TTAG previously reported that Pentagon shooter John Patrick Bedell may have purchased his two 9mm guns from the Eldorado Rod & Gun Club outside of Sacramento. A new article in The Washington Post casts doubt on—or perhaps augments—that information. “Jeffrey [Bedell] said he first learned of his brother’s interest in guns last month, when the family discovered that he had a credit card charge to a gun shop in Rancho Cordova, near Sacramento. He apparently had tried to purchase a gun, and the family learned that he failed a background check. ‘I was very surprised. There was no reason he needed one,’ Jeffrey said. [A gun, not a background check, obviously.] Jeffrey said he learned from his mother that Patrick made a purchase at a Washington area gun shop before Thursday night’s shooting. ‘There was a credit card charge at some gun shop in Silver Spring, Maryland,’ Jeffrey said.” Re: California. As Bedell tried and failed to purchase a gun, and spent money anyway, and used guns at the Pentagon, he may have made the credit card charge at the Cordova Shooting Center. The store is also a gun range that offers instruction (including handguns). As for the MD purchase, that would be Atlantic Guns. Ammo? We’ll make the call in the morning. Keep in mind this is all speculation.


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