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“Nashville Police Chief Steve Anderson recently sent a letter to Congress alleging that Secret Service agents asked Nashville police to falsify a warrant so that the agents could search the home of a Nashville resident who had posted about President Obama on Facebook,” reports. More specifically, “in January of 2013, Secret Service agents working out of the Nashville field office visited the home of the resident who made the Facebook postings and knocked on his door. Then, an agent called local police and asked for backup, stating that the individual was refusing to let them in without a warrant and appeared to be armed. When Nashville police arrived . . .

they informed the Secret Service agents that the man in question is a licensed gun owner, did not violate the law, and that a warrant would be required in order to investigate further. Chief Anderson said in his letter, “one of the agents then asked a [Nashville police] sergeant to ‘wave a piece of paper’ in an apparent effort to dupe the resident into thinking that they indeed had a warrant.” Faced with a request to violate their oath of office and the rights of a citizen, the officers with the Metro Nashville Police Department flatly refused and left the scene.

No word as to the ultimate fate of the Facebook poster, and no blowback for the Secret Service officers looking to cut Constitutional corners. And now that I think of it . . .

How did the Facebook poster “appear to be armed,” exactly? Also note: Volunteer State citizens don’t need a license to buy a firearm. And there’s no firearms registration. So how did the Nashville cops know the unidentified resident was armed? And the cops just left? That doesn’t sound like normal police procedure to me – especially when the Secret Service made the call.

There’s more to this story than meets the eye. We’ll dig around a bit.

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  1. This sounds like SOP for this administration. This is disturbing that our leaders and their secret service goons operate this way. I suspect the local 5-0 probably didn’t feel comfortable getting into a pissing match with the feds and that’s why they left. I’d feel better if they’d stepped in to protect the constitutional rights of this individual, though.

    • The management sets the tone of the organization. It should come as no surprise that agents of the current administration would so blatantly try to circumvent the law to achieve their goals, which were also probably illegal.

  2. Recall that Bummer said he wanted a “civilian” national police force as big as the department of defense. And this is why. He wants ignorant bass turds who will do anything for a paycheck and and the rush of breaking down doors and killing Americans without any concern for due process. After all, when Bummer control the DOJ, who is going to prosecute the violators? Local police force resistance? Bummer will just take away the national guard troops. and slaughter the local police.
    This case proves that the DOJ will not do the job it is sworn to do as long as Bummer is POTUS. (As if we didn’t already have abundant proof before this)

    • Local police force resistance? Bummer will just take away the national guard troops. and slaughter the local police.

      That will work exactly once.

      Afterwards, every Federale’ will have a target on them, as every state and local police officer and armed citizen will figure it’s “game on.”

      • Id have to agree, at that point its time to “vote from the rooftops”. Civil War 2.0 scares the shit out of me tbh.

  3. I wish I could see the SS’s shocked face when the Nashville PD didn’t drop to their knees and start slobbering over their federal jocks.

    • “We’re Federal Agents, and we have operational control of this investigation. We don’t have a warrant, but we need to enter this residence to conduct further-”

      “Hell no. No warrant, no entry.”

  4. NPD should have gone to judge and sworn out an affidavit for a “Conspiracy” warrant against those two agents. The were, after all, encouraging the local officers to commit a crime.

    Still, though, a letter to Congress is an interesting start. Look for NPD to lose all federal “assistance” for future toys…

    • Some good plans here, but let me put a bit of a damper on them. My only first person experience with the SS was in the late ’70s, but I don’t believe they have changed a lot. I was responsible for a team’s transport across the country in a USAF aircraft (I was the pilot). They carried all manner of firearms onto the airplane (strictly forbidden), refused to give their names or SocSec numbers, and generally acted as though restrictions of any kind did not apply to them. IOW, those cops do not even know who they were dealing with, all ID is falsified, so trying to hold them accountable would be impossible. The correct response is precisely what the Chief is doing, go to Congress with a complaint about the entire service.

