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From the National Foundation for Gun Rights:

The National Foundation for Gun Rights announced today it is assisting the family of twelve-year-old Isaiah Elliott in legal action against school authorities who targeted him for handling a toy gun during a remote school session.

On August 27th, Isaiah Elliott briefly moved a neon green and black toy handgun with an orange tip during an online class. Isaiah was reported for the apparent infraction, and then suspended from his school for five days. The school vice principal called school resource officers from the sheriff’s office to conduct a welfare check, but Isaiah’s parents were not notified that the police were being called until they were on their way.

When they arrived, the deputies told the twelve-year-old that his behavior could have resulted in criminal charges, and may in the future if repeated.

“School officials inflicting a five-day suspension on a small boy for having a toy gun in his own home is disgusting, said Dudley Brown, President of the National Foundation for Gun Rights. “Instead of apologizing to the parents, the school took the outrageous step of sending law enforcement to further intimidate the child and parents.”

“It is our hope that a big win here will send the message to bureaucratic bullies everywhere to back off and stop harassing innocent children,” said Brown.

An eerily similar case in Colorado involves eleven-year-old Maddox Blow who finished an online school quiz early, and picked up an airsoft gun.

After his teacher spotted the incident while watching the recorded session afterward, the local police were dispatched to Maddox’s home for a welfare check. School officials suspended Maddox for four days.

The National Foundation for Gun Rights is currently exploring all legal options to come to the assistance of these families and others like them.


The National Foundation for Gun Rights is the legal non-profit arm of the National Association for Gun Rights, and it dedicated to defending gun owners and standing up for the Second Amendment.

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  1. The teacher is probably nuts. Someone should arm themselves with a butterfly net and a straitjacket and go capture the teacher and give her a ride to the mental health evaluation center.

    • Geez! Home school…your kid is already stuck at home being forcefed this tripe. I assume he’s not alone. Get rid of this idiot Karen!

    • I’m lucky to not be put in these situations because my tolerance for this BS is approaching the point of no return. We live in a clown world, and I’m getting sick of it.

    • They would really freak out if they saw my son’s Nerf gun wall display. Just as well it isn’t in sight of the computer, and he doesn’t have a webcam.

    • “When they arrived, the deputies told the twelve-year-old that his behavior could have resulted in criminal charges, and may in the future if repeated.” – DA leftist cops

      Dumbass leftist cops (hated by the left) trying really hard to get hated by the right.

      The boy was in his own home. He threatened no one. The “toy gun” was green with an orange tip. Even if it was a real gun, it would be hard to prosecute (unless he threatened people).

      More leftist “tolerance.”

  2. So the spy’s got in the house eeh, via online, yup, Big Brother yup. There’s so much wrong with that, what my kid doess in my house is my business. And what a laff suspended from skewl, now go home???? WTF on them sheriff’s too, pressing charges, what charges? You can’t play with toys while watching computer.

    • Well said possum, this is why me and my wife have been homeschooling our kids from day one. We do not use any government owned curriculum but rather Abeka out of Florida. What we do in our home is our damn business and no one else’s. 1984 is already our reality and is only going to get worse.

      • I find the young earth creationists a fascinating subject, the strange twists and turns that self delusion takes on its way to a fantastic conclusion is a always interesting.
        Many young earth creationists are also flat earthers, which is also an amazing subject.

        “Abeka has been criticized by organizations such as the University of California and National Center for Science Education for selling works that contradict the scientific consensus regarding the origins of the universe, origins of life, and evolution. Abeka takes Biblical literalist and young Earth creationist positions in its science curriculum, teaching the Genesis creation narrative as a literal and factual account confirmed by “science”, a view that has led to its rejection for use in at least one state’s educational system. In Association of Christian Schools International v. Roman Stearns, a judge upheld the University of California’s rejection of Abeka publications for preparatory use, because the books are “inconsistent with the viewpoints and knowledge generally accepted in the scientific community.”[8][9]. Religiosity aside, experts from University of Central Florida, and the University of Florida have criticized the content of Abeka textbooks as being markedly more simple than the content of comparable textbooks generally presented in public schools.”

        • Oh look more non-sequitur drivel from minor. Because he his all in favor of a totalitarian government forcing its will on every aspect of your lives.

        • Btw if you don’t attribute your cut and paste thats called plagerism. Se how yo left in the citation numbers. Guess thats the quality of yor education.

  3. Hmmmm…..Did the kid have to go thru a background check to buy it?
    Did he buy it…..or…..was it a Straw purchase😆😆

    This is so Fking idiotic the vice principal & school resource officers should be Fired!!!

  4. “Cops would never violate their oath!”
    “Cops would never violate the Constitution!”

    Cops – “Toy gun at home? Hope I get to shoot some dogs!”

    Without complicit police this kinda stuff couldn’t happen.

