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CT vote

ctsheepdog sent the above message and image, reminding TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia to vote today. The bill referenced in the photo is Connecticut Bill SB 1160: AN ACT CONCERNING GUN VIOLENCE PREVENTION AND CHILDREN’S SAFETY. The post-Newtown gun control law forces gun-buying Constitution State residents to obtain a $35 “long gun eligibility certificate” (registering any long gun purchase with the state), limits ammunition magazine capacity to ten rounds and expands the list of firearms considered assault weapons (banning their sale or purchase). Voters in New York (SAFE Act) and California (Gun Violence Restraining Orders) also have reason to throw out the anti-ballistic bums. But really, we should all vote our guns today. Because our Second Amendment-protected rights are our bulwark against tyranny.

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  1. For a period of time in South Dakota, we sent Democrats to the Senate. I shall do my level best today to correct that error.

    Should your state suffer from the same affliction, find your ballot box and prescribe the cure.No excuses, and no compromise. May we beat the Backlash of 1994!

    • Dang I forgot to use my state-issued carry permit for ID! Generates priceless consternation from the crunchy CT volunteers in my town.

      • Aww….that’s too bad. That look on their faces is priceless. We have mandatory I.D. at polling stations now here, too. There’s a standard flyer posted right at the check-in table which displays each form of acceptable I.D., including concealed handgun licenses.

        Still, they freak out. I don’t think they’re concerned whether a CHL counts for I.D., though, but rather that they’re wondering whether you’re carrying right then and there. Beyond that, I don’t know whether they’re afraid you’re illegally carrying at a polling place, or if they’re fearful you might go on a spree. Because CHLs do that all day every day……

  2. I’m taking it one step further and writing all my current pols who when I asked they not support the idiotic post Newton stupidity responded to me with the classic “I support the right to keep and bear arms but….blah, blah, blah” form letter to notify them how I voted and why just so there are no misconceptions on their part.

    It’s not enough to simply punish. The punished need to know exactly and in no uncertain terms just what they did wrong.

  3. Bravo! CtSheepdog.
    Since we are mail in, I voted two weeks ago.
    Trying my best to put the blue dogs back under the porch.

    • I share your sentiment.

      BO, his cronies, and the nonsense since Sandy Hook has turned me into, effectively, a single issue voter. I have, in turn, been spreading this disease to as many friends and associates as possible.

  4. Maybe this time firearms freedom believers in CT will get their act together. I hope so. Sincerley, I do. While they’re not forgetting and not forgiving, however, let them also not forget or forgive their OWN sloth and inattention in 2010, which brought them this abomination of a governor in the first place.

    The numbers are there and they do not lie: CT conservatives (and MD, too) show up more or less in presidential years, but typically sit out the midterms. Midterms are when your governor and legislature are elected. Here’s your chance to atone for your own deadly sins. Don’t waste it, because you’ll get no sympathy from other states where we fight hard for our rights.

    • I voted early last week as a DINO. The best advice I can give to voters in the [Formerly] Free State is: When in doubt, vote them out. The incumbents (with a few notable exceptions) have done little to nothing to preserve our rights, and everything possible to increase their power and revenue streams.

      To paraphrase a saying from my better days:
      To err is human, to forgive is not my policy.

  5. While I work in the quasi-communist LA Area, I live in right wing Orange County. I will vote as far right as I can, but voting is just the beginning. Call your congressmen, join the NRA / Calguns / FPC / SAF / local chapter, etc., support pro-gun politicians, and don’t comply with silly laws that could get you killed.

  6. C’mon all you Coloradans out there. If you haven’t gotten your ballot in, drop it off or get to the booth. With our insane votor registration laws that encourage and enable fraud, we need every pro-2A vote we can get. Let’s send Chickenlooper and Mr Uterus (Udall) to the unemployment line and take our state back.

    Cheerleader mode off.

    • Did that the day I got my ballot. Voted to send the anti senator from my district home, too. Hickenlooper would make a very good brewpub owner. Udall, who knows? He’ll probably wind up on K street lobbying for greens so he can still play with his DC buddies and collect a paycheck from Tom Steyer.