        • Yeah, I probably should have explained that. My boss told me when he sent me out, that these guys did not follow the usual rules, just let them do what they want. Their assignment was to provide protection for the crown prince of Iran (the Shah’s son) while he was flying a T-38 cross country as a student pilot. My bird flew from where he started directly to where he finished, while he had to stop and refuel on the way, so they guarded him till he took off and then were ready to meet him when he landed. He was, of course, provided the same protection as a visiting head of state, ie, Secret Service. A second T-38 flew alongside him, instructor pilot in front and armed SS agent in back, landed before him and deplaned the agent before he landed.

          Still, there were no written orders allowing all the sunspension of rules, just word of mouth.

        • Hannibal,

          It very much was his plane. The aircraft commander has ultimate authority over what goes on in his airplane. I’ve seen a Captain back a jerk of a General down. That being said, the SS would be pretty intimidating, since they could presumably complain to your ultimate boss, the Commander in Chief.

          Larry, did you fly C-141s at Charleston in the late 60s, and did you have a gold it copper corvette?

        • @Troutbum5

          One does not have authority if, when exercised, it is taken away. If he had tried to pull that “not on MY plane” crap he would have had as long to think about it as it took to find another qualified pilot. There are always higher powers in a command unless you happen to be the civilian leader of the military (which of course he realizes, as noted in his perfectly reasonable explanation).

  5. In the video about 2:25 – 2:30 the reporter states the citizen had a permit to carry a gun, so that probably means in Reporterspeak he is a CCW holder in Tennesee. which the NPD was aware of.

    Hope you can find-out more about what happened to the citizen affected. Not much of a surprise to find-out you dare not “cuss the President” in this Administration.

  6. Obama and his cohorts have been using the SS to harass critics ever since he got elected the first time.

  7. Golly what did said homeowner say about Barry Soetoro on fakebook?!? Did he threaten a Yeager or a Ted Nugent? Secret police indeed…

  8. I just had a debate at lunch yesterday with colleagues about this type of issue as it related to the Boston Bombers hunt and the door to door sweeps without warrants. They thought I was paranoid and if I had nothing to hide, why not comply? I pointed out that a cop showing up at my door and pointing a gun at me better be ready to pull the f**king trigger if he didn’t have the courtesy to politely ask instead. . . . . glad to see the Nashville PD remember the oath they took.

    • It was appalling to see those warrantless house-to-house searches in Watertown, MA, and to witness citizens complying with those “requests.”

      Terribly ironic given that the Boston area was the flashpoint of the War of Independence, and that one of the insults foisted on the Colonies by the British were writs of assistance.

      The concern over those types of generalized warrants led to our 4th Amendment, specifically preventing such searches.

      “Boston Strong!” indeed.

      Boston has become Sheeple Capital, U.S.A.

      • John,

        I call it BOSTON WRONG. Indeed, I was 3 miles from the Watertown neighborhood where marshal law was declared. I was more worried about stray .50 cal rounds than I was the bombers, with their single Ruger 9mm pistol and 1 magazine. If you recall, the one way shootout happened thursday night, Boston and the surrounding area was shut down all day friday, and then the bomber was found (by a citizen) friday night.

        So Friday, I decided to take my children into Boston to enjoy the empty city. It was great. We hung out on the Rose Kennedy greenway, I got coffee. The girls got snacks. A good time was had by all. But then it was time to go to Logan to pick up my wife who was arriving from CA on a business trip. As we drove into Logan the cops had set up a road block. Everyone was popping their trunks.

        I got to the officer and he motioned for me to pop my trunk. I opened my window and told him I don’t consent to any searches. He looked at me like I was from Mars and said “comeon, we’re trying to catch a TERRORIST”. I told him “I checked my trunk before I left home and I’m sure I didn’t have any terrorists in my trunk. . . AM I BEING DETAINED?? The cop looked at me, then looked at the 3 and 5 year old girls in the back seat then back at me and waved me on. HA. Score one for the 4A.


        • Kudos to you, Don!

