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“In one year, the National African-American Gun Association’s membership has gone from 9,000 to 18,000,” the text under the YouTube video above proclaims. According to NAAGA president Phillip Smith, that’s because . . .

Twenty-four months ago, let’s say two years, fringe groups were just that, fringe groups. But now those fringe groups are now like it’s cool to be racist.

Yes, well, the report does The People of the Gun a mitzvah, showing Americans of color exercising their natural, civil and constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms for self-protection.

When Justin Clyde of Stoddard’s Range and Guns offered anecdotal evidence to suggest that OFWG’s no longer have a lock on gun culture, on CNN no less, I wanted to friggin’ cheer.

Donald Trump is, indeed, the cherry on top of the ballistic sundae. The times they are a changin’.

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    • Not “race based.” It’s a racist organization. No more, no less. If a white guy like me (or an Asian woman, for that matter) can’t join and feel every bit as welcome as a black man, then it’s a racist organization.

      If anyone started a “White Person’s Gun Club,” it would be considered overtly racist on its face. The organization featured here is no different.

      • Actually, all races can join and they made that very clear in their recruitment and emails. They have been quite specific in welcoming all races for the support of civil rights.

        • True they do allow non-black individuals. But then why chose the name they have? With other firearms related organizations that are already out there, that make no mention of race or ethnicity in their name, why do we need this one? In this day and age it really does seem divisive to establish an organization that is supposed to be about property ownership (in this case guns) and put race/ethnicity in the title of your organization.

        • Oh gimme a freakin’ break, Taylor.
          If they truly welcomed all races, there would be no need to put the word “African-American” in their very name.

          Please assure me you’re not that gullible.

        • Curtis, tell me you aren’t that naive. The best way to get black membership is to put African American in the name.

        • Correction, JWT –

          The best way to get black members would be to put BLACK in the name. I don’t object to being called white, why is black pejorative? I also do not go around calling myself a Swedish-American.

          America is supposed to be a melting pot and place of cultural assimilation where everyone becomes just an American. This hyphenation is just a symptom of the Balkanization of the ethnic groups perpetrated by the left.

        • Protesting the choice of name sounds racist to me.

          I rpesume they chose the name for the same reason the Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership chose theirs — not to put anyone else down, not even to exclude anyone, but because Jews have a very good reason for fighting to uphold the right to keep and bear arms, and Jews ought to know it. The name is there to draw attention to the fact that of all people, Jews should be armed. Given the history of blacks and guns in the U.S., putting “African American” in the name draws attention to the fact that here, of all groups, blacks have a very great need to be reminded that they ought to be armed.

          In an email from JPFO once it was explained to me that by joining it a non-Jew is making a statement that all Jews should be armed. In the same vein, we should all consider joining NAAGA, to stand with them and thus tell all African-Americans that we think that they, too, should be armed — that the Second Amendment is for them, too.

        • There are two types of black/African American gun groups.

          One is the stereotypical militant, racist, nationalist, separatist, segregationist, Marxist organization.

          The second type is one in which the founder noticed that his community (the black community) was adverse to and ignorant of guns. (Because they have been indoctrinated by the left. The founder may not realize this part). The founder also realizes that firearms make people safer and more free. Therefore, the founder forms an organization specifically targeting the community in which there is a problem. This is not racist, in my opinion, and I agree with each step in the chain of logic.

          From what I know of this group, it is of the second type. A group that draws from the black community will likely be further left than me on many issues. That (and other great pro gun orgs) is why I don’t specifically support this group. I would be willing to recommend it to my black friends and associates if I thought such a group would be better for them.

        • Two words, micro agresson. They make people of other races feel uncomfortable just by their name and tone. Just sayin.

      • They do have people other than black in their organization. I havent watched the video yet, Im gettn real tired of race baitin and victimology shit. I guess they are using peoples’ fear to recruit and show them(hopefully) the alternative to being victims and being afraid is to be armed and secure in their lives.

        • Actually no, that’s not what the organization is doing at all. There is some clever editing by CNN going on, to make it seem like they are blaming Trump for being cool to be a racist. In fact if you watch closely that’s not what he says. There’s an edit talking about Trump, and then another cut where he says that Fringe groups used to be ffringe and now they think it is cool to be racist. He doesn’t mention Trump there. It’s an edit from CNN.