  7. I voted in VA this morning. We’ll likely get stuck with Warner for 6 more years, but he didnt get my vote. I’ll be anxiously watching the news tonight and hoping for big wins in CT for Gov, CO for Senate and Gov and a long shot in Rob Astorino for Gov of NY. Cuomo is 10 times worse than Malloy and Chickenlooper combined.

  8. I’m only voting on a handful of state issues and doing a write in for Governor. Ohio has a scumbag Republican who has committed a long string of abuses, including getting the Libertarian candidate removed from the ballot, but the Democrat candidate will run the economy into the ground (and possibly be anti-gun too). Then for Congress I have the choice of the incumbent Republican (who will win, Republicans always win every election in my district) who defends the NSA spying on Americans and that we shouldn’t have rights because of “the boogeyman” or another Democrat who wants to wreck the economy and ban guns.

    Instead of being complicit in evil by “voting for the lesser of two evils”, I’m refusing to vote for evil.

  9. I voted the Republican line this morning in Newtown. Of course, the gun-grabbers were outside Reed School with their signs. However, there are still some of us from Sandy Hook that believe in freedom.

  10. Although here in CA the 10 rounds hasn’t been too bad, I did not purchase my first gun until many years after the limit was put in place. I’d prefer to use a 20 rounder for my patrol 716 but I don’t see that happening any time soon in this state. The sad thing is between those who made the laws being apprehended for weapons trafficking and there are bloggers that are attempting to portray the bullet button as a method to rapidly reload as opposed to a normal mag release, I don’t think there much hope for my state or ones going down the same path.

  11. Right there with ya ctsheepdog.

    Approx 10am I filed my official FU to Malloy.

    Wish I thought of using my permit for ID like another commenter suggested though…

  12. RECALL….RECALL….RECALL… ALL who legislate against citizens that break no laws and want to protect themselves and loved ones….imho

    • The [Formerly] Free State, Maryland, does not have the recall option. Nor the state constitution 2A option, it seems.

      Fix that today!
      And double-check and then triple-check your votes!!

  13. CNN and most media (government controlled) are saying the republicans are going to take it today. DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE! Get out and VOTE ! ! ! ! It is your other right that insures your voice is heard. WE who are behind enemy lines need to make change happen sitting on OUR butts and apathetically accepting what they (you know who they are) shovel on US has put US where WE are today.

  14. Something to consider:

    If you vote but leave a ballot entry blank, IT SENDS A MESSAGE! This is especially effective in unopposed seats.

  15. Matt @ 12:21 – I used my permit as ID which caused a little bit of a conference between the woman I handed it to (didn’t seem to like it) and the voting place “captain” who said it was valid as a state-issued ID.

    From random anecdotal evidence, it sounds like turnout in CT is strong, for whatever that is worth. Given my bias, I want to assume that the enthusiasm is with the ABM voters (anyone but Malloy).

    I said a prayer this morning for a trifecta in CT, CO and MD where the rights-robbing governors (or LT gov in MD) lose as a result of turnout of the right-supporting residents. One can hope…….because it would be glorious to see Nanny Bloomberg blow tens of millions for naught and for Mrs. Watts to rationalize why people ignored their pleas for “common sense”.

  16. It is amazing how politics has become a single issue for me. I no longer are about the other issues since the assualt on the 2nd amendment is at an all time high. Politicians should get the hint that gun grabbing = end of career.

  17. Voted straight R here in New York. Funny thing is I’ve only seen a half dozen Cuomo yard signs in Westchester and not spoken to a soul that will admit they are voting for him. Still unlikely Astorino can win, but a close race should bury the little dictator’s presidential hopes

  18. Be sure to vote your guns, not vote with your guns. That’s usually frowned upon. Though, as a positive, voting with your gun will be certain not to leave any hanging chads. Unless you use 22LR.

