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Courtesy CNN and Twitter
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A school shooting has been reported in the Denver area. From initial media reports — and they frequently turn out to be incorrect — the shooting is reminiscent of the Columbine shooting which took place twenty years ago.

From CNN:

At least seven, possibly eight victims were injured Tuesday in a shooting at a school in suburban Denver, authorities said.

Douglas County Undersheriff Holly Nicholson-Kluth said two suspects are in custody in the shooting at the STEM School in Highlands Ranch, which covers K-12.
“We have multiple students that have been injured,” she said.
According to a report from, the school had no resource officer. If true, that means there was no one on campus to defend students using a firearm.
And from the AP:

Authorities say at least seven people have been injured in a shooting at a suburban Denver school.

Douglas County Undersheriff Holly Nicholson-Kluth said Tuesday that two suspects have been taken into custody in the shooting at STEM School Highlands Ranch.

She says there’s a possible eighth injury and doesn’t believe there are any other shooters, but tactical teams are still searching room by room.

Nicholson-Kluth didn’t know if there are fatalities or other details about the victims or the extent of their injuries.

She said the shooting started in the middle school area and shots were being fired as officers arrived.

The school is near a sheriff’s department substation, and authorities responded quickly. Students were being bused to a nearby recreational center to reunite with their families.


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  1. I wondered why all the areas around schools were so strange earlier.

    In Highlands Ranch too. Damn that whole area is getting messy recently.

    Shitty, best wishes to the injured for a speedy recovery.

    • Standby for details this one is gonna get tranny phantom levels of weird before memory hole

    • Looking for a possible 3rd shooter in the school. They won’t do the sensible and hardened the target. Arm staff members who are trained and want to carry.

      • it would appear this school could afford more security…the “it can’t happen here” mindset strikes again!…

  2. I find it interesting that just yesterday, the TTAG posted an article that said that anti gun candidates are tanking in the polls. I thought to myself that there would be a shooting soon.

    • I’m no conspiracy nut, but I was thinking along those lines. Too quiet of late, about time for another wacko to shoot a bunch of people.

      I wish it would just stay quiet personally.

    • Honestly with no deaths it’s not likely to stay long in the news.

      • Oh, yes it will stick around. 2 shooters who were students at the school?

        • Depends on who the shooters and their families were. This is Denver. Known for its leftist leanings and gun control urges. If these shooters have Prius’s with Bernie stickers on the bumpers the msm will drop this quickly.

        • It’s not Denver. Highlands Ranch is a wealthy suburb and it’s own incorporated entity.

          It’s the same place that guy set an ambush for the cops at an apartment complex like a year and a half ago. That was odd because HR has few apartment complexes. It’s mostly large, expensive homes.

          If this was in Denver Public Schools it would barely make a blip but it happened in a “nice” area and at a “nice” school and that scares soccer moms, which gets media play.

          I think it will go away faster because no deaths and no double digit numbers, but it will get some staying power from where it happened. Especially with the Colorado legislature and in respect to the controversy over the new ERPO law and the previous mag restrictions/UBC.

      • “Honestly with no deaths…”

        One death confirmed…

  3. “Kids, what’s the matter with these kids today? Why can’t they be like we were, perfect in every way? What’s the matter with kids to-day?”

    Seems there is a node for such incidents around Denver. Must be the water.

    • No, it is simply for mass attention via the speed of the internet. Side note, the wife and I, if we had to leave CA, have put CO and TX on top of our list, Denver might be off the list.

      • Be prepared to take a lot of shit if you move to Colorado. We blame you filthy Californians for everything that goes wrong here. Even if it started decades ago.

        • “Be prepared to take a lot of shit if you move to Colorado. We blame you filthy Californians for everything that goes wrong here. Even if it started decades ago.”

          A bold but true statement. You’re beginning to rub off on me Mr. 9. Hehe…

      • Colorado’s been off my list a long time, sucks to it’s beautiful there, missouri’s looking better and better all the time.

