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“Two guys walked in to a very busy Gents Barbershop at about 5:30 p.m. Friday on Whittier at Stratman on Detroit’s east side,” reports. “One with a gun said, ‘You know what time it is.’ What the two bad guys didn’t know was two customers were legally carrying handguns. A man in a chair getting a cut took advantage of pulling his [.40 caliber] gun under the cover of the smock. When one bad guy said, ‘Why you stalling? Empty your pockets,’ he then fired a shot into the floor of the barber shop. That’s when the customer in the chair opened fire and emptied his clip containing multiple rounds . . .

Three children were also standing behind the barber chair.  That same customer took his unarmed hand and swept the three children into a safe spot out of the way against the wall.

The end result was that none of the customers or children were hurt. One bad guy was killed and the other ran off during the shooting.

Well-played. The armed citizen in the chair didn’t shoot until the imminent threat was imminent. He protected innocents and ended the threat. The other good guy didn’t draw. Result.

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  1. The media has stylebooks for everything and editors tasked with making sure they’re followed. Why is it that they’re so completely unable to understand the difference between “magazine” and “clip”? Why can’t they get the difference between auto and semiauto straight? Why, if I didn’t know better I’d think maybe they had an axe to grind about guns and didn’t care about accuracy at all.

  2. emptied his clip containing multiple rounds

    This guy got paid to write that. I write for RF gratis and I know English grammar gooder than him.

    I’m just surprised they didn’t call the pistol an “assault handgun” or anything.

    • I don’t see the problem, “emptied his clip containing multiple rounds,” is perfectly cromulent.

      • Well one, it’s a magazine (not a clip), and two, it’s redundant. If you “empty your magazine” (or clip), it’s implied that you fired multiple rounds.

  3. being from the motor city there was a 2 part article on this …the 1st part was how ccw applications have exploded in the last 10 years

  4. But I thought the armed citizens would accidently shoot the kids, have the guns taken from them by the bad guys, followed by being shot with their own guns. Carrying a gun is just a liability, right?

  5. This is where I heard the story first too. But, that’s one of the reasons I come here.

    My take on it is that was a good clean DGU. I don’t even want to go into “emptied the clip.” It sounded legit.

  6. “A man in a chair getting a cut took advantage of pulling his [.40 caliber] gun under the cover of the smock.” Does this sentence make sense to y’all? I think the writer meant to say that the man in the chair took advantage of the cover to draw his weapon.

    Then our budding Mickey Spillane writes that the citizen “emptied his clip containing multiple rounds . . .” I empty my clip when I clean it.

    You know, I usually have to read mikey’s blahg to find writing this bad. Well, here’s the grand finale, about the bad guy who got away.

    “[The police] are still looking for a suspect that [note to writer — since you’re referring to a human being and not a doorstop, the correct pronoun would be ‘who,’ not ‘that’) is described as a black male with scruffy hair between the ages of 22 and 30 (his scruffy hair is between 22 and 30? What about the rest of him?). They say he is six feet tall with a thin build and was wearing a white tee shirt and blue shorts.”

    You forgot to mention the brown underwear.

  7. All the copy is horrible. “Bad guy” is not exactly AP usage for attacker or assailant, hmm. Note that the item appears under the byline of the talking head who did the video, one Ron Savage, who is obviously not a trained news writer.

  8. In the CCW application, where they ask you to state the reason you are requesting to carry concealed, should simply have the option to point to the box where you filled out your home city as “Detroit”.

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