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Highway Patrol Trooper Timothy Norman, 47, of Browns Summit, NC, allegedly made a practice of selling ex-police firearms, sometimes directly from the trunk of his patrol car while on duty. While this is perfectly legal in most states — though I’m sure against department policy (at least the “while on duty” part) — selling firearms to a known felon is most assuredly not legal.

Trooper Timothy Jay Norman, 47, allegedly sold some of those firearms to 33-year-old felon Tommy Lee Hudson of Reidsville, someone Norman had known since they both graduated from basic law enforcement training in 2010, the DOJ said in court documents. has the story, detailing how Norman sold “many firearms” to his friend, Tommy Hudson, even after Hudson was convicted of felony assault back in 2016. Norman also sold pistols, while in uniform and on-duty, to an FBI informant including $3,200 worth of firearms and ammunition sold to both Hudson and the informant in a single meeting just six weeks ago on June 8th.

Norman is now being charged by the US DOJ in federal court and is facing 10 years in prison.


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      • negative. “Time served” is not proof of rehabilitation, just time served. They should be actually rehabilitated, and then released with their rights restored.

    • Instead of selling to someone he knew the trooper should have thrown the gun in a dumpster for any dirtbag to find like hunter biden did. No problem there or anywhere else for democRats.

    • How do you know that’s what he supported. Maybe he was pro-2a for felons. Or thought that law was stupid – or obviously didn’t support it.

    • I hate all the comments in the comment section of this article.

      All of you suck balls.

      I feel depressed that I have to live in a world with you people and even worse that you would invoke your little tyrant vote to impose your will on anything in our country. Feel like I’m all alone here, and dear God, when is it going to be over.

    • I hope he doesn’t. People should be able to sell guns to whoever. And felons that walk around in public, and protect their homes and families, should be able to buy guns.

      • No story. WV was a full on democrat state. Everything was corrupt. Cops were loading boxes of evidence in a cruiser after raiding the place. We asked if they needed all that evidence for court and they sold a few bottles at a discount.

        15 minutes later and they would have wrapped us up in the raid too.

        • Huntington always had a booming after hours club scene, where freedom loving people could continue to buy the beverage of their choice without restriction.

          Jaybird, I’m not surprised you were hanging out in the after hours bars, mostly dope addicts, alcoholics and illegal gamblers in the late night clubs, I imagine you did quite the business with the local druggies.

  1. But Brady et. al. will be blaming US for the crime. When they try to quote statistics blaming the gun owning public, you can be sure all of these cases are included.

  2. Always more to the story… They’re probably family friends and the “felon” did 6 mos. for tax fraud 12 years ago. Why did he want the gun? Bird season.

    My guess anyway. I doubt he was a crack-perv, bank robber, or cop killer. Could be wrong.

      • “assault” typically means taking a swing at someone and missing. “battery” typically means taking a swing at someone and connecting.

    • “Why did he want the gun? Bird season“

      Did you even read the article?

      “Norman sold “many firearms” to his friend, Tommy Hudson, even after Hudson was convicted of felony assault back in 2016. Norman also sold pistols, while in uniform and on-duty, to an FBI informant including $3,200 worth of firearms and ammunition sold to both Hudson and the informant in a single meeting“

      So you think the felon was duckhunting with pistols?

      Or do you do you want to enable ex-cop oath-breaking felons to continue to commit violent criminal acts.

        • You know jaybird, I responded to your story about after hours clubs in Huntington but the moderators deleted my post.

          There haven’t been any after hours clubs in Huntington in years, Democrat mayors David Felinton and Steve Williams cleaned them out.

          In my experience, the after hours clubs in Huntington were full of drug addicts, alcoholics and illegal gamblers.

  3. And here I was hoping that after “faces 10 years…” I’d see “for knowingly violating citizens 2A rights”. 🙁

  4. That’s legally murky, at best. Private party transactions are legal, up to the point where the seller is “a dealer” or “in business” without an FFL. Exactly when this line is crossed is not exactly crystal clear, but if this was happening regularly he could get into hot water for that too. The prosecutor likely wouldn’t even have to break a sweat for that one, if there’s a documented pattern.

    Disclaimer: IANAL

    • Or just strike that law down. That would be better. Wish that law didn’t exist.

      The only victim in this situation is the police officer. There is nothing wrong with selling a firearm.

  5. “Norman is now being charged by the US DOJ in federal court and is facing 10 years in prison.”

    The United States Department of Justice must have discovered that Mr. Norman voted for Trump in the 2020 general election. Had Mr. Norman voted for Biden, I am quite confident that the U.S. Department of Justice would have waved a finger at him and given him a verbal warning.

  6. While I am the first one to argue that who more than a felon(just out of the pen) needs a gun more. LE won’t break a sweat to protect him and he is a target of prison gangs now that he is out. In this case, it sounds like a bad cop, getting a felony for doing something on duty he should not have. We need bad cops even less that we need active gangbangers. Fry him and the person that got him firearms knowingly.

  7. Should a prohibited person exist? No. You are either in jail, or you have rights.
    But this cop should’ve know better. Sometimes rules even apply to him and not just us plebs without a badge. And i kinda doubt he wanted to create a supreme court case that everyone should have gun rights…

    • Sorry, but once you’ve served notice upon society that you consider yourself entitled to make your living by stealing property from people who worked to own it, or physically attacked someone who posed no threat to you, then I have no problem seeing you get voted off Second Amendment Island. Your right to protect yourself from people like you is second to everyone else’s right to be safe from you.