      • There is a gay gun club Pink pistols. There probably are women gun groups. Why not black gun groups? In my opinion we are all Americans. We would have more influence and power if we recognized that. Joined forces instead of playing into the elites race and gender politics.

        • if PACs sticked to their single issue, e.g. 2A, then that would be more plausible but i always see them drift into TEAM/tribe mode and lose sight of founding principles. NRA, ACLU guilty of this.

      • I’m a member. I may or may not be: African American, White-Non Hispanic, White Hispanic, Non-White Hispanic, Asian, Alaskan or Pacific Islander. They never asked.

      • I’m an OFWG and a dues-paying member. I haven’t noticed any racism in their newsletters. I’ve commented to Smith many times (mentioning my OFWG status) and he has graciously responded each time.

        It’s not clear to me from the OP that Smith is actually being quoted as saying: “But now those fringe groups are now like it’s cool to be racist.” Let’s deny him the benefit of the doubt for argument’s sake. Is he being misconstrued in saying this? Or, is he being a bit flippant? I think he’s being misconstrued; I think he wasn’t intent upon making a racist statement. Now, I will return to giving him the benefit of the doubt.

        We the PotG need all the constituents we can get. If the Sons of Norway want to be “racist” and want to support the 2A then I’d welcome them to the community. If JPFO want to be “racist” and tout their ethics as superior to those of Christendom, then I’d welcome them too. (Also lifetime member of JPFO albeit I’m Christian.)

        We need to be more concerned about BLM than NAAGA.

      • Is the JPFO, Jews For the Preservative of Firearms Ownership a Racist group? A hate group? Are they a separatist group?
        What about the Filipino American gun club in California. Is it a separatist group?
        These groups were formed because the founding members were from groups who traditionally were denied the human right to self-defense.

        The problem with the Pink Pistols or the African American gun association and others like them is they vote democrat most of the time.

        As a black gun owner and a member of the African american gun association statements like this only hurt the image of the group as a whole. When some members of the pink pistols say Gavin Newsom is a nice man and they support him. I would say that makes them a compromised gun rights group who place “something else” above the human right to self-defense.

        Donald Trump has a long history of hiring open homosexuals. Putting women in the most senior position in his construction projects. And he has been trying to help raise black employment going back twenty years.
        Donald trump is not a racist. Nor does he hate gay people, But all his good works don’t count for the most stupid of people. Blacks, homosexuals, new liberals guns owners and others will still vote democrat because they all want “free stuff”. If anyone is serious about the second amendment then you vote for who supports it period.
        I’m not a fan of Jessie Jackson but when a broken clock tells you the correct time twice a day, I will support the effort of Jackson and Trump for at least trying.

        Read more here:

        …’Gavin Newsom is a good man’…
        From the pink pistols. I would never say that a politician who wants to take my guns away is a good man. But apparently some members of the pink pistols do think Gavin Newsom is a good man. I assume they will vote for Newsom for California Governor when he runs. Because he was so good to homosexuals while mayor of San Francisco.

        • Quote————Donald trump is not a racist—————quote

          Next your going to tell us Hitler loved the Jews. Trump paid out millions in a lawsuit when he was caught red handed refusing to rent apartments to black people who had excellent rental histories.

          He ran a racist campaign and attacked all minorities and tonight in his address even insulted the entire America Jewish community which is without president in the entire history of this country. Tonight the entire U.S. Jewish community is in an uproar and rightly so. His response on who attacked all the Jewish property and community centers recently is so far out and racist its hard to believe he would be dumb enough to say it even if he was truly demented enough to actually believe his own racist propaganda.

        • Cisco kid
          I understand you are one of those white progressive socialist who like having blacks sell poison to each other. Or you are happy that so many blacks live in gun free zone government housing. With generations of black Americans believing they can’t own a gun because the government told them they can’t.

          As far as jews go, it has been the Jewish democrats who are in the leadership of the anti-liberty forces in this country. The JPFO has some “honest words” for this type of jew. And it was jewish north easterners who said to blacks in the south in the 1950s and 60s to disarm, and have a non-violent civil rights movement. Or else the jewish money would not be given to blacks in the south to support their struggle for freedom.

          Just as leftists deny black on black crime, they also deny blacks in section 8 housing destroy the homes they are in or bring in their criminal friends to the neighborhood.
          Tell me this Cicso Kid why are all democrats/progressive/socialists, against black people having guns????

