is for “area denial” suppressing fire. It doesn’t need to be that sensitive in the side-to-side tracking movement but can still be aimed precisely at targets. Yes she has a soothing voice, but until I saw her I was thinking that the host was a 12 YO boy. I was pleasantly surprised to see a young female “maker” interested in firearms – or at least a toy version of one. BTW, she’s from Hamburg, Germany.

  9. I’ve wanted to make a real sentry gun ever since I saw them in Aliens as a little kid. I guess that’d be an upside to when SHTF and the ATF is no more.

  10. It’s not a trap if your sensors (alarm system ) alert you to the threat and you activate the system, personally controlling the firing. I’ll agree a select fire weapon would be most effective. If we ever get the NFA or at least Hughes Amendment repealed…

  11. Gotta get kracking!
    It’s almost time for the mini kids to arrive and arm wrestle me for some last years, left over candy. I’m putting an Orliken 20 on the roof, and M-2’s on each corner of the lot.
    Dam, I hope that 200 lb. brat doesn’t show up this year, sucker almost broke my arm last year, and ran away with all the candy! Girls shouldn’t act like that!

  12. I have a dream, that a dozen man death squad S*W*A*T Team sneaks up to a home equipped with a paintball sentry gun, and they all summarily execute each other in a mass panic shooting when the paintballs start flying.

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