  19. As a resident of the state of Connecticut, let me say that this is going to be close. Realistically, Malloy my be back in office for another four years. Connecticut is has always been a deeply “blue” state. The odds are in Malloy’s favor. Truth is I wasn’t going to vote. I don’t like anyone running. But, I kept hearing Malloy saying “You lost, get over it” in my head over and over and he’s essentially labeled me a terrorist for liking firearms and disagreeing with the law. I’m by no means a die-hard ultra conservative tin foil hat wearing BINGO (Beligerant Ignorant Nasty Gun Owner). Labeling me an extremist is uncalledfor and false.

    I don’t like Tom Foley. But I HATE Dan Malloy.

  20. I hope we get a good turn out in CT, if not New Haven, Hartford, Bridgeport, etc will carry the election for Malloy again.

    The problem with a city like that is it negates dozens/all of the rural towns, and after Malloy won the first time he gave them extra $$$ in state aide as a reward. They will be rewarded again if they perform today.

    So get out and vote! We need a STRONG turn out, no excuses! Every CCDL and NRA member in CT should vote, if you don’t shame on you.

  21. Done voted. Keeping my fingers crossed; it looks like Chickenhumper has a slight margin in the polls (still, a statistical tie).

    I have no idea how the house and senate here will go, but all three have to flip in order to repeal the recent asshattery.

  22. Well, I exercised my franchise in The People’s Republic of New York yesterday. I still feel dirty.

    There was no statistical chance of unseating Cuomo the Younger from his perch orchestrating the state administration as an element of his presidential campaign (in part addressing the run his father never took.) Nor any chance of creating even attention from the federal rep in my district who has been embedded in the body politic so long, the cyst has calcified.

    Even so, I managed to vote not-D across the board, while only having to vote R once to do so. In the People’s Republic candidates can be listed for multiple parties. They collect all votes for their name, while the parties collect all votes on that party line.

    Why? Because racist, homophobe, obviously.

    Oh wait. I have actual reasons.

    So, “emergency” state legislation passed *after* the emergency of nothing statistically surprising happening, in another state, via questionable administrative procedures. Followed by 100% rejection at a county level of this legislation, that is outside the devil’s triangle down state. This gave them not a moment’s pause in inflicting their preference on people not them, in the districts.

    Within a couple weeks, the “won’t ever happen” confiscation based on vague 3rd-party mental health “concerns” happened. Plus charges deriving from a baseless search, incidental to a traffic stop. Selective enforcement, extracting ammunition purchase records that positively isn’t to build a database, and absolutely did not use threat of driving the store out of business through broad interpretation of vague enforcement provisions of that same law.

    Retroactively, administratively, a “law enforcement exception” got worked in. Hey, apparently one can rewrite federal laws administratively at will, so why shouldn’t an pretender to the throne – excuse me, aspirant – do so?

    As jobs, money and manufacturing continue to flee the state, there is no useful comment from any of the mandarins about the exodus of arms-related same, post passage of the beneficial law which makes those people’s customers criminals, and their products illegal. “Unintended” consequences some apologists claim. One of those words is incorrect.

    I could go on about the D’s, shamelessly, consistently, eternally operating the gov in aid of positioning for the next run of the next messiah. But why. It’s what they do.

    HOWEVER, you won’t find any useful use made of any of these events by the nominal opposition party here, so Stockholmed, they merely crab when some new viceroy’s prerogative cuts them out of the patronage loop. Worse they did less than nothing with the protests in Albany which developed without them. So, no way I’m voting for an opposition which won’t – er – oppose. That’s it.

    I actually voted working families party – essentially a new name on a direct line hammer and sickle communist party descendent – in one race, because it was them, an R, or a D.

    So yeah. Vote your guns. An any number of other rights and prerogatives. Yet don’t expect much, when, for example it is considered informative and, yes, legal to put *descriptions* of amendments to the state constitution on the ballot, vs. the actual freaking text.

    Silly me, I’d hate to accidentally vote for a state constitution level ban on guns with those folding things that go up, so I want to see the actual words.

    Even so, I will never be clean again.


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