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Next Post‘s editorial on gun crime is called Mothers Against Gun Violence … daughter’s slaying inspires drive to spare others pain. Hmmm. The web offers links to chapters of Mothers Against Gun Violence, but no home site. There’s Mothers Against Guns (MAG), but that site looks about as active as ferrite. Even so, I’m thinking MAG and MAGV are one and the same; the former group adopted the latter name because they didn’t want anyone to think they were against guns per se. Or maybe they were hoping to ride on the coattails of the Mayors Against Gun Violence, which is also not against guns in and of themselves (allegedly). In any event, this editorial plays it by the book: a tragic example followed by a little legislative lobbying with a side of IOLIS (If One Life Is Saved). And no mention whatsoever of guns playing a positive role in preventing tragedy. Enjoy!

When a young person is killed and the blood runs in the street, we hear the mother screaming and see her anguish as others try to comfort her.

And then, the mother is often forgotten, left to cope alone with her sorrow. It happens too often on the Treasure Coast.

Belinda Taylor-Strachan of Port St. Lucie knows the anguish and wants to help others who have suffered the same loss. And she wants to carry forth a message that might reduce the numbers of young people who die and the mothers who weep.

Taylor-Strachan has formed the Treasure Coast chapter of Mothers Against Gun Violence.

Last October, her 26-year-old daughter, Tamiqa Channel Taylor, a college student studying criminology, was murdered along with another person when five men broke into the home where she was staying in Polk County, apparently looking for drugs and money.

“We want to reach out to families during and after the crisis,” Taylor-Strachan said. “I know what it is like to cry and realize for the first time that there is nothing you can do to bring something back.” . . .

Mothers Against Gun Violence is an organization the Treasure Coast has needed for a long time. It’s especially valuable now that so many public agencies that might offer some similar services are facing cuts because of budget shortages.

If one life is saved, Taylor-Strachan’s daughter has left an important legacy following her tragic death. But more than one life can be saved. And more than one mother can become a joyful grandmother.

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  1. Hi this is Cherokee from Allrite Constrcuction. We're writing to get involved! We're willing to donate 5% of every dollar we make to your organization to help the fight against gun violence. Please feel free to contact us at:

    (773)437-4782 or (773) 369-5121 and ask for either cherokee or Mr. William Curry.

    • Thank you so much for your generous offer. I would like to speak with you to further discuss any questions you may have about MAGV Treasure Coast. Contrary to what some may believe we are not a political group. I am simply a grieving Mother. With the help of community, friends and strangers I want to help prevent the senseless killings that are taking place. I know I can't do it all but if I save one family from going through what mine has this past year then I know that I have accomplished what I set out to do. I left a message for you but I can be reached at [email protected] or [email protected]. I look forward to speaking with you.


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