          Though they’re quite young, I hope your girls remember the day their dad stood up for the Constitution.


          As I understand it, it wasn’t technically martial law, but rather a “voluntary lock down.”

          Ha, ha!

          Just goes to show how easy it is to train the sheeple.

        • An Internet high five for you. I used to think the people who make those YouTube videos standing up to cops were stupid but I’ve seen the light lol.

          If you want to comply with some requests to help something, sure, but most of what they’re asking won’t help.

  9. Kudos to the Nashville Police!

    This Administration has turned the Secret Service into the SS of a previous time and different country.

  10. Good for the Nashville PD officer(s) that told the SS to pound sand. The majority of cops that stay faithful to their oaths should be noted as a counterbalance to the random “bad apples” that always get the headlines.

    • + 1K Thank you!!! P.D.!!!!! [May the LORD send St. Michael the Archangel to protect you, may your day’s end always safely return you to your family and homes, and your faithful service end with gratitude from your communities].

      Secret Service cannot protect the White House if they can’t kick-in your door Carte Blanche, and we can’t have America with the immediately previous statement being true.

      A former (ok, THE former) President said “choose sides”. So, choose.

  11. lmao @ the ACLU guy, “if this is not something theyre taught” Im pretty sure serving a warrant is included, but Im not an LEO nor do I play one on TV.

    smfh facebook comments investigation… I wonder if they were investigating some other facebook comments when that dude stormed the lawn.

  12. So my ? is, once the Jackboots gained entry, then what? They didn’t have a warrant, so they weren’t there to confiscate anything. So what was the reason for the visit? I think this homeowner did a VERY smart thing by not letting these armed goons on his house. Could’a been an “accident.”

    • Intimidation to be sure, but do you know how many people have been killed by the secret service? I can think of one person, Griselio Torresola. So the “oh he’s going to have an accident” thing has nothing backing it up.

      • Interesting assumption! How many people “mysteriously disappear” in this country each year? Care to rethink?

        OTOH, thinking his computer would not be confiscated seems unduly optimistic, as well. The fact there was no warrant would assure it would never be returned, but nothing would prevent its being confiscated (stolen).

        • Your vapid question is as indicative of the tooth fairy abducting people as it is anything else.

          As to taking computers, that I would not find outside the realm of possibilities. If someone’s willing to try and use a fake warrant as a ruse then they might browbeat someone into turning over evidence.

  13. Nashville PD should have recorded them (body cam?), arrested them, booked them in the local PD, call the news channel, and provide the audio/video footage to the news for broadcasting.

    That would have been great.

  14. Kudos to the Nashville cops for refusing to cave in to the feds’ illegal demands. I’ve said this before, but it’s worth repeating. All the current administration did was take the dangerously open-ended powers created by George W. and turn them on the American people, because that’s what a sizable chunk of the left truly believes in, committing cultural/national suicide in the name of progress, political correctness, or some other fairy-tale utopia garbage. I want to know exactly what this person said on Facebook that warranted the attention of the secret service. Given the track record of this administration and its treatment of critics in general, something tells me his words were nowhere near constituting a legitimate threat.

    • We all need to become more educated in all of our natural, civil and Constitutional rights, and exercise them when the government comes knocking.

      Here’s an example of the FBI questioning someone at her front door over protests she participated in.

      Note that the poster had to censor some of the information because the FBI filed a privacy complaint with YouTube.

      (I’m not endorsing the woman’s political views, but it’s great to see her stand her ground and exercise her rights.)

      *Censored* The FBI Knocked on My Door! *Revisited* Official Version

  15. All the evidence the parchment means nothing. And the oath is nothing more than formality to working for coin not principles.

  16. The relationship between the federal government and We The People has gotten so bad that most people distrust the federal government, and as such, they will not dismiss stories like this even if there is some doubt about the authenticity. Personally, I have no reason yet to disbelieve the story. If true, I would like to see charges filed against the SS agent by the state, for he makes the entire law enforcement community look corrupt.