          I suggest you read, “This no violent stuff will get you killed” by Charles Cob. You can find it on amazon. There you will learn about the true racist of the north east who came to the south to “heeeelp” black people.

      • Curtis, re your “race based” = racist, your point is certainly apt here. In this case “race based” is a euphemism to cover an uglier reality. But I would like to “go back” 60 years or so and try to sell a very, very out-of-fashion point. One that comes down to “race based” does not necessarily mean racist.

        We used to have a thing in this country called freedom of association. It was just that, a freedom, and the automatic, conclusive, presumption of guilt; the chorus of “ist” of one sort of another that mention of it elicits today, is nothing more or less than a loss of individual freedom due to mob rule. And freedom is pretty important to the notion of America. You could form a group, club, association, even design a business, around any sort of rules you wanted. Quackheads only, etc. A “women’s club” was not targeted as sexist. Neither was “Boy’s club.” A golf or downtown athletic club that was men only was not presumed sexist.

        Sometimes people enjoy diversity, but most often the simple – and plainly understandable – fact is that we are more comfortable around people similar to ourselves. Like-minded, with similar interests and backgrounds. And while we are all equal in the eyes of God, we are most certainly not the same. This is a universal, eternal truth, and even the most “Liberal” (modern liberal) among us live by it while busily denying it to others. Try joining a Liberal cause – say, the recent “women’s march” (sexist right there, eh?) without agreeing 100% with their tune on any issue – say, on abortion. Not permitted, and the refusal will not likely be polite.

        Our culture, our society, our very civilization would be a lot happier and healthier if this freedom could be restored. While the freedom itself is valuable, the process necessary to its restoration – the destruction, the very reversal of the insidious presumption of “ist” guilt to any imperfectly diverse anything – would bring even more benefit to our culture. A cleansing of misplaced hate and blame.

        Not likely to happen until the nature or at least the tactics of the Dem/left change. But as it is, division by race, sex, whatever, creation of permanent “victim” dependent classes, the stirring up of hate by this, the greatest hate group in the western world, will continue. They have no other stick to beat us with. (Example – our mainstream American comic, Jimmy Kimmel, gets up at the Oscars and makes a joke about Trump being racist, a template all the abundant obvious evidence indicates is false and libelous, and “everyone” get a good laugh out of it. Essentially it was: “This won’t be popular, but there is one good thing about Trump: We used to think the Oscars were racist.” Lies.)

        • I agree that freedom of association, part of the 1A, should be interpreted to protect segregated activities, organizations, and commerce. Even if the segregation is motivated by racism. I also agree that a closed group is not by definition bigoted against those outside of the group.

          I also wouldn’t do business with those I believed to be racist in their practices. (Like a race x only restaurant or whatever).

          What people fail to realize these days is that what’s wrong and what’s illegal don’t necessarily have to be the same thing and often shouldn’t. Being wrong shouldn’t make something illegal. Most Americans think it is right to be a follower of Jesus and wrong not to. Many Americans believe that not only is it incorrect to follow Jesus, but that it is idolatry. Some atheists believe that holding any religious beliefs is wrong.

        • I AM A Proud Original Indigenous Being here in the States….. Trump is actually a genius and was chosen to run this military machine and corporation we call America in order to create more wealth and to raise capital gains more than debt losses. I grew up in New Jersey and have family members who are so-called black and have worked with Trump. As far as him being a racist, don’t believe everything you read or hear. He is a shrewd businessman. This great country was built on Racism since 1492 to it’s core and every single letter and code of the law. True history, actual facts, documentation and statistics reflect that undying truth everyday….. Why is he a genius? He exposes the above-mentioned facts everyday and sit back and watch how all the corrupt, scandalous, lying, and double-standard individuals expose themselves and each other through being deceitful, racist, greedy, programmed, forced, bought, or just in pursuit of preserving a naturally dying race of people. Trump not renting to the qualified based on race is nothing new in this land. He was just following underlying protocols that is embedded in America’s core and part of a bigger agenda. He is just the spokesperson, what about the real movers and shakers that control things around the globe??? Don’t get paranoid now that us Darkies are allowed to read and write now, share the same restrooms and public places. You should be happy that groups and organizations are out here training us how to handle a gun rather than black folks just going out having target practice on the innocent as race soldiers do that patrol the streets and hide behind their shields….. It’s A New Day and you better embrace it and do what you can to operate in fairness and Equality. Just in case you didn’t know, the Universe is in the process of correcting all that is unoriginal or not natural. So anything that is outside of or contrary to Natural and Universal Laws will soon no longer be…… You will NEVER achieve the impossible….. We are an awakened Nation willing that Divine Intervention will be enough to avoid the inevitable if Racist populous does not correct itself, heal, make amends, and do what’s right period!!! Not open for debate…. Remember when black people were not allowed to even join the Military who only attacks black, brown, red, or yellow countries?
          Now days we make up most of the frontline….. I AM not racist nor AM I a hater of any people, I AM just A Seer who can see through all the BS, and deal in Truth!!! Clean up America the World is watching. BLACK TRAINED GUNS DO MATTER AND SHOULD BE TAUGHT NATIONWIDE ALONGSIDE AMERICA’S TRUE HISTORY AND STATISTICS OF BLACK MURDERS BY NON-BLACKS….. Why would that be such an issue if we are living in a so-called Equal Opportunity society with a balanced Justice/JustUs system?
          God’s Sun…… 💯🌍🌝