      • Colorado is a blue state with no Republicans in state office and Democrat control of both houses. They’re trying to turn into California.

        • That’s because it suffers from the same problem California does: an urban center (or centers) that are liberal bastions outvote the rest of the mostly rural state that does not have the same belief systems. In California, it is the Bay Area and Los Angeles that runs the state. In Colorado, it is Denver. In Illinois, it is Chicago. In NY, it is NYC. Such is the downside of a straight democracy, an issue the federal constitution sought to avoid, with each state carrying equal weight. (And which is why Trump won the Electoral College vote.)

  4. Great, another talking point for the Liberals. These crazies are literally killing the law abiding gun owners.

  5. NBC interviewing a parent reports a shooter entered a room, and two students in the room “took the shooter down”.

    Those kids who jumped the shooter are *heroes*…

    • Yeah on KOA radio they said three seniors (one of whom wants to be a marine) disarmed the two creeps.

  6. The “National Conversation” this country needs to have is why are our public schools teaching kids to be mass murderers?

    • How about we stop blaming the schools and instead put it where it really belongs, on the shoulders of the parents who are either incompetent at raising decent children or too blind (absent) to see what their kids are becoming.

      • Part right, but we have to go deeper. They’re taught there’s no absolute right and wrong, there’s no ultimate consequence for wrongdoing, and that their ancestors were bacteria.

        Frankly, it’s amazing there aren’t MORE of these.

  7. The sheriff reports one shooter was an adult, the other a child, both are believed to be students at the school.

    Another tag-team of assholes…

  8. Why do the children in the picture have their hands on top of their heads?
    It sure looks like they are being primed for Israeli-style police tactics. I guess that they are Palestinians now…
    There is absolutely NO EXCUSE for police to demand that children put their hands on top of their heads…
    I’ll bet that there was a police “training session” going on nearby…

    • Because police have become so trigger-happy that they’ll shoot anyone who doesn’t have their hands on their heads, even kindergartners (the school has grades K-12). Apparently it’s easier to train the kids than it is to train the police — it’s easier to train kids to put their hands on their heads than it is to train the police not to shoot little children. Sad!

      And the fact that the news media has said NOTHING about the type of gun used means it wasn’t an AR-15, because the news media is so obsessed with banning the AR-15 that they deliberately don’t report on any other types of guns used. The media covers-up and censors the fact that only 1% of gun crimes are committed with rifles. They don’t want the public to know the facts, because the facts don’t fit their anti-rifle agenda.

    • Give it a rest, nut boy. The holocaust happened and the jooz aren’t at fault for all the worlds evils.

      • The holocaust doesn’t have anything to do with the terror spread by Israel in the past 50 years. Maybe it is time you took off your blinders and started paying attention.

        • Klonopin should be taken DAILY. Ask your caretaker what your schedule should be.

        • What, to the fact that Israel offered the Palestinians 99.5% of everything they demanded at Oslo? Despite that Arafat still walked away from the table. Your the one that needs to stop repeating what you were taught in government school.

        • “The holocaust doesn’t have anything to do with the terror spread by Israel in the past 50 years.”

          No fair fighting back, you Jews.

        • @ Chris Mallory,
          the poster you are defending ( anarchyst ) has a litany of holocaust denial and invective against Jews having nothing to do with Israel. He is a scumbag anti-Semite, racist and bigot.

          Put this in google: anarchyst jews

          Like all these people with a veneer of criticism of Israel what is beneath that is a disgusting general bigot.

    • “Why do the children in the picture have their hands on top of their heads?”
      Because the police showed up at an active school shooting without knowing much other than it was an active school shooting, and when they showed up they could hear shooting.
      Without knowing who was doing the shooting, they will minimize danger. If you were a parent, you’d understand that.
      One of the ways to minimize danger at an active shooting scene with lots of people, when you don’t know if you have caught all of the shooters, it to make sure the people at the scene aren’t dangerous. Putting their hands on their heads is a good way to help with that.
      It has nothing to do with turning kids into “Palestinians” or shooting kindergartners; instead, it has to do with not shooting innocent people.

