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I saw this video for the first time on CNN during the one-before-last Republican debate. It was posted on YouTube back in January but garnered only 12k views. I thought it well worth resurrection for members of TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia who may have missed it. Hats off to the NRA for its hard-hitting PR efforts to defend and extend Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. Post this on your Facebook feed, so that the message doesn’t languish in the backwaters of the NRA’s back catalogue.

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  1. Good one, thanks RF.

    Bookmarked to drop into the comments section at the next “OMG Guns!” article someplace like WAPO, NYT, or Trace, just to help inform and persuade the moderate reader there, who is looking for information.

    Here is another good one, by Colon Noir:

  2. ..

    So, um, why would anyone want to live on the S S of C?

    It would be like living In a war zone. Lot’s-O-guns. No law.

    What could possibly go right?


    • There are some people who don’t really have a choice in the matter and they’re working to get out. Buying a gun there would be an investment to live long enough to move out some day.

    • Chicago isn’t a melting pot, or even a salad bowl. It’s a patchwork quilt of enclaves. Some enclaves are leave-it-to-Beaver suburbia, others are complete combat zones without the niceties. That’s true of all sectors of the city.

      Interestingly enough, many of the scenes in the video are not of the south side. The overview of the skyline is seen from the near north side. The overhead of the river is downtown, as are the Thompson Center images, River North, etc.

      That said, I like this and the similar ads the NRA is putting out. The messages are clear and to the point.

    • Maybe its not a matter of WANTING to but being unable to AFFORD to move.

      Unlike ALL OF US HERE who have TONS of disposable income lying around, there are actually people who live pay check to pay check.

      Are you having your outing on your third yacht next week or shall I do it? We can go to my fifth house in the Alps. Ready?

      • I really do hate to always be the one to rationalize certain statements people make and I may be off base in this instance …………….. but , If you own a cell phone with a typical plan , have cable or satellite television , partake in ANY vice ( cigarettes , coffee , tea , soda , alcoholic beverages , lottery , video poker , gambling of any type , ever eat out , rent movies , etc. , you can move , you have financial choices .

    • A lot of people said that when Obama was running. From that experience, I’ve learned it would be better if we just get someone who can do the job with fidelity to the nation and the office.

      • Color blindness for the Presidency and ALL POLITICAL OFFICES.
        I get tired of the race card. If one is qualified…man or woman then let’s get to it. If not then you will not be elected.

  3. Well I have been saying for years good black folks need to get legally armed and take back their awful neighborhoods. And it’s happening(slowly). Ridding themselves of the demorat plantation is quite another matter. You can’t have both(except in freakin’ Vermont). As far as why black folks live on the SS-a whole boatload have moved south into my neighborhood-bringing their BS with them. And I really don’t care who the NRA president is.

    • It’s happening much faster than that, W.Walker.

      Blacks are starting to wise up and tool up. Not just the gang culture.

      And I believe the current president is a big part of that sea-change in community attitude…

      • Really Geoffy? You’re starting to troll everything I post. Seeing black folks buying guns at all the local shops and filling the gun ranges does NOT translate into pro-gun politics. Especially in Cook Co,IL…when I see less black southside residents NOT hanging with Jesse Jackson and fadda’ pfleger(on Steve Harvey today) I’ll take your views seriously. As far as Bury Soetoro and his ilk I guarantee there won’t even be a blip voting for pro-gun candidates in this election cycle. “You lyin’-Barack ain’t takin’ my gunz”…

  4. The NRA is learning fast now. I love these targeted ads!
    Now they need to do one featuring a Korean American using guns when the police never came to help then during the LA riots. You don’t have to shoot a firearm to use one to defend yourself.
    That is what happened during the riots.

      • But did they get away less scathed?

        Best would be no riots, where feral humans, gang bangers, and thrill seekers of opportunity don’t have a civilization-free melt down, smashing, burning, and shooting (with their illegal guns) for fun.

        Once that’s happening, the comparison is not whatever scathing those Korean neighborhoods endured vs. a scathe-free life. The scathing had begun, as sometimes it does. The comparison is between more scathing or less.

        In the post- devil’s night (more like week) photos I have seen the Korean neighborhoods came out less scathed, than those nextdoor. I think it is fair to assume less scathing, when you can see the line between protected and not in the aftermath.

        • I agree entirely. I was taking exception to the notion that seems to have been created in the past decades that those Koreans simply displayed their firearms (or fired them) without injury to themselves.

      • Absolutely some of them got killed. That is the nature of armed combat with small arms. People get shot and killed on both sides. That is a given and often unavoidable fact. It is safe to say that people getting killed is a known. At the same time it is also known that you have a few choices to make when facing an armed and hostile opposition. You can run and lose everything you worked for. You can do nothing and cower in fear leaving your safety to the whims of your foes. The last option is you can fight back and at least make your enemy earn the spoils of their plunder.

        Many of those business owners lived in the back of their stores. Some of them had been working on building their businesses and home for 25 years or more. Those stores were not just some franchise they paid in to, they were their lives. Some things are worth both killing and dieing for.

  5. Unfortunately you don’t fix cancer. You cut it out – you kill it. There is no easy answer for places like Chicago. Any answers that are truly effective will probably entail a measure of force that most Americans are not comfortable with.

  6. NRA in Illinois & the state affiliate ISRA- IL State Rifle Association have been successful in using blacks for their lawsuits, then selling them out in their bills. Otis McDonalds’ book, An Act of Bravery, names Richard Pearson of ISRA as one of the people who conned Otis into signing on to the SAF lawsuit against the City of Chicago.