    • No giving everything and anything over to non whites, immigrants, etc = “racist”, “Nativist”, etc.

      They can not imagine the immensity of the fuck we do not give.

  1. You know, 19% is higher than the national population which is around 13% if I remember right. That’s a pretty interesting statistic if you think about it.

    That said, I’ve had liberals say to me smugly “gun people must be freaked out now that black people are buying guns.” I laugh at that, it’s in its self racist. The more people of different groups buy guns, the more chances we have to win hearts and minds and that’s what truly counts. “us and them” is a lot easier to win if there’s more and more of “us.”

    ED:I’m also amused by the idea it’s “cool” to be a racist. I think from an intellectual standpoint it’s a pretty low point. Culture is far more important IMO.

    • You might want to consider just asking them “Do you know why the NRA was started?” Then tell them it was to protect the rights blacks (recently freed slaves) from the (southern) Democrats who wanted to disarm them.

      • The NRA began as a marksmanship training organization shortly after the civil war and has evolved considerably since then. They weren’t too involved in the whole “rights” aspect of gun ownership until well into the 20th century.

        Racist gun control laws were around for a long time before the NRA paid any attention to them.

        • Yeah it wasn’t until the 70’s that they got into gun rights. Before that they were fine with gun control and definitely didn’t stand up for the Black Panthers gun rights,

        • Not entirely true, the NRA did speak on the NFA of 34 at the very least. TTAG did an article on it, very interesting read; Plausibly one of the reasons we do not have a handgun ban, and there is the discussion of firearms as defensive tools even then.

  2. Look at the little stat at the end “only 19% of registered gun owners” but they are 13% of the population thus over represented.

  3. I said it in the last article, and I’ll say it again here. If anyone thinks that “it’s cool to be a racist now”, the parties at fault are those within the mainstream and alternative media who have spent the last 6 months convincing the world that a huge portion of the US citizenry is comprised of white supremacists and convincing idiots that they’re joining some grand cause.

    That can’t be blamed on Donny.

      • To be accurate, Trump didn’t make it okay to be a racist again, but racists got that impression because of the so many ways in which he is clueless. The “racism is okay” Trump is an image projected by the barbarians at Stormfront and elsewhere.

    • Quote————-That can’t be blamed on Donny.——————-

      Not only do civilized decent Americans disagree with you but European leaders have laid the rise of Nazism in the coming French and German elections right at Herr Trumps feet because of the way he ran his blatant racist campaign. Great Leaders lead by example and make the world a better place by their example. Trump has fostered more hate and racism in this country than any other President in living memory and its affected Europe as well as Right Wing Nazi’s like Marion Le Pen of France have planned their campaigns of hate and racism verbatim after Trumps Presidential campaign.

  4. Where’s all this “new” racism since Trump won the election?

    I’m not seeing it.

    Fortunately, all the racial healing Obama did during his eight years in office is holding steady.

    • The racism is from the same party that fought against freeing the slaves, supported by the commie leaning media.

      All what healing Obama did? Obama did more to destroy the advances made in equal rights by turning people and groups against each other.

      The Donald, in his brash way of not talking in the language of lawyers and politicians, is right on many points, from the criminals invading from the south, to the halt of immigration until we can be sure as we can be that we are not letting enemies in as Europe has done. The economy, here and abroad, is improving beginning with his election. No, he isn’t perfect… which, I believe, is exactly what this nation needs right now if we are to survive as a nation.