  9. The sheriff reports the shooters went to separate rooms to do their evil.

    Also reports the students shot were age 15 or older…

    • Doesn’t that kind of assume that there is someone home to school them and not off at work? Or that the parents are qualified to teach high school algebra, geometry, science, grammar etc etc?

      • All sorts of places you can get expert instruction for free these days, thanks to the internet. You don’t have to be an expert on anything; all you have to be is motivated enough to keep your kids on task.

      • i find most “Qualifications” these days to be way overrated. I have come across so many “qualified” people who simply have NFI of the profession they are in that i cringe. I am a self taught fabricator just doing stuff at home and have worked with a few engineers on various job sites and most unless they have done a trade before they did the degree have no concept of what actually works. Same with architects and dont get me started on teachers or doctors.

  10. So the suspects lived…..again!…. Somewhere, someone is seeing this thinking ” I can pull off a horrific act and as long as I put my hands up after, I get a free ride”

    • If you don’t like Western justice, maybe Israel or another Asian nation would be more to your liking. Or there is always Africa.

      • I’m sure the families of the dead would be very supportive over your defense of said “justice” and as long as my pay checks keep getting docked I have a right to disapprove of what they do with my money.

  11. Maybe its about time for a class on not being a ‘bully’ or class ‘bitch’ to the nerdy kids?
    because one day you never know….that kid might be training an ar15 on you!

    I think that is what happened to that parkland Florida kid…that bald lesbo, let it slip in one interview that they picked on the kid and that she was one of them!

      • Some of them kids will be always “hanging lower” than the rest. Bullies deserve a bloody nose. Not a bullet.

        • A lot of the school bullies are known by the educators, yet you don’t read many stories of the parents being profiled. My friend didn’t know his kid was the bully till his teacher called him, that changed real quick. He’s not the bully anymore.

    • Realistically this is a serious problem.

      The real issue is that the “classes” are specifically on how to encourage the bullies. Schools these days in a number of states look at throwing a punch (or anything actually) in self-defense, even clear-cut-on-video-no-fucking-question self defense, as being an act just as egregious as the aggressor beating the shit out of the victim. Even if the aggressor throws 20 punches throwing a single one back puts you in exactly the same boat in terms of school and legal consequences as if you had been the attacker. Literally all you can do is curl up in a ball and hope an “authority figure” stops the asskicking that you’re getting or you get felony charges just like the person who attacked you.

      Those charges and the school disciplinary action, these days, follow you around for life because the record of the legal charge itself can be expunged in terms of a background check but it stays in your school records. You can have a 4.0GPA and every extra curricular in the book and be blacklisted from every college, university and trade school because you defended yourself against a physical assault in 8th grade. It can even get you denied enlistment at this point even if your court records are sealed or the charges are dropped.

      That’s encouraging passivity among the bullied and thereby encouraging the bullying behavior.

  12. I don’t think these shootings will stop any time soon as long as so many schools are gun free zone soft targets with no other protection for the students and the staff other than the “Gun Free Zone” signs hanging on the doors.

    The progressive democrats are doing a real disservice to the safety of those schools when they keep claiming the solutions are UBCs, red flag laws, and gun/magazine bans. I never hear anything on the news about how schools need to be secured. The only thing that will stop evil people will be good people who can show them that they will be killed if they come to our place.

  13. Sorry to see this! Happy my well-off son can home sxhool my grandkids…

  14. I put a lot of the blame on the so-called education system. Teachers have been on the front-line to turn boys into drugged out “girls” then teaching them to hate. Worst of all, the parents go along with this indoctrination. Get rid of the Dept. of Ed., put it back on the states as it should be. No unionized teachers. And put “play” back into recess.
    I worked at a small school for 10 years in the ’80s and early ’90s. Saw this first hand. KG teacher was teaching 5 year olds to “snitch” on their parents after bringing in a big board with “dangerous” drugs pinned to it. 8-9 year old boys on ridalin, and other drugs. Only 2 male teachers, the rest leftist bitches.

