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The “news report” above starts off by proclaiming that “The NRA says gun buybacks programs are feel-good publicity stunts; they don’t do much.” Although I don’t remember the NRA saying any such thing, the statement is both true and a signal that the rest of the report will attempt to disprove the futility of San Jose’s feel-good publicity stunt. Clocking‘s “exclusive look” at the SJPD’s secret stash, we are not impressed with the firearms culled from the 445 collected at a cost of $90k (plus police overtime and pension contributions). Handguns! A [single] sawed-off shotgun! Seven “assault rifles”! “These are not hunting firearms,” Deputy DA Gogo opines, haltingly. “These are firearms designed to . . .

inflict . . . uh . . . serious damage.”

Gogo defends the program against naysayers by pointing out that some of the guns purchased by buybackers (elsewhere) were found to be stolen. Stolen! Some of them! Stolen! But he somehow fails to mention that the “no questions” asked policy in place during gun buybacks prevents the cops from tracing the guns and arresting the thieves.

“Gogo says the buyback means theres no longer a chance that an officer or an innocent bystander will have to look down the barrel of one of these guns.” You might say that innocent bystanders in CA’s third most populous city are far more likely to look down the barrel of a gun held by the San Jose police than these unwanted broken-ass guns, but I couldn’t possibly comment. Except to say this: gun buyback programs are feel-good publicity stunts.

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  1. I assume since PD knew some were stolen because reported by owner. Would think, before they destroy a person’s property, they would notify the owner and give them a chance to reclaim their weapon. There is a serial number on every modern gun.
    Of course it is California!

    • Actually that’s a good point. Any gun reported to be stolen should have been returned to the original owner instead of destroyed.

      • If they were not, the people in charge of the acquisition should be charged with receiving stolen goods and put in prison.

  2. Maybe Calguns can do what Guns Save Life did in Chicago. Round up all your rusty, worthless junk, turn it in for cash, then use the cash to buy ammo for youth gun safety training programs.


    • I used to take busted junk to these buybacks and put the money towards good guns. They gotten wise to that and give out gift cards and used computers and such like.

      • Don’t let them give you the run-around. Sell whatever they give you in exchange for junk guns and put the proceeds to good use.

      • I thought about doing that. Maybe make a bunch of homemade zip guns, made out of $10 worth of Home Depot parts, and then exchange them for $50-$200 in Wal-Mart gift cards. Wal-Marts near me have a sporting goods section, some of which sell Windham Weaponry, DPMS, and even Colt AR-15s. The irony would be hilarious, the profit margin, even sweeter.

  3. They need to get out more (to fly-over country). They come from unusually puissant small patches of densely populated real estate. They do not represent America, and if you pack a few million more illegal aliens within their borders they will not represent another single square-inch of America. Their fears of World War Z are justified if not founded, but it’s the dog-they-bred living on top of each other like that. If they disarmed all of America, they would still have to work on all of the rest of the world. If they are not doing that first, they can go to H_ L L sideways.

    • “Flyover country” has the best people and the lowest crime rate. Happy to be disdained by the urban-dwellers. If they came here they’d ruin it.

      • You’re not keeping up with current events. The City Slickers have been invading Texas (Austin), Colorado, Wash.state and a whole lotta other places and sh!tting them up good.

        If you told people that Texas would turn blue 50 years ago, they would have laughed in your face.

        Here’s hoping a very virulent form of plague wipes out high density cities.

        • Geoff PR,

          Texas WAS blue 50 years ago. They would be laughing in your face for you not knowing what you’re talking about.

          Drop the cutesy statements and open a history book.

        • I believe that many (not all) become much more conservative when their neighbors are more than an elevator away (yet still closer).

          GOD Bless America (all of it, but please constant watch on the one above TX).

    • Or “The Ankle Grabbers for Hope for Peace for Humanity Initiative to indoctrinate non ankle-grabbers for the Children” (yep – two whole bracelets for that one, and skip the bumper sticker, you’ll have to wrap your car).