      • Quote——————-All what healing Obama did? Obama did more to destroy the advances made in equal rights by turning people and groups against each other. ————————

        Actually Obama went out of his way to unite the country. He met with minorities at the White House and acknowledge their accomplishments and contributions to America. That’s how a “real President” acts and sets a good example in regards to teaching tolerance and acceptance of all Americans’, not calling minorities rapists and criminals and terrorists like Herr Trump has done (and remember not one refugee in decades has killed anyone). Not so with the Far Right Wing White Terrorists that bomb and shoot up abortion clinics and walked into a bar this week and killed a legal immigrant visitor and wounded another here on a student visa. And lets not forget the poster boy of all Right Wing Radicals their hero Dillon Roof who specialized in murdering people in a Black Church. We really should be deporting fiends like this out of our country. The Radical Right would disagree.

        The only people that hated Obama was the Far Right Racists’ who made no bones about the fact that they hated him because he was black even making such remarks against his wife that his wife looked like an Ape in High Heels. And they hated him because he valued the worth of all People in America including of course the people the Far Right hates the most, minorities.

        And you mention him hurting equal rights? He was the one that put an end to the deigning of equal rights to gays wanting to marry or simply being allowed walk into a bakery and buy a cake like every other American is allowed to do. He fought for trans gender’s rights as well.

        And know Herr Trump turns back the clock by telling everyone the Constitution only applies to White Anglo Saxon Protestants, all others are second class citizens without the same Constitution Rights.

        • Here’s some racist, minority, coexisty, homicidal maniacs who loved Obamas race baiting a$$. Nadal Hassan 45 victims, Syed Farook 37 victims, Chris Dorner 7 victims, Aaron Alexis 13 victims, Omar Mateen 49 victims. I could go on but I doubt your incompetent leftist brain can accept reality. Trump isn’t a racist and leftist maggots like you are the real terror threat to America.

    • quote————-Where’s all this “new” racism since Trump won the election?————Quote

      I suggest you stick your nose into the smoking ruins of the 60 Jewish Centers that have bee recently attacked and lets not forget the burned up Muslim Churches or the kids that were suspended today at a high school for making a human swastika. I could go on but I would fill a couple of pages. You cannot be serious by your above post.

        • The ignorance of some of the Far Right defies the imagination. Where in the hell do you live anyway in a cave or in front of Fox news? Its been talked about for a week straight on every normal News Media Channel including even foreign news channels like Franch24News and DW TV not to mentions MSNBC News. which of course you are too prejudiced to even consider watching. Of course you will respond the entire world is putting out fake news and none of this ever happened. Meanwhile I will have a much more intelligent conversation with my back yard stone wall its light years more educated than some of the comments you just made.

      • Thank you, Cisco! It’s hard to express the pleasure I derive from the sputtering accusations of triggered leftists – claiming Trump is racist, Islamophobic, anti-Semitic, misogynistic , ignorant, stupid, has bad hair (well, maybe you got me there), anti-American, etc., etc., etc.

        I appreciate your efforts to bring a smile to my day! !

  5. Yes because all the violent white nationalists are being held back just by the lack of national concealed carry reciprocity before they start committing a genocide.

    Honestly, these regressive are literally the most idiotic people on the planet. They somehow think that only a gun control law will protect them, yet at the same time believe that allowing a different law will somehow cause utter chaos.

  6. So, I can declare myself any sex I want (or even no sex), and the government must protect me from deniers, but if I declare myself a Racist, there is something wrong with that?

    I have a Natural, Human and Civil RIght to be whatever I want, whenever I want, or not. Where is the ACLU when I need them?

    • Have you *seen* liberal popular culture these days? It is *very* hip to be racist, just about as much as it ever has been since ‘noble savages’ were being contrasted with civilized white men or ‘inferior races’ were being analyzed for the best methods of extermination via eugenics. So perhaps it’s more accurate to say it is hip to be racist, again, still, in such circles.

      Of course poor communities are still as racist as ever, because that’s what poor communities do regardless of race (Chris Rock had a great sketch in the 80’s about how *no one* is as racist as the old black men from his community –basically the mirror image of the ugliest parts of white trash [and why Squidbillies is such a brilliant foil for making fun of both subcultures simultaneously])

  7. What did Big dick Don ever say that was racist?

    Pointing out that some illegal aliens have criminal backgrounds is

    1.) Not racist, Mexicans are a nationality
    2.) Statistically accurate

    I’m sure the “National White American Gun Club” would immediately be labeled a hate group.