  15. So, once again the Gun free zone did nothing to protect kids. When are school administrators going to stop putting up “Gun Free Zone” signs and actually arm security guards. Welcome to reality.

  16. There is no excuse for this in CO with its history of mass shootings. Especially this year its the 25th Columbine Anniversary and two jokers were guaranteed to do it!

    • kids are raised these days with virtually no religious instruction…while you can argue the merits or demerits of that…it does seem as though we’re raising a generation of narcissistic, moral idiots….

      • Yawn. Religion is hypocrisy. Plenty of very good people, before, during and after your generation that were/are not religious.

        “kids these days” ….smh. Whatever.

        • “Yawn. Religion is hypocrisy. Plenty of very good people, before, during and after your generation that were/are not religious.”

          The murderers were LGBT who hated Christians…and then you post that.

  17. We know that turds want to hurt kids in schools. We know that gun control didn’t stop Columbine or any other mass shooting. Guns exists and will not just go away due to any new laws. So, when are we going to start making schools harder to target? That is where the real inaction is that can make a difference right now. Lets stop letting our kids get shot by doing something that can prevent the problem immediately. You can’t just wish away bad people through magical thinking.

    • Exactly, although I don’t like TSA’s excessive practices i haven’t seen any planes fly into any buildings for awhile. Now we need to keep an eye out on subways, railroads and football stadiums.

    • Usual source in these situations is ‘stolen from relative or friend of the family’.

      • The Columbine murderers got a shotgun via a straw purchase by a friend of one of the killers…

      • Most likely. Can’t buy a handgun til you’re 21. So a criminal used an illegally obtained firearm again. But hey, we need more laws.

    • This is going to get memory-holed very fast. According to the link they were LGBT who hated Christians.

    • “What looks like a pentagram on the vehicle” of the first suspect, who is an ‘actor’ with purple or pink hair. Registered democrat, sure sounds like he was probably gay by his social media postings.

      You think, maybe, just maybe, it’s the antichrist –I mean, anarchist logo?

      Oh, and shooter number two is a drag-queen…so, yeah. Out the news in no time flat, can’t be drawing to the reality of dangerous mental illness surrounding that barrel of monkeys. That person’s apparent drug addiction had nothing to do with either of those issues, either, it was the bullying.

      Yet again, there were young men ready and willing to bring force to bear against these attackers to stop them and save countless others even if it meant their own lives (at least one person tried to charge the shooters but what brought down), but they were prevented from doing so by the despicable laws that disarmed them “for their own protection.” And yet again, two obvious misfit wackos tolerated by society simply out of ‘tolerance’ act against those around them.

      • Tolerance, acceptance, glorification, submission I honestly lost track of what the rainbow commies are going for anymore. I feel sorry for the ones that just want to be left alone for having those monsters associated with their group but such is life.

  18. So let’s tally it up.

    Gun Free Zone
    State with Universal Background Checks
    State with capacity limits
    shooter under 21
    Unknown to police

    Now which of the laws being proposed by the left would have stopped this?

    • Since when does the left want to prevent the killing of children? Exaggerating a bit obviously but we all know no gun laws have much if anything to do with safety …… unless you mean for tyrants.

  19. If public school continue to fail to protect children you will start to see more home schooling.

    We protect everything but children in schools. I’m beginning to believe this level of violence is being allowed to get us to surrender our firearms. It’s so simple train and arm staff members who wish to be, yes even the janitor and school cooks. Then put up a large sign… STAFF IS ARMED AND WILL USE LETHAL FORCE.

