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Interesting idea for an exhibit: Guns & Lace, Firearms and Fashion in the Civil War. I’d prefer Guns ‘N Grits, Shooting and Eating During the Civil War but that’s me (still on my paleo diet). Meanwhile, if someone sidles up to me and says “Pssst. Farago. Wanna buy a Civil War Henry cheap?” I ain’t gonna say no. Then I’d turn it over to the authorities. Eventually. Anyway, the exhibit’s protesters focused on a Colt revolver — which wasn’t stolen. Even so, perhaps there’s a connection? Sounds like a perfect plot for Murder She Wrote, save the obligatory murder.

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  1. This is what’s wrong with America. People have time to protest a gun used to in a war 150 years ago that killed people. Soon people will protest air because it’s used in making guns.

    • Air!?! Lewis and Clark used air in their high capacity military style bullet button full automatic rifles! We must ban air containers! For the children! And we need to ban those evil 80% air molecules because people are making air out of it!

  2. Anything to stay a victim for another day. There’s a lake in south TX that dries up during the summer, and people sometimes find old cannons, wagon wheels, etc, in it. Historians can never really say for sure if it’s Texan, Mexican, or Spanish equipment, though, so the outragers have decided simply that the entire pile is insulting to Indians by default.

    That’s the goal here, blurring history. The south never fell. The slaves are still not free. The country was built by scrappy single moms juggling work and kids and the founders stole it from them.

    To be REALLY consistent, they should call for a ban on ALL antique pistols since they were pretty much all owned by people whose personal beliefs (even in the north) would be reviled by today’s average liberal.

  3. I doubt it was a protester, but still, that’s a huge dick move stealing a gun from a museum, especially one they got on loan. And who the duck protests a museum? The world gets more and more Orwellian every day. Trying to render a historical figure an “un-person”? Why is no one outraged at this?

    • One day and I hope it happens in my lifetime, we just ignore everyone. Just walk by and give them the smerk.

    • Reportette’s final line not clear but I think says None of the guns stolen were NRA’s.

      In other words they is no NRA story.

      I didn’t know the National Firearms Museum had traveling exhibits. Very neat. I bet that my local librarian would get right on that. They just had a big exhibit from the Smithsonian laying out the “settled science” that all humanity came out of Africa. I think man caused global warming as settled science is next.

  4. Ya’ know I have seen some of the local artifacts in my historical society. Some high value civil war pieces with scant security. Methinks the “protestors” are a ruse to steal. I’m also an antique dealer and KNOW many venues for disposal for the criminally inclined. NO- I’m not buying some PC azzwhole did the deed. Just a thief…

  5. So the theft is not linked to the NRA. None of the stolen guns were donated by the NRA. It did not happen during the NRA sponsored event. Yet somehow the NRA is at fault.

    And people wonder why the Media is not trusted. Hoplophobes are victims too. )

    The anti’s are all Mental health this / that and yet fail to look in the mirror. They are the mentally unstable individuals. When an inanimate object causes you to shake, hyperventilate, and the like. There may be something wrong in your head.

    You might me a Hoplophobe if……

  6. You can’t ignore history. It happened and most of us have ancestory ties. Why not protest a rebuilt wagon or a button collection? Because liberaltards are not really interested in anything but the news camera.

  7. Protesting a museum? Never heard of such a thing. History happened – get over it. They are not celebrating anything – they put historical relics on display, you pay them money to see them and get educated in the process.

  8. What next? Idiots protesting an exhibit of ulfberht Viking swords because they might’ve killed some skraelings a thousand years ago?

  9. As soon as the left started defacing monuments and digging up dead Confederates I knew it wouldn’t stop there. Much of history is inconvenient to the left so it doesn’t surprise me that they are now getting off protesting museums. Who controls the past controls the present and thus the future.

  10. Yes, Quantrill was a murderer, no doubt about it. But you don’t make those murders un-happen by melting down his Colt. You don’t make slavery un-happen by banning the Stars and Bars (although a battle flag of the losing army should never be allowed to be flown in an official capacity.) You don’t remake society into Your Image by denying the past happened.
    I fear for this generation.

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