    • Let’s make a list:

      1. He stated that a judge would not give him a fair shake because the judge is Hispanic.
      2. He implied that Mexican immigrants are overwhelmingly rapists and thieves, when hard data suggests the opposite is true.
      3. He wanted to ban over a billion people from entering the country due to their heritage.
      4. He paints a completely inaccurate picture of “American Carnage”.
      5. He perpetuated a lie that the 44th POTUS was not entitled to the office.
      6. He tried to exclude black people from his housing developments.

      I could go on, but if you don’t get it by now, you never will.

      • I loved your response but seriously do you think you can result to logic when trying to communicate to the unwashed. Next time talk to the nearest stone wall. The stone wall is more intelligent.

      • 1. He stated that a judge would not give him a fair shake because the judge is Hispanic.

        The judge was a member of organization linked to the National Council of La Raza.

        2. He implied that Mexican immigrants are overwhelmingly rapists and thieves, when hard data suggests the opposite is true.

        “hard data” No, they’re more likely to be criminals than American citizens.

        3. He wanted to ban over a billion people from entering the country due to their heritage.

        Members of the Religion of Beheading. That’s a GOOD THING.

        Never heard of the rest of allegations, but they are likely just as nonsensical.

  8. If the blacks joining this racist self defense group were honest about the people most likely to be killing other blacks, they would acknowledge they need to carry self defense fire arms primarily to defend against other blacks. (According to the FBI crime stats, it’s over 85℅ of blacks murdered by other blacks).

    But since that doesn’t fit the narrative, just ignore the (black) elephant in the room..

  9. Thanks to TTAG, I’m a dues paying member of NAAGA. It’s great to see more minorities realizing the importance of the 2nd amendment As an ivaluabke freedom. Too often, the AA community blindly follows leadership pushing gun control measures that probably disproportionately effect AAs. I’ll never be one to criticize anyone’s proverbial “boogy man”. If Trump is causing more people to realize the importance of the second amendment, so be it.

  10. This indeed is the result of Herr Trump’s Presidential campaign of hate, prejudice, bigotry and minority baiting. Its only natural that they feel compelled to arm with all the attacks on minorities since the Far Right Racists and Paramilitary Lunatic Fringe now think they do indeed have the right to “make racism cool once again”.

    Now all minorities in America may be waking up to the fact that they had better arm themselves even if they wish they did not have to but the majority are still loath to do so. Unfortunately their own survival may make it mandatory soon.

    These last couple of weeks the attacks now seem to be shifting towards a full blown pogrom by the Far Right against Jewish people. To say they are worried is an understatement. Recently one Jewish man at one of Herr Trumps news conference asked him if he was going to put a stop to this. Herr Trump seemed to indicate he would and now with all the recent violence towards Jews has done exactly zero to stop it. And heaven forbid that he mention that American Muslims came to two vandalized Jewish Cemeteries and helped clean up and replace tomb stones. Obama certainly would have mentioned and praised this. I often wonder what Herr Trump’s Jewish Son in Law really thinks of him.

    Not to mention the White Terrorist that senselessly gunned down two Indian Students that were here as our guests on an educational visa and were in the country and were perfectly legal. No matter, the Far Right Fanatic that gunned them down was yelling “get out of my country”. Shades of Nazi Germany or should I say fast forward to Herr Trumps “Brave New World” hell bent on honoring the name and legacy of Adolf Hitler. His campaign mirrored Adolf Hitler’s and Hitler’s book literally page for page. And even more interesting as a side note was that Herr Trump’s Grandfather was kicked out of Germany for refusing to serve in the military just as Herr Trump did 2 Generations later. History repeated itself in many ways.

    Herr Trumps silence and then eventual very weak reply that the violence had to stop did not reflect his true feelings. In the Civilized Country of Socialist France they responded quickly when Jews were attacked recently by putting French Troops and Police to guarding Jewish Synagogues , Schools and Community Centers. Herr Trump needs to watch some foreign news channels and learn how to run a country like the French Professionals do. Heaven forbid we might even look civilized here in America and damage the reputation of Herr Trump’s New 3rd Reich.

