New Zealand mosque shooting
Courtesy and Nine News Australia
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The shooter who killed 49 and wounded another 48 in two Christchurch, New Zealand mosques described himself as an “eco-fascist” in a rambling 74-page manifesto he wrote laying out his “philosophy” and why he chose to commit mass murder.

The killer covered his two weapons, a shotgun and a semi-automatic rifle, with grafriti.


Here’s a report from the AP:

By JON GAMBRELL Associated Press

The self-proclaimed racist who attacked a New Zealand mosque during Friday prayers in an assault that killed 49 people used rifles covered in white-supremacist graffiti and listened to a song glorifying a Bosnian Serb war criminal.

These details highlight the toxic beliefs behind an unprecedented, live-streamed massacre, which Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern called “one of New Zealand’s darkest days.”

Some of the material posted by the killer resembles the meme-heavy hate speech prominent in dark corners of the internet. Beneath the online tropes lies a man who matter-of-factly wrote that he was preparing to conduct a horrific attack.


— The shooter’s soundtrack as he drove to the mosque included an upbeat-sounding tune that belies its roots in a destructive European nationalist and religious conflict. The nationalist Serb song from the 1992-95 war that tore apart Yugoslavia glorifies Serbian fighters and Bosnian Serb political leader Radovan Karadzic, who is jailed at the United Nations war crimes tribunal in The Hague for genocide and other war crimes against Bosnian Muslims. A YouTube video for the song shows emaciated Muslim prisoners in Serb-run camps during the war. “Beware Ustashas and Turks,” says the song, using wartime, derogatory terms for Bosnian Croats and Muslims.

— When the gunman returned to his car after the shooting, the song “Fire” by English rock band “The Crazy World of Arthur Brown” can be heard blasting from the speakers. The singer bellows, “I am the god of hellfire!” as the man, a 28-year-old Australian, drives away.


— At least two rifles used in the shooting bore references to Ebba Akerlund, an 11-year-old girl killed in an April 2017 truck-ramming attack in Stockholm by Rakhmat Akilov, a 39-year-old Uzbek man. Akerlund’s death is memorialized in the gunman’s apparent manifesto, published online, as an event that led to his decision to wage war against what he perceives as the enemies of Western civilization.

— The number 14 is also seen on the gunman’s rifles. It may refer to “14 Words,” which according to the Southern Poverty Law Center is a white supremacist slogan linked to Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kampf.” He also used the symbol of the Schwarze Sonne, or black sun, which “has become synonymous with myriad far-right groups,” according to the center, which monitors hate groups.

— In photographs from a now deleted Twitter account associated with the suspect that match the weaponry seen in his live-streamed video, there is a reference to “Vienna 1683,” the year the Ottoman Empire suffered a defeat in its siege of the city at the Battle of Kahlenberg. “Acre 1189,” a reference to the Crusades, is also written on the guns.

Four names of legendary Serbs who fought against the 500-year-rule of the Ottomans in the Balkans, written in the Cyrillic alphabet, are also seen on the gunman’s rifles.

— The name Charles Martel, who the Southern Poverty Law Center says white supremacists credit “with saving Europe by defeating an invading Muslim force at the Battle of Tours in 734,” was also on the weapons. They also bore the inscription “Malta 1565,” a reference to the Great Siege of Malta, when the Maltese and the Knights of Malta defeated the Turks.


Associated Press writers Stephen Wright in Jakarta, Indonesia, Penny Wang in Bangkok and Jovana Gec and Dusan Stojanovic in Belgrade, Serbia, contributed to this report.

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  1. Seem the founder of s.p.l.c. (none of which it is) just parted company…seems he had “control” issues of a more personal nature and there are probably video tapes floating around. -30-

      • The really try very hard in these false flags to start a race war..Do you honestly believe that this “Austrailian” was a kkk sympathizer? He even managed to write “racist slogans” all over his firearms..Oh and by the way he mentioned Trump in his manifesto..WHAT BULLSHIT!.. This is an obvious gun abolition movement started by government forces..I saw the entire video, before it was taken down..NO WONDER THEY TOOK IT DOWN…it was an obvious con job..They realized if people watched it enough they would see it for what it was a FALSE FLAG..Sadly, sheeple over there will give up their rights..If they do they get the Government the deserve..Oh and by the way, ISIS sent a meesage back that “retaliation will come” (probably against innocent whites)… The threatening picture had a rifle with Islamic statements all over it…hmmmm..

        • Dude pull your head out of the sand and stop watching Q videos. I watched the video and am familiar with the meme warrior culture this guy was obviously part of. There is no ‘false flag’ about it, the guy stated he was trying to foment a civil war in the states (and presumably all of the West). He wanted to accelerate the the divide and get ppl to fight and hopes the right will win. Ppl keep calling him crazy, a CIA op, or some other nonsense. In reality his assessment of the situation is the most lucid of any of the ones talked about. The ‘patriots’ and ‘conservatives’ will just keep stepping back inch by inch until they bury their guns in the back yard and dream of the good ol’ days while getting fat watching sports ball. Not to say I agree with his methods or the murder of ppl but his entire point was to force the apathetic right to fight or die, judging by the response to this event of the talking heads I think he accomplished his goal.