  4. Don’t forget the Thompson “replica”,
    They are vewwwwey scawwwwwy.

    However a Colt AR? Geez a pawn shop would have paid more.

  5. A [single] sawed-off shotgun! Seven “assault rifles”! “These are not hunting firearms,” Deputy DA Gogo opines, haltingly. “These are firearms designed to . . .

    inflict . . . uh . . . serious damage.” People do use “assault rifles” for hunting. Sometimes sawed off shotguns might be used for pest control. All of these guns could be used for legitimate self defense. I think sawed off shotguns being an NFA item is BS. Actually Grandfather ( who was a WWI vet) had a sawed of shotgun for defense of his home and for pest control around the farm..

    • If the “sawed-off shotgun” everyone is referring to is the pump-action weapon that was painted black, with the tape on the grip, I’m pretty sure that is an older Remington slide-action rifle, probably a model 760. Check the bore size when it’s laid on the table next to a real shotgun, and notice the bottom loading port has no visible shell lifter, but it DOES have side-relief-cuts, which are used to help grip the short detachable magazine as it is removed.

    • My Winchester Model 70 in 300 Win Mag is a hunting rifle. I think it can inflict a lot more “serious” damage than some wussie little AR-15.

  6. “These are firearms designed to . . .inflict . . . uh . . . serious damage.”

    Just like the ones you keep in your patrol cruisers? Cause we know cops love to inflict serious damage too.

    • ““These are not hunting firearms,” Deputy DA Gogo opines, haltingly.
      You mean they’re to small of a caliber?

  7. If gun “buy backs” make the wingnuts feel good, then by all means let them proceed. Let them waste all the money they want. If the taxpayers are funding the idiocy, so much the better. Sheep should be sheared. Thoroughly.

  8. So possession of the sawed off shotgun, with that short of a barrel is a crime.
    I will assume the “assault weapons” were CA legal. If not that was a crime. If they had bullet buttons than none of them are legally assault weapons, but of course MSM doesn’t bother with the definition of the law here.
    I see lots of revolvers, and what looks like assorted junk.

  9. Those people always make a point to say that guns “are designed to do serious damage,” or were designed to kill, like those are bad things. Or have to point out that a firearm wasn’t designed for hunting. I hate to tell them, but true sporting arms that can drop an elk or a moose are more powerful an any battle rifle on earth. If guns weren’t so bloody dangerous I’d probably collect swords. Or maybe rocks.

    • If gun collectors took to rock collecting we would get advertisements like “NEW from Colt! The latest model of TR-15, or the ‘most tactical rock in existence’! Now with 5000% more rail space AND bundled with an underslung death ray attachment! Get it before it is banned forever!”and the Mainstream Media would immediately start screaming “BAN ROCKS! BAN THE VERY GROUND WE WALK ON! ITS FOR THE CHIIIILLLDREN!!!”

    • It’s kind of like The Emperor’s New Clothes. There are plenty of people who know better and could tell them it’s idiocy. However, they’re outside the echo chamber, so they’ll be ignored by the people that persist in doing this.

  10. “These are not hunting firearms,”

    We would use some of them as hunting firearms if the restrictions to do so wasn’t so stringent. Imagine if my AR-15 in .300 Blackout could be used for both home defense and hunting without the need to purchase 5 round magazines or special “expanding” ammunition, but no I need to have my my K31 or my Marlin 1895 in .45-70.

  11. To me the thing is that opposition to gun buybacks by gunners is just as much “feel-good group polarization” as gun buybacks are “feel good publicity stunts” for anti-gunners. Taking all that product out of the market and reimbursing the donors with cash is certainly a boon to the gun industry. And it’s virtually impossible to believe that cohorts like the NRA or TTAG don’t realize this fact.

  12. “unwanted broken-ass guns”

    That about sums it up; that and ‘we’re doing something about gun crime’ propaganda, platitudes and rhetoric.

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