    Its also disgusting to realize how prejudiced Herr Trump really is. Recently a White Right Wing Canadian Fanatic attacked a Muslim Church killing totally innocent people. Not a peep out of Herr Trump, no mention of it, no condolences, absolutely nothing. In other words you can find out what a person is really thinking by what they do not do rather than any propaganda or lack there of that they might spew. If the situation in Canada had been the reverse with a Muslim attacking a White Protestant Church Herr Trump would have been screaming from the roof tops about dangerous Muslims and offering his deepest condolences to the victims, “guaranteed”.

    I think the civilized people in America and Europe are waking up to the fact how important it is for the Worlds Leaders to act like an Obama rather than like a Hitlerite Herr Trump as it does not take much encouragement to draw out the FAR Right Wing Nazi rats that still live amongst us hoping for the day of another “All White Anglo Saxon Protestant America” were all minorities and all other religions and even Catholics will be considered second class citizens or even worse without any Constitutional Rights at all. A Protestant Christian Caliphate being one of their ultimate dreams.

    Jeff Sessions “king of the racist Gerrymanderer’s” would have a field day denying millions of Minority Americans even the basic right to vote as his past racist history of the Gerrymander proves it beyond all doubt.

    With Putin’s success here in America in regards to putting Herr Trump on the throne European News reports that Putin is funneling millions of Rubles and using electronic warfare to get Europe’s far right Nazis like “Marion Le Pen” elected in France and Civilized Socialist Angela Merkel in Germany defeated. And to further add to the destruction of turning Europe back into warring States Putin and his Prostitute Herr Trump or shall is say the propaganda minister Bannon are hell bent on destroying the European Union and Nato as well. Pence has told Europe one thing about Nato and Herr Trump and Bannon quite another. I am sure Putting is having a field day as he is really riding high with his agenda in regards to destroying Europe and putting chaos into the American Government and riots in the streets with the Radical Right and the Left will soon be fighting each other here block by block. All reminiscent of post WWI Germany where the Far Right Nazi’s and the Far Left Communists killed each other in broad daylight in the streets of Germany which helped Hitler do away with Democracy and establish a dictatorship, something Herr Trump would welcome here too in America.

    Yes under Herr Trump and Propaganda Minister Bannon “To be Racist is to be cool Again” and the Far Racist Right could not be happier. Herr Trump is now their new “Messiah” on this earth.

    • “Now all minorities in America may be waking up to the fact that they had better arm themselves even if they wish they did not have to but the majority are still loath to do so. Unfortunately their own survival may make it mandatory soon.”

      You have no idea of how true your words are.

      You see, I have recruited into FEMA and am currently being trained to be a FEMA camp guard. We are going to soon arrest every minority in America and put them in literally Nazi camps. Oh, and cisco kid? You have been put at the top of the arrest lists.

  11. I saw the founder of this organization on NRA TV. I checked out the website. It’s not a bad group from what I saw. I’m not all in on it. There are plenty of better pro gun groups out there. (I don’t think the NRA is the best; it’s just the oldest and biggest).

    But, if we can get a significant chunk of the African American community to be 2A “litmus test” voters, the 2A wins. Democrats can’t win without sweeping the African American community. Flip them, and you flip, fracture, or destroy the Democrats.

    • No joke. A young homosexual man at work says the Trump administration wants to “electrocute” him for being homosexual.

      • Yes, mass, open hysteria. There have been injuries, chaos, destruction of property, and denial of freedom of speech by thuggery, and that will intensify if anything. Can’t be pleased by all that, but in the long run the left is really hurting their cause right now.

  12. African Americians that have achieved middle class are more likely to vote Republican (or Law and Order) than white Americans in the same income bracket. They do “get it”, even when maybe they should not. They are loyal Americans and should be treated that way. Sadly, there are areas of the country(usually NOT in the south) where they are scared to even try to participate in local clubs. or even a bowling league.
    Most want the best for thier families. Most do not like the black on black crime that happens in many areas. They should be encouraged to come out to the range

  13. The article is, sadly, quite right: a few nutcases of the ‘alt-right’ have infected the GOP with racism.. this is the biggest mistake the Republicans have ever made. Last night, Trump, to his credit, finally denounced the racist attacks and threats. The racist crap won’t fly for long in a nation with 140 million black, brown and yellow people (the USA).. they’re not going to go quietly into the next Auschwitz, no.

