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  1. Oh, whatever. This wasn’t even a question worth addressing. Most targets at the range I go to have depictions of sketchy white males with guns or are just silhouettes. Or zombies. ****ing zombies, man. Tired of ’em.

  2. Zombies…Nazi Zombies, the only PC targets available. Nobody cares if you mess up a nazi or a zombie, combine them together and you got a win-win. Wonder if anybody’s ever made a KKK Zombie target?

    • What about a Zombie Santa Claus target? I shot one of those once, so I guess it was only 50% PC..oh there was an elf sticking out between Santa Zombie’s rotted ribs and I shot him too, so I guess it was only 35% PC….

      • Were there any children present? The elf worries me a little. I don’t know if it’s PC to shoot an elf while bloomberg’s still mayor of NYC. Shave that fvckers ears into a point and stick green hose on him and what have you got?

  3. I insist on my right to be insensitive. Whether I choose to be sensitive or not is my choice. I’m more likely to be insensitive if people over react to it. And it will still be my choice.

    It used to be in this country that we celebrated those who defended the first amendment.

    • Feel free to be insensitive as long as you don’t mind others being insensitive towards you. Don’t complain when you see targets of Jesus holding an M4 (assuming you’re a Christian), Carl Sagan holding an plasma rifle (if you’re atheist/agnostic), Joesph Smith holding multiple wives and a rifle (if you’re a Mormon) or Allah holding an AK-47 (if you’re a Muslim.) There’s no issue with being insensitive as long as you aren’t sensitive yourself.

      • “Carl Sagan holding an plasma rifle (if you’re atheist/agnostic)”

        Umm….that one makes no sense….

        • Sagan was an avowed atheist as well as an astronomer who in some ways supported the search for extraterrestrial life . So, if you are an atheist, then you might be offended by a target with his likeness on it (and we can assume, by the logic within this thread, that such a target would be created by a fundamentalist Christian)…

        • I thought it was pretty damned funny.

          And a valid point. Well, most of it was valid. I’d be surprised if anyone wanted to shoot old Carl.

  4. This is how we end up with rules that no humanoid shaped target is permitted at the range. Because everyone gets offended at some level whether it’s a black guy holding skittles and tea or a box with a head shape on top/

    • Did you even watch the video? A humanoid target that poses no threat to you is VERY different than a humanoid target point an AK-47 at you.

  5. The more I hear him speak, the more rational he sounds. He’s spot on. Yes, those targets are in bad taste, but no one told you that you have the right to go through life without being offended.

    • Mr. ColionNoir is 100% correct.

      I have the right to freedom of speech. You do not have the right to never be offended.
      Your right to freedom of speech means you can tell me where I should stuff the target. I also do not have the right to never be offended, but my right to life and liberty means you can not legally try to stuff the target there.

      Now that we have talked about our rights and non-rights, let’s talk about common courtesy. If I am using a target, and you politely ask me to take it down, because you find it offensive, then I should politely apologize and take it down.

      Discussion completed. On to the next thread.

      • Want to be really tacky and offend everyone? Get a big
        picture of a basket full of puppies and shoot at it(8-).
        Seriously…pictures are pictures. I’d be offended if someone
        was shooting at me for real, but really don’t care if he or
        she shoots at a picture of me

  6. I am beginning to wonder how closely Mr. Noir is related to Chris Rock. Because in all honesty, this is a leather suit and a few tuned up jokes away from a CR show with firearms. Or maybe Chapelle’s “Charley Murphy” equivalent.

    “You know who really hates Ni*****? Black people.”

    I do hope this guy collects more followers than the white trash FPS-Douchebag who is an embarrassment to all who pull a trigger.

  7. Rational and thought-provoking, per usual. I enjoy this man’s videos and hope he continues to make and post them. In general, I think we’d be better off with generic silhouettes. Whether people have the right to make or sell or use targets with realistic depictions of various individuals or representatives of various groups, I think they are tacky and juvenile.

  8. Another impressive video by Mr. Noir. I wouldn’t summarize his answer necessarily as “Get Over It,” but more like, “Sure, you might be offended, but don’t lose sleep over it and respect other people’s 1st Amendment rights.” I’d save he gave a pretty thought-out, nuanced answer.

    That being said, I think if gun owners want to be strategic about drawing more people into 2nd rights and gun ownership, putting up targets of Trayvon Martin or President Obama’s face out on the range is in pretty poor taste. Just because you have the 1st Amendment right to do it, doesn’t mean you should do it.

    Am I an old fuddy-duddy to say I’d just prefer to shoot plain ‘ol circles or the limb-less head/torso silhouette targets?

  9. I do not see enough of JPFO’s “all in favor of gun control raise your right hand” targets. I have like five gross of them printed out for when I live within hollering distance of a range. Favorite target ever.

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