    • Parents were not required to even open the front door without a warrant. To get said warrant, the cops would only need to look at the video feed the complainant (teacher) saw, and would quickly see that it didn’t meet the standards a judge would require to sign off.

      Don’t open the door, and if you do, stand back inside your threshold and maintain the LEOs outside. Demand (1) their IDs or badges and (2) a warrant. No warrant?…good bye.

      Then file a formal complaint against the teacher.

      • Walk outside and close the door behind you to talk to them. That’s what I’ve done when interfacing with cops. I don’t care if it’s 20 degrees out or pouring rain.
        Works for cars too. Exit the car, roll up windows and lock the car so no smells emit from the car..

        • I don’t know about other states, but in CA once you step outside the threshold of your door, you’re legally considered outside your residence and available for the LEOs to physically detain you, even if you’re on your porch and still within the curtilege of your home. The threshold is the magic line.

          I know this because one of my close relatives had two Deputies come to his home in response to a complaint (turned out not to be true, but continue reading). When performing a “knock and talk”, if the LEOs ask that you step outside so they can speak with you, you know straight up that they don’t have a warrant but are planning on detaining you for questioning, and will arrest you based upon your answers if you say something that acts as a legal trigger. That’s what happened to my relative, and he ended up cuffed in the back of their cruiser and on his way to the station. The detective later determined that the complaint was unfounded and the potential charges were dropped, but that didn’t stop him from enduring the humiliation of arrest within sight of his neighbors, several hours at the station, probing questions, and having to call me to pick him up late at night so he could get home (no, they don’t return you to your home when they realize they won’t be keeping you).

          Don’t ever step out of your doorway. Make them come get you, if they have a basis to do so.

    • fuck them and the gestapo that make these bullshit cases possible. If it weren’t for crooked cops this kind of thing would not be happening. In my area ( rural NC) most of the local county mounties are dying to shoot someone. Like stated above, unless they have a actual warrant, im not opening the door for them.

  5. 1. Put a piece of tape over the camera on the computer. If the skool don’t like it, tell em to go piss up a rope. 2. Is it “NAGR” or NAFR? Can dudley afford to spend any money with all those highly paid relatives on the staff?

  6. Simple Solution…tape over the camera lens. Better yet, home school. That way you know what the curriculum is.
    1984 Orwell?

  7. I hope this wasn’t a no knock raid, someone could have been seriously shot. We won’t arrest protesters turning over cars and setting them on fire but scratching an itch on your head with a toy is crossing the line. I would definitely sue the school on a civil and personal note. The police were just doing what they were told to do unless they put hands on the kid, although the parent should have recorded the conversation if possible. This is definitely harassment by the school and teacher. I think my web cam would start having some serious electronic issues caused by being used as an improvised skeet target.

  8. Teachers and health care professionals are all being trained as spies. They are being told they can be held accountable if a student gets hurt or hurts someone and the teacher had some knowledge that should have been reported, but was not. My wife has had to sit through such training. She says it is being used to take control away from parents. “Obey, or we can find reasons to take your child away. We have plenty of highly motivated people watching.”

    Home school. Keep your children away from government-run education.

    Yes, we home-schooled K-12.

    • My wife is a kinder teacher. She and my kids are on distance learning via Zoom. I was raised, when it’s time to study you study, when it’s time to eat you eat, when its time to play you can play. I’m sure it’s not just an Asain thing. So when on zoom, in front of the teacher and class, my kids know, there are no nerf guns or eating in front of the camera. My wife’s and my parents gave a crap about raising us right.
      In addition, my wife and i know where we live; my kids know don’t even make a gun with you fingers!

      • Maybe the kid forgot to clear his desk before class. It happens. My kids are as meticulous as they come but they still mess up like this from time to time. In any case……

        1. It was a toy, the teacher overreacted.
        2. The police should have dismissed the claim from the school

        Mistakes were made by all parties here, the least egregious was by the student.

  9. So….. No kid should be messing with toys in class.

    But come on now, this is nuts. If a kid is touching or playing with his or her toys in class, talk to them, tell them to put it away. Easy peasy, no fuss no mess. Kid does it again, off goes a note to parents.

    But sending the cops over a toy gun? A four or five day suspension over a TOY gun!

    Yes, some careers need to end.

    And that includes not just the teacher or school administrator but any police officer who would tell a kid he could be seriously charged for playing with a TOY ANYTHING in his home!

    • enuf…Your insane self serving crybaby vote for anyone other than the POTUS goes to the screwball democRats the entire forum is disgusted with. You are not helping pull the
      Freedom Wagon one bit so stfu.

    • Does that include Dildos? In some school district’s they use them to teach 4th and 5th graders how to use condoms. I guess one person’s toy is an other’s teaching tool.