    • “…this is the biggest mistake the Republicans have ever made.”

      Which “mistake” is that?

      The “alt Right” endorsed Repubs; Repubs did not endorse the “alt Right”.

      • Yeah, but Auschwitz and Hitler. I think I’ve conclusively proved my point. /sarc (Notice the typical complete lack of a point, the reference to Nazis as evidence, and the declaration of victory thereby).

    • Oh Buzz Word. You’re being played.This whole scenario is just the on going war for as long as humans have been on this planet, between those that want absolute power over the many, and those individuals that want to be free.

      This is easy to determine. Who supports gun rights for all, and who supports gun rights for the privileged few? Obviously, it is the regressive left that keeps pushing for disarming the “little people” while allowing thier rich, powerful and the elite to keep their personal arms and armed security. It is the classic liberals, conservatives and all others that truly support personal freedom and liberty, that support gun rights for all, regardless of race, ethnicity or gender.
      This is why leftist regressives, based in Marxism/communism , support the disarmament of the people, like you and me. . The power elite want the freedom to use state power to murder all that stand in thier way. This pathological belief system has been responsible for hundreds of millions of deaths in the last hundred years alone, let alone overall of history.

      This same regressive elite, your regressive elite, is simply using your cultivated victimhood, that is simply not real, to create an us and them mentality, that allows all of us to be more easily controlled by those same elite.

      The reason the regressives in the media, academia, and the left are attacking Trump, and all those that voted for him, are because we stand in the way of the agenda of absolute power , and the planned disarmament of us all; whites, blacks, Hispanics and all those other’s that are not in those rarified bastions of power.

      Buzz word; Donald Trump, and those that voted for him, are not the enemy. It is the regressives, using their manufactured racist based narrative of victimhood due to “white privilege” , the mind control/speech control of political correctness, and the nurturing of race and gender based antagonism, to encourage this race based conflict, to enslave us all.

      Of course, if Trump flips, and starts pushing for more gun control, then he becomes the enemy of the people, and then I know who the real enemy is.

      But in the mean time, I know the real threat to me and my freedom. It is not the violent racist tactics of BLM, it is not fundamentalist muslims emulating the actions of their mass murdering religious psychopathic “last prophet of Allah”, it is not the small number of violent illegal aliens committing crimes in this country, (my personal defense fire arm is for those situations); the real threat to my freedom is from the collectivist, marxist communist based actions of the regressive left; in the media, academia and the regressive and statist politicians in the Democrat and Republican parties, actively using their culture destroying tactics to usher in their “collectivist utopia”.

      So Buzz Word, stop being the “useful idiot” , per Stalin, and get on the side that actually defends real freedom and opportunity for all, regardless of race, gender or ethnicity.

  14. The more and more white people and 20 something minorities tell me how racially divided we are, the more and more I think they are doing more to divide us racially than the KKK, Neo Nazis, etc could ever do…

    I don’t see it in my daily life, but I’m a white middle class guy so I’ve been told my experience is an anecdote and not a valid data point where the above mentioned’s is. All I see in my daily life is people claiming to want equality doing more to divide and separate people into neat little check boxes and categories than they are doing to actually unite everyone as American. I can’t help but think if we could just put a moratorium on everything race related for a few years we’d find things are vastly improved, it won’t heal if you keep picking at the scab. But then again, what do I know I’m “just” a white guy after all.

    Oh an re the NAAGA, cool what ever works I guess.

    • I don’t know anyone who has ever been physically attacked for being not white. I know several white people who have been physically attacked for being white.

      I do know people who have been subjected to racial slurs for being not white.

      I know which attack I would chose to be on the receiving end of.

  15. I’ll think about being racist when we actually meet another race. Until then I’ll stick with a tee shirt a bunch of folks wore when I was in college:

    ONE WORLD: the planet Earth.
    ONE RACE: the human race.
    ONE REDEEMER: Jesus Christ.

    You only get multiple races if there are multiple worlds and multiple Redeemers.

  16. To all the white folks afraid of the name of the organization, proved your bias. We don’t give a damn if you like the name or not. Black folks don’t have to seek your (white folks) approval to start and name an organization. Bottom line is White folks are afraid of even law abiding Black folks who avail themselves of the 2A. Too damn bad. Every Black home that can legally have a gun should arm itself. Everything about this country is based upon race, the sooner America admit that the sooner the healing process can begin.


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