      • But you have no direct concise info on what Hudson’s previous charges really were nor stemmed from, nor are you (or any of us here) privy to what actually happened that Hudson was charged with. Most charges are trumped up all to hell by the state. Most are “repetitive” too, charging one 3 or 4 times, just worded differently for basically the same offense .
        Whatever happened to “paying one’s debt to society” by going to prison? All “felons” are not murderers, rapists and bank robbers dude. Until you have ALL the info ya might want to reserve judgement.
        I’ll be willing to bet if the ATF ever got you over the barrel on some new ATF BS charges due to ATF law changes and you caught some time, you’d be wanting another chance after you got out of prison , now wouldn’t you?
        Until we have ALL the details of Hudsons previous case and offenses, it’s hard to tell…. IMO.

        • The story refers to felony assault, so I assume he wasn’t singing too loudly in church.

  8. “someone Norman had known since they both graduated from basic law enforcement training”

    Based on what I can find the buyer was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon in conjunction with what he called “a domestic” back in 2015. Got that from when North Carolina yanked his private security license. So it sounds like it’s some guy who probably wanted to be a cop, went through an academy but either couldn’t get hired or washed out and ended up as ‘private security guard.’ Then got arrested for assault with a deadly weapon in relation to an ex (don’t know if he was convicted for that charge, specifically). If you’re a cop and you’re dumb enough to be selling guns to that guy, I guess you get what you get .

    • Yep. It’s too bad we have to live in a place dictated by other peoples votes and opinions. People vote, and then you obey. Welcome to democracy.

      One final item: did anyone get hurt in this transaction. Who is the victim? The only victim I see is the cop.

      • No one hurt, until one of those illegally obtained firearms is used in criminal activity where a citizen is wounded or killed.

        I would be interested in seeing the crystal ball you’re using to confidently claim that these felons’ actions will not harm anyone, that’s simply amazing!

  9. So somehow the FBI found the “friend” and he flipped on the Trooper and brought a FBI informant into the mix to nail the Trooper. The real questions, did the Trooper have material knowledge that the buyer was a convicted felon.

    I knew a lot of cops that would run everyone they met for Wants and Warrants, usually using the car license plates. Not sure if this was a violation of law or policy back in the 1970’s, but they did it, just the same. Their stated reason was that they didn’t want to associate or have friendships with bad guys, as they felt this might compromise them professionally. Other cops would just opt to have cops only for friends, which is also problematic.

    The FBI generally are all pieces of SHIT, so I’m sure there is much more to the story. The Troopers action were stupid, unprofessional and he should be fired from his job. Whether his actions were criminal, we will see.

    • Uh, knowingly selling a gun to a felon IS a criminal act. Also if you’re going to assume things about the case so am I. I’m guessing that another officer knew this was going on, reported it and nothing was done by his superiors. So he contacted the ATF who contacted the FBI. I’m not a fan of federal law enforcement by any means but I don’t find anything suspicious about this story from what I have read.

      • I’m with Mauser, I’ll reserve judgment. As it’s not “knowingly selling a gun to a felon,” it’s selling a gun to a known felon that is a crime. If the cop was unaware of his buddy’s felon status, not a crime.

  10. Chances are he will negotiate his badge and slide from the charges. That’s how it works and the officer will get out of everything and retire with his pay. The union will protect this bad seed until the end.

      • “Everyone is entitled to firearms IMO“

        So that includes Adam Lanza, John Wayne Gacy, and the entire inmate population of the Bedlam home for the criminally insane.

        You really don’t care much about what happens to your family, friends and neighbors, do you?

        • I’m going to boil my answer down because I don’t want to waste my time with your response. Obviously people incarcerated shouldn’t have guns. But people walking around should IMO. The problem isn’t that they own guns, it’s their decisions in life that are the problem.

  11. No sympathy here for the now ex-cop. The officer was breaking the law he swore to uphold. A law he would have likely had very little hesitation in enforcing had it been you or me selling a firearm to a buddy who was a prohibited possessor. He also apparently liked to snort coke with Tommy Lee (per the link in the article) prior to becoming a cop. This guy is an example of a corrupt LEO who thought he was above the rest of society’s rules.

    As for Mr. Tommy Lee Hudson…urgh. I firmly believe people who do their time and pay their debt to society ought to have their rights restored. In the case of non-violent felonies, I don’t think loss of rights should be a given. Running an illegal poker game can catch you a felony in many states, but who the hell are you harming? Other than the revenuers, of course, who are just mad you’re not giving them their cut.

    Still, Hudson was arrested just a few years ago for Assault with a Deadly Weapon stemming from a domestic with his ex over visitation rights (see link below). This isn’t some guy who stole a car 20 years ago and has kept his nose clean ever since. Barring proof that he was railroaded by the system, and adding in all the other issues (hard drug use, etc.) it appears we have a very bad boy here.

  12. Felons should never disabled to own and carry firarmes, knifes and votes !

    To dangerouse and violence ? keep them behind bars ore send them to dead row if the case rape, manslaughter ore murder.

    So the point is repeal the nfa too do this and restore the second “class” right the second adment !!

  13. “Norman is now being charged by the US DOJ in federal court and is facing 10 years in prison.”

    Boo hoo. Not.

  14. Time for some education: NC has been requiring a “pistol permit” for years.
    Not saying it should or should not be this way, but it was in place and as of this date still is the Law in N.C.. Anyone not willing to live by this law, should either go to a state where it is not the law or follow the law until it changes or suffer the consequences. Gun laws are constantly being modified by state and federal laws, and if you own or want to own a firearm, you should be actively involved with the system that makes these changes.

  15. Where was the origin of all these guns that cop was selling? 90% should have been restored to a rightful owner.


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