    • Here’s another example of when the Secret Service (and FBI) have picked on someone for Facebook posts.

      Do a search for “Brandon Raub” – the man was taken into custody without any charges being filed, then thrown into a psychiatric hospital.

      (Not endorsing his views, but it’s a good example of what’s happened to “free speech” in this country.)

      This Marine Veteran Was Picked Up By The Feds Over Facebook Posts About 9/11

  17. My first thought was they knew he was armed because he home carried. But then if these agents were that “jumpy” they probably would have shot him immediately. So I’m guessing that they checked on his background and saw he either had a concealed permit, or he mentions his firearms on facebook. The dude is lucky to not have been shot or transported to Gitmo. Three cheers to the Nashville PD for obeying the law and not allowing the feds to push them into breaking the law.

    • Or the Secret Service agents lied.

      I mean they did want the local PD to wave a piece of paper.

      Why not lie to dispatch about the gun.

  18. Àfter listening to the news anchor describe the phone call as “frantic” and his description of the person possibly having a gun, it almost sounds like the SS agent was trying to swat the guy. Its hard to be sure without hearing the entirity of the call for backup, but that’s the impression I was left with. If it is indeed true, I think that falsifying a warrant was the least that SS agent was after. Kudos to the PD for now responding in force.

    • Oh my … referring to the Secret Service agent as an “SS agent” … the irony is so thick you could slice it with a knife.

      • Actually, I shortened Secret Service to SS because it’s shorter, and I was typing on a tablet, in a car, about to head into class. I saw other posters using SS, and it seemed like the thing to do. It did occur what SS could allude to, but my only thought was to get it typed quickly. I am not comparing them to genocidal, fascist mad men, nor was it my intent. I find it interesting that you chose my post to point out the SS thing on considering all the other examples present in the comments section.

        My main point, is that in a world where people are SWATing others, leading to fatal shootings of innocent people, it sounds like those SECRET SERVICE men might have been trying the same thing. I’m not implying that they sought to kill or assassinate him, but intentionally cause alarm and bring unnecessary force to pursue their illegal investigation.

  19. Good for the Nashville PD….too bad they didn’t pull out cell phone and take pictures of the feds to send to Congress along with a lovely post on Facebook themselves! This type of behavior becomes more common when the feds believe there is no penalty for their own lawlessness actions. You have to wonder how many times they have used the fake warrant to facilitate their jackbooted thuggery since they came up with that “plan” so quickly.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a dashcam audio recording of the exchange between the officers and the Secret Service agents, and they just haven’t released it yet.

  20. If two Secret Service agents were trying to illegally enter the home of the person of interest, that sounds to me like conspiracy to forcibly enter someone’s home. Why didn’t the Nashville Police arrest the Secret Service agents?

  21. Maybe my damning all police officers is off target. Intimidation by the SS was also used in Nazi Germany.

    Kudos to the officers involved and to Chief Anderson.

    The SS can’t stop a guy jumping the Whitehouse fence, can’t stop getting drunk and hiring whores and can’t even figure out if the Whitehouse was peppered with gunfire.

    If I was Obama I’d worry more about his two daughters and Michelle. I totally disagree with all his policies but they should be protected properly, he is the President of the United States.

    Time to get rid of Barney and put Delta, Seal Teams or even guys who shoot IDPA and/or IPSC.

    Better yet hire Chief Anderson and some of his officers, they sure do better than the SS, and are probably paid a lot less.

  22. Maybe the Secret Service was looking for some fine Colombian hookers and the piece of paper they wanted was a printout from Craigslist.

    • That ‘scandal’ probably will have gotten a lot more play than this one even though I couldn’t give two shits who gets to throw a bone down a tunnel in some foreign country compared to the other stuff that’s been going on with that agency.

    • Up until a lot of this stuff broke USSS agents actually had a good reputation in LE for being professional and not press-conference seeking ninnies like some other alphabet agencies.

  23. I just refreshed my history the Hitler’s “SS” started as his protective service before it became an elite national police force.

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