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I’ve been a fan of OpticsPlanet for years. Their customer service is great, they ship gear quickly, and their pricing is second to few. While some might say that being tacticool is so 2011, OP disagrees. Anyone who just dropped three bills on zombie ammo – and judging by all the undead stuff at the SHOT Show, there are a lot of them – are going to be positively green with envy when they check out the new OPMOD Battle Mug. Because really, who couldn’t use an A2 handle and plenty o’ rail space on their morning mug?!


  • Crenelated Base
  • 3 Mil-Spec 1913 Rails allow mounting of handle and accessories
  • Machined from 13.5 pounds of solid aluminum
  • Mil-Spec finish
  • Engraved serial number
  • 24 oz capacity
  • MSRP: $249.99

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      • For Us guys in CA it must not hold more than 10 oz and it cannot have a detachable lid. Or you can remove the A2 handle and have a detachable lid as long as there is no foam suppressor. Of course if you owned and registered it before 1998 you can have a high capacity mug with detachable lid and foam suppressor but good luck giving it to your son once he becomes old enough to be interested in Mugs.

  1. “‘they ship gear quickly”… I LOVE OpticsPlanet, but rarely do they ship gear quickly. It seems that whatever I order is backordered at least a month. I don’t mind too much, if you call and complain about the wait, they will usually give you 10% off 🙂

    • I’ve not had those issues fortunately. But I’ll keep the “call, complain, get 10% off” thing.

    • +1

      I thought the exact same thing. For $250, there are much better things I can take home. Like 10 polymer mugs, if someone wants to get to work on that project …

    • Yeah I could see getting one for a gag gift if not for the price, some compacts and surplus guns cost that much lol

    • Just wait until the Cold War stocks of Eastern European railed mugs are imported. Price will go through the floor. I’m holding out for the East German ones, I hear their quality is better. Only problem is getting ones that aren’t corrosive.

  2. “Mil-Spec finish”
    Unless they can quote the precise specification by number, saying it doesn’t make it so.

    “Engraved serial number”
    Just what we need, a method of registering coffee mugs.

    Seriously, just WTF kind of asshattery is this? I had no idea that the Soldier of Fortune conventioneers and wannabes were such a large market.

    • Two things:

      1) I’m pretty sure that the military has not specified a finish for this mug. It is not in the ToE.

      2) My wife told me this week that the word “asshattery” is made up, and that I can no longer use it to refer to her actions. Be advised: Although the word appears in numerous dictionaries and is used frequently by US military veterans, spouses may not accept is usage.

      • Two other things:

        1) I’m pretty sure there is no NSN associated with this mug, either.

        2) Your wife and Mrs. Moonshine agree on the etymology of “asshattery”. Somehow I do not think it will decrease the frequency with which I use the word.

  3. DANG, they are proud of them!! This isnt the same DOD contractor that was selling the $200 hammers and toilet seats is it?

    • I just heard from Brian Weiss, one of Optics Planet’s marketing mavens. Turns out they originally bought the mugs as high-end gifts for some of their bigger customers, suppliers and the like.They had some left over and decided to throw them up on the site with a ridiculous price. Imagine their surprise when they started to sell. Turns out no price is too ridiculous when you’re talking about tactical equipment.

  4. Soon to be banned after someone burns himself with coffee.

    That’s a heck of a price…can practically get another gun for that.

  5. I once broke a coffee mug over my head in high school because I was bored and with friends. I’m glad I’ve grown out of that.

  6. I hope sales of this assault cup are not banned. That might limit people’s “freedom to express their stupidity.”

    Of course, being a “left shooter,” I’m waiting for the Stag LH model! 😉

  7. $250???????? For a coffee mug???????? REALLY???????

    I mean it’s cool and all, but $250??????????

    Most of my assortment of mugs were either free promo items or purchased at the dollar store. None of mine cost anything over $5 if that, so $250???? Nope, no way could I ever feel good about dropping that much money on a mug, even if I hit the Lotto Jackpot, inherited Warron Buffit’s billions, AND struck oil in my back yard. $250????? REALLY??????????

  8. I can’t help thinking like an engineer sometimes. You could make the same mug for $50 and sell the hell out of it by not starting with 13.5 lbs and machining away 95% of the weight.

    • Agreed. Near-net shape casting, followed by finish-machining and coating application would SERIOUSLY reduce the per-unit cost-to-make.

      • Honestly though, if they were going for that whole “mil-spec swag” market, it should be forged, not billet….

  9. Man, those are cool…but not $250 cool…that is crazy. I had thought about getting these for my Groomsmen, but for that price…forget it.

  10. If I had the kind of money Mitt has maybe. But explaining its purchase to my significant other would be hell.

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