    Pearson & ISRA did NOTHING to promote cc in IL for 20 years, but now he thinks it was his idea all along. The son of a sharecropper made great blackface for the suit. Although 95% of ISRA members are mummified hicks from all-white small towns south of Joliet, give Pearson credit for getting trendy and using blacks as front men for their lawsuits. Makes it look ISRA cares about black people. Since Otis died last year all the rednecks can pretend they cared about him, although CTA carry is banned for all the black folks who ride the bus in Chicago.

    Meanwhile after the U.S. Federal Appeals Court in Chicago overturned IL’s concealed weapons UUW statute in Dec. 2012 in Moore v. Madigan, based on the McDonald decision, NRA contract lobbyist for IL Todd Vandermyde fell all over himself to put Duty to Inform w/ criminal penalties in Rep. Brandon Phelps HB183 “NRA backed” carry bill.

    Phelps is from Harrisburg in far southern IL, 30 miles from Kentucky in Little Egypt. Way down in Dixie where Phelps lives, the hicks drive everywhere in their monster trucks and the police are your friends. Duty to Inform won’t affect them if they know the secret Klan handshake. Although Phelps and his pet rat Vandermyde sold out the lives of every gun owner in the state, the trailer dwellers haven’t figured that one out yet. Too stupid to read the bills, or just too stupid to read. Consumption of moonshine can cause loss of readin’ and ritin’ comprehension.

  7. This group of NRA Ads has been one of their best efforts in recent times. I saw this Ad a short time ago on Fox News and thought it was about time its particular message was addressed.
    Insofar as NRA President, I only care that he/she is a quality person who is a persuasive and personable spokesperson. Sometimes Wayne La Pierre just comes off to me as kind of plaintive and unconvincing. I would prefer a more confident and outgoing self presentation.

    • La Pierre was a third-rate chair filler until the P.R. firm now running the NRA decided to turn him into their talking head. They feed him the lines, he gets a million bucks.

      • Don’t bother pointing out what losers Wayne LaPierre and the staff at NRA really are. Here in Illinois most NRA members are too stupid to figure out that NRA state lobbyist Todd Vandermyde is their worst enemy. Vandermyde put Duty to Inform in Illinois HB183 carry bill in 2013 so cops can execute armed citizens with legal cover.

        The inbred trailer dwelling hicks think Vandermyde is a hero. Most NRA members are to ignorant to figure out that NRA does not benefit from good gun laws. The worse bills that NRA passes, the more job security for their lobbyists like Todd Vandermyde to “fix” them.
        That’s why Chris Cox & Chuck Cunningham at NRA-ILA pay rats like Vandermyde, he keeps them in business and the lawyers make money.

  8. Sad to see another black man like Chip Eberhart from Top Shot Academy being used by NRA like they used and betrayed Otis McDonald. After NRA lobbyist for Illinois Todd Vandermyde put Duty to Inform in Rep. Brandon Phelps 2013 carry bill, the only Reps. in the legislature who opposed DTI were Black Caucus Reps. Chris Welch, LaShawn Ford and Will Davis. When Rep. Davis debated Phelps on the IL House floor about DTI & profiling black people, Phelps defended DTI and stated, “It hasn’t been a problem in other states.” Guess there’s still Klan in southern IL.

    You can smell a rat in the House when the NRA boy Phelps refuses to take Duty to Inform OUT of his garbage bill, and the Chicago area Black Caucus Reps. who are all “Chicago Machine” Democrats want DTI out of the carry bill. The rat has a name, Todd Vandermyde. He’s Phelps puppetmaster. Vandermyde tells Chris Cox & Chuck Cunningham that Phelps played ball with the police unions, NRA gives him $3,000 and they own him. Not many jobs for the racist hicks that vote for Phelps except for the prisons.

    Since Chip Eberhart is an ex-cop, maybe he can do some research on Vandermyde and his employment with the Intl. Union of Operating Engineers local 150 in Countryside, IL. That should not be too hard, Vandermyde’s boss William Dugan was convicted by U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald in 2010. It’s all there in the FBI press release. Great resume for the scum who sold out Otis McDonald and blacks in Chicago.

  9. Chip was my IL CCL class instructor. He had classes up and going as soon as ISP approved the curriculum, meaning some of us were ready to apply the day the applications window opened. Illinois was the last state to get concealed carry and it’s a tough place for any legislation not liked by Mike Madigan (father of Attorney General Lisa Madigan). Chip is a great guy and it’s fantastic to see him highlighted.

    • “Chip is a great guy and it’s fantastic to see him highlighted.” If Chip Eberhart is lending his time for NRA commercials, then he’s supporting a racist organization that has sold out the interests of every black person in Chicago and Cook County. But he wouldn’t be the first black person NRA & IL State Rifle Association betrayed. They used Otis McDonald and flushed him down the toilet. Otis knew that Pearson and Vandermyde sold him out with Duty to Inform before he died though, so that’s something.

      Rhonda Ezell, Shawn Gowder, Otis McDonald…ISRA & NRA have gotten trendy with all their black plaintiffs. You have to give the rednecks credit for becoming more deceptive. The Klansmen in southern IL have learned how to use blacks as front men and then sell them out with DTI in their good old boy bills in Springfield. Maybe the hicks are learning how to backstab from union thug Todd Vandermyde. Or is it Donald Todd Vandermyde?

  10. Not so sure Chiraq is a safe place to be, even with a gun. People in my area are not super rich either.

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