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“Using technology developed by a company called Musical Targets in Colorado, this marksman hits a number of metal plates, each of which is designed to play a specific musical note,”‘s undercapitalized Tess Barker reports. “The result of careful engineering, the melodious plates are lined up to form an entire octave — and can be purchased with additional octaves for the rifle-musician seeking extra range.” So to speak. “Even if you’re not a fan of firearms, you have to admit that’s impressive.” She just had to put that in didn’t she? Still one false note does not a travesty make. And the headline says it all.

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  1. Have to admit, as a hobby musician, I like the targets. Color code them and ship with a book of practice ‘tunes’. Hours of fun. Lol

  2. Wow. That is bitchen. Off the charts cool.
    Makes me want to develop a belt fed .22 with a silencer and a 3 shot trigger group for making trill notes.
    Beautiful noise.
    Richie Havens song “Freedom” comes to mind.

  3. We just got a new weapon in the fight for the RKBA…

    “You can’t play the national anthem without ‘high capacity’ magazines. Do you hate the national anthem?”

      • MTV Unplugged was amazing, from the music lover point of view. The Nirvana and Alice in Chains sessions are some of the best unplugged live stuff I dun ever saw )

        • I really liked Nirvana and grunge. Hey, suburban white dude. There’s nothing like the music of disgruntled white teens who grew up in a great neighborhood, went to good schools, and had parents who loved them.

          Altough the way that Kurt Cobain’s suicide was romanticized set a very poor example for those struggling with depression.

  4. That was fantastic. Too bad it cost about $8 in .22 L.R. ammunition to play that tune!

    Now if only someone would attempt Dueling Banjos!!!

  5. Very cool, but what I love most about this video is the thought of any FUDD who views it; certain to drive them batty!!

  6. Good thing that he wasn’t in a slave state (like MA) as he would have had to change mags much more often. This was fun, though.

    • I was thinking of the World Series.Then and only then will I ever be seen in a Major League Baseball park again.

  7. It’d be great if they could use this in schools to merge band and marksmanship classes. Better yet, have them do it from a moving vehicle and get driver’s ed in there while you’re at it.


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