    • Dees was accused of being a child molester and then he was fired from the SPLC which he co-founded..

    • Dees was an elitist weasel and as low as a serpent. I don’t think he had an honest bone in his body. I met him when he held great power in the organization. He was a clear danger to liberty.

  2. Yeah, he poured it on thick so that the MSM/Left (BIRM) would begin attacking conservatives who had nothing to do with it. It worked.

  3. Gotta say it’s a pretty clever marketing tactic; while no news outlet would ever publish the manifesto or depict innocents being murdered, they will trip all over themselves displaying these weapons and discussing the ‘messages’ drawn on them.

    Between the preposterous but highly-controversial essay filled with political & pop-culture references of every stripe, livestream of the killing to tempt the morbidly curious, and the cryptic messaging on the weaponry, this whole thing constitutes a very sophisticated and competent psy-op. No, not on the part of anyone but the shooter, you conspiracy tards, but this guy clearly understands EXACTLY how to frame his actions so as to garner the most attention/discussion (and likely inspiration, *sigh*). That makes him a very different breed from the awkward, autistic loner we typically associate with this sort of event, and what made him so particularly dangerous.

    Thank God one of those people he hates so much was able to bring a firearm to bear against him at the second mosque, saving dozens of innocent lives.

    • Yup. Someone understands how to sell their shit and the MSM is almost certainly going to go for the bait hook, line and sinker.

    • When he said to sub to Pewdiepie in the vid, I knew this guy was keen on trolling to get certain responses from the usual parties. The manifesto seems to confirm that.

      • Yeah- I agree. It is early, and lots of details are yet to come out, but…. this all seems AWFULLY on the nose…

        • A lot of details are already known but MSM may not be talking about it. There are a good number of people who watched this from the beginning and many archived what they could. I didn’t see this from the very beginning but began observing soon after. I, too, spent much time learning as much as I could from close to original sources and archived what I thought was important. I don’t pay attention to a lot of MSM so I don’t know if they discussed how quickly internet providers in NZ began filtering all internet traffic into and out of the country under orders from the NZ government. It was done publicly. They didn’t try to hide it. NZ government was seeking all sources of the video and the writing in order to stop its dissemination.

          This wasn’t a run-of-the-mill mass murder.

    • It was indeed a social media psyop intended to bait the media and radical elements. Many social media types and some MSM took the bait almost immediately.

  4. SPLC is a four letter word.
    And this killer is a media white seeking fame. Too bad they won’t execute him.

  5. This looks like a Globalist agenda red flag event… I guess the SJW Bolsheviks and The DNC will burning the US Constitution/Bill of Rights soon….Now the Globalists will turn toward THEIR EU allies in an attempt to shame America that it has “Too Many Rights…” I feel for the law New Zealander that own firearms and weapons because their going to be lumped into this political menagerie…New Zealand government will probably all of a sudden decree a complete ban on all citizens owning weapons for the good of their nation and public safety…

    • And if the man was a muslum killing white christians you would not of even heard the story……..It’s a b*tch sometimes when what goes around comes around……

      Remember 9-1-1

      • Yep, I didn’t even know two churches were attacked overseas until this story popped up and others brought up the attacks.

        Sounds a lot like Karma.

    • Ilhan Omar’s proposal to put all white men in chains probably put the deranged coconut over the top. i wonder if his family/friends didn’t notice his insanity.

    • Click on the “save my name” button when you post and you’ll have the edit button.

  6. But Obama said this never happens in other countries. And there are no guns allowed in NZ. I’m confused.

  7. I thought the draconian gun control down under was facilitated by a mass murder. Does this mean gun control doesn’t work?

  8. The rifle has a thumbhole stock which would qualify as an A class under New Zealand firearms law, magazine capacity is restricted to seven rounds if one has a E class Firearms’s license you can have a magazine capacity greater than 7 rounds. Self defense is not a legal reason for obtaining a firearms license in fact it will get you denied the mosque attendee that engage the suspect in a firefight most likely won’t face charges but his firearms and his license will be confiscated for life I believe.

    • So, defend yourself and save lives = get your ability to do so taken away. No good deed goes unpunished in the halls of progressive bureaucracy.

    • So long as the mosque attendee doesn’t say he got the gun in “anticipation” of self defense or something similar the law says he’s A-OK, even after 2012 changes to the law.

      The standard under NZ codified law is “To justify the discharge of a firearm at another person the user must hold a honest belief that they or someone else is at imminent threat of death or grievous bodily harm.”

      I don’t think anyone can rationally argue he didn’t meet that standard.

      As for the rifle, yes there’s a 7 round capacity limit, unless the owner has a class E MSSA endorsement which, if he had the the Class A and submitted $200NZD with notification that he intended to engage in 3-gun competition, would likely have been granted so long as he met the