The Washington Examiner reports that more than 100 Montgomery County cops, prison guards and sheriff deputies received guns for their personal use at a fraction of their cost—thanks to DC taxpayers. They were ballistically blessed through the not-entirely-selfless efforts of Detective Aaron Bailey, who ran a training company called Applied Sciences for Public Safety. Bailey charged taxpayers $1,400 and $1,600 to subsidize training courses whose sole purpose was to channel Glock handguns and sniper rifles to law enforcement officials at a huge discount (for them). It is, in fact, unclear if any instructional courses were actually held. And here’s the kicker: whether or not the County can recover the money—they’re suing the detective for the readies—the officers not in question get to keep their discounted personal use weapons. So not only does DC want to ban handguns from civilian hands, they want civilians to pay for their private stash. “County Attorney Marc Hansen said if the county gets its money back from the training company, it won’t need to recover the guns because taxpayers will be made whole. ‘We’re only asking for the money back,’ Hansen said.” Ain’t politics grand?


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