    • And why private schools would be any better? What happens when “all” the kids go to them, not just the kids with parents willing to sacrifice to send them. The effectiveness and ‘culture’ of public schools are ALWAYS a result of parents living in the school district.

  10. I like the fact that the kid is in his house, probably miles from the school.
    The teacher is not at the school.
    The other children are not at the school.
    So where is the danger?
    Does the school enforce all its rules at the child’s house?
    Can he have peanut butter?
    After all, Another student miles away might be allergic!might

    • That would be J5 2120 Lime Light Poly…

      Available as a extra cost option.

      Seriously, an incident like this is exactly why I am against the fluorescent actual weapons, it creates too much confusion.
      A gun should look like a gun.

      • No one here cares what you think. You are the domestic enemy we were warned about, and it’s quite obvious to everyone.

        A gun should look like whatever the designer/builder/owner wants it to look like, with no stupid restrictions based purely on cosmetic attributes. (“Assault weapons”, anyone?)

        “A gun should look like a gun” is exactly what a confused, mentally-challenged leftist shill like Moron49 would say…. no surprise there.

    • If the cops were Pro@2 , and support a citizens Constitutional Rights…Why did they even fu©¥ing respond! They should have blown this off! Instead THEY went full on Sandanista police commando! Behavior of LEO commandos from a 3rd World Banana Republic where the ‘peasents’ have no rights. If the LEO community wants my support against the left with “Blue Lives Matter!” They NEED to stop the STASI B.S. …Cause it just alarms the Libertarian in me!

  11. Somebody needs to stand up and immediately remove their kid from a school ran by nitwits. The nitwits are going to say they thought it could be a real 🔫 gun thus the drama, the cops and the suspension. All visuals to make the kid and his parents look like trash and the Gun Free Zone Drama Queens look tall in the saddle.

  12. Like the Christians have been warning for decades now. The Liberals/Leftists want to be in every room of your home. Telling you what you can and can’t have, or do in your own home.

    • “Telling you what you can and can’t have, or do in your own home.”

      Wouldn’t it actually be Jehovah or any of the other gods, with their rules and Commandments you’re speaking of?

      You must thinking of the Republicans, who tell me what kind of plants I can grow in my garden, which of those plants I can eat or smoke and exactly what type of sex and with who I should be having.


      • Well Miner49er the democrats tell women they can’t be with a man while they receive government assistance. In fact they support, $$$, a woman having 5 kids from 5 different men. Just like you do.

        Atheists secular thinking. No morality. And no thought about the social consequences.

        • Of course miner does not engage in actual logic. Otherwise he would see that his train of thought leads him to be ok with adults having sex with children. Or maybe he wants to be minor69er?

  13. I think the school is perfectly within its rights to enforce infractions as they relate to disruptions to classes. If a kid takes his pants off and pisses in front of a camera, it’s still a problem even if it’s an online meeting. But this nonsense with calling the cops for stupid stuff like this needs to end.

    If you want to talk to the parents, saddle up and go there yourself. Don’t sent the law to do it over a toy gun.

  14. Why did Law Enforcement even go? Why did THEY even threaten the Family or the kid ? If you want “Blue lives matter ” from me all the time. Then these S.S. type commandos better start supporting the US constitutional-Bill of Rights! This is something you’d except in a 3rd world banana 🍌 republic….The LEO community needs to smarten up! Their NOT wining over the Libertarians like myself! As for the school officials…They need to be sued into Oblivion, and promptly fired for serious overreach!

  15. This is a lot different from my grade school experience with a knife, my Cub Scout knife. All of us Scouts routinely went about our day with our trusty Cub Scout knives clipped to the belt on our uniform. We decided to play “stick” on the far end of the playground, which consisted of deftly throwing our knives into the grass blade-first. We were reported by probably the first “Karen” in existence, and we were summoned to the principal’s office. We were scolded for the dangerous activity (which it sorta was), and told to not bring our knives to school again. Problem solved, no cops, no media attention, and no lawyers. We somehow managed to still be straight A students, and be productive citizens rather than be traumatized by left wing losers.

      • I support shooting black criminals who threaten law abiding blacks. Don’t you??? Their age doesn’t matter to me. Besides more white kids are shot by cops than black kids.
        Don’t you care about white kids???

  16. We are entering a period in America of surviellance that is standard fare in Europe. Modeled after China which leads the world in surviellance of the people. The PLA recieved technology and assistance from Google and other US companies in mass surveillance and control. Its absolutely true US federal agencies and communists within are studying the Chinese technology , writing draft laws to put said technology in effect, and establishing a contractor pipeline for re-education camps and mass human extermination facilities in the US.

    The reelection of Donald Trump is only a delaying action for the inevitable. Eventually the communists will achieve total control over America. Im not encouraged by the current weak pathetic state of the Republican Party to fight. for the Republic. I think this experiment of the United States of America is about to end. But it wont be without a fight.


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