  20. Once again mentally ill freakshows that should have been safely caged long before they were able to hurt anyone. I would not be surprised if, like Parkland, the school administration knew these defectives were dangerous for quite a while.

  21. Everyone wants a “solution” to violence. Trouble is there is no solution. Never has been, never will be. Violence is part of life – all life. Without violence, there would be no living things. Is that what people really want? I don’t think so. They just don’t want violence visited upon them personally.

    Well, neither did the fish, or the cow, or the carrot, on your dinner plate. Or the insect you killed 10 minutes ago, just because you objected to it’s presence.

    People need to get a grip on the world as it is, and deal with the facts of life.

    • And there’s a reason why: there are reports that one of the shooters is a member of the LGBTEIEIO community, and the other is a Trump-hating leftists.

      In other words, the press’ own milieu. The leftists won’t take down one (much less two) of their own.

      This will be memory-holed just as fast as the shooting by the other Trump-hating leftist. Did you see how much press that got?

      • “…one of the shooters is a member of the LGBTEIEIO community,…”

        EIEIO… I’m so stealing that… *snicker* 😉

        • I always used LGBTQWERTY so I could just tap across the top row of keys and not waste time thinking but agreed this works with funny farm well

      • Will TTAG and the rest of the “Gun News” media continue to report on this mass shooting if its shown that one of the shooters is a homosexual who is historically anti-gun????
        The shooter certainly wanted HIS gun. And what is on their social media pages???

        • for Geoff “I’m getting too old for this shit”
          Thanks for the link.

          If you are a member of the LGBTQ…XYZ crow the media will cover up your crime. What you did, murder, rape, or any crime, and those associated with you will also be covered up. Because there is a “T” and an “S” in this mass shooting.


          Now I expect someone to call me a homophobe. That’s normally the next step.

  22. Faster than a speeding bullet, this story has gone dark.

    TTAG: please do what the mainstream media refuses to do.

  23. As we approach the 24 hour mark on this story there are a few things that kinda stand out a bit….

    From a CNN report:

    “…Spurlock said authorities can only say at this point that a handgun was used.”

    So no scary black rifles. Won’t stop the usual suspects from trying to ban the rifles, but no video or sound bites to use.

    “…Authorities are working to obtain search warrants for the suspects’ homes and a vehicle found in the parking lot, Spurlock said.”

    Usually a search warrant isn’t required for a crime scene so this leads me to believe that the shooters are part of one of the ‘protected groups’ and not white, male, or Republican.

    “He did not release additional information on the suspects. The two didn’t appear to be on law enforcement’s radar, according to Spurlock.”

    But they ARE in custody so the usual rules apply…. no mention of ethnicity indicating probably brown skinned. No mention of political or religious affiliation so probably not obvious republicans or at least not conservative looking.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am not in any way minimizing the damage these aholes committed. I am merely pointing out that there was a whole lot more coverage of some other recent events that were less tragic than this event because politics.

    • Reports are there were two shooters with handguns, both shooters are students, both are white. One is a 16 year old female who identifies as a male and the other is an 18 year old male. One of the shooters’ car had “f*** society” on it.

      They brought the guns into classrooms, took them out of their bags and shot students. The students then attacked the shooters. During the struggle one teen was mortally shot. Afterward security held them at gun point. Then police came to “engage” the shooters and play tacitcool.

      Typical neglected emo white kids who want to kill themselves but first have to hurt people they don’t like. Some kids already knew about them wanting to hurt people. Police say they didn’t know a thing about them. Same old story.

      This time the kids didn’t do what they have been told: run, hide, fight. They just fought immediately and saved everyone else. One of those teens gave his life fighting the shooter.

      It sounds to me like a similar situation as those Russian kids that had a love suicide pact:

    • I also hear that the male appears to have been raised Christian. He quotes the Bible to chastise Christians for their views on homosexuality/transgenderism.

      We will eventually see if these kids have two parents and how they were raised. Sounds like typical Colorado upbringing though.

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