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Two days ago, TTAG got its first Instapundit link. Hoo-rah. Only Glenn linked across to a story which turned out to be bogus. Or . . . did it? We picked up on a rumor circulating that the Dems were set on attaching an amendment to an FAA re-authorization bill that would have banned high-capacity handgun and rifle magazines. I traced the story to the National Association of Gun Rights. Being the responsible journalist that I am, I called NAGR and spoke to the man in charge: Dudley Brown [above]. He repeated the story. We reported the story, and Brown’s comments. did a little basic research and shot it down. D’oh! So I called Mr. Brown today to see what’s what . . .

“Whenever you shine lights on rats, they scurry away and scream ‘There’s nothing going on here!'” Brown told TTAG. Yes, well, where did this rumor come from? “Senator Dick Durbin told some people he was going to add a high capacity ban to the bill, and it got picked up from there.”

Huh. Yesterday, Brown told us Senator Reid was the man behind the plan. Anyway, “We averted a big problem,” Brown said. “Besides, if you wait until an amendment’s in the bill, it’s too late.” Or, in this case, too early.

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  1. DB is right, you kill bad legislation -or- amendments to legislation at the earliest opportunity possible at all costs. If you can kill it before it ever hits the floor then all the better.

    This could very well have been a feint, the anti gun lobby posturing to their peeps in congress and them seeing how much opposition we would leverage against them. If we didn’t make a good showing here it would be ON the floor as a bill or amendment now being voted on.

  2. 1 crazed punk has really managed a lot of damage: delayed the repeal (and probably neutered it somewhat), neutered the vocal cords of spineless “leaders”, saddled the right with blame, relaunched the anti-gun control freaks, jeopardized a training prep for a space launch, and – most of all – ruined lots of lives.

    On the plus side, the killer can look forward to a dozen years of legal mombo-jumbo leading to some sort of sentence to be administered in another dozen years; all funded by the tax payer. If he gets the needle, he won’t get the needle, b/c the drugs are in short supply, and we’re too stupid to figure out another way to separate his body & soul.

  3. Doesn’t mater, just bought my first AK 47, comes after background check. Also bought 7 30 round mags. Just for Dick and Harry. Would never have done so otherwise. come to think about it, that’s how I bought my Glock 17 with 4 19 round mags. Thanks Dems, I’ll never buy what I really want – a Remy 870 tactical.

  4. But this is Arizona, a pretty back-to-basics state. If them high-tech drugs abandon us, and we have to go back to rope, we won’t necessarily shy from it. And there’s always the firing squad, which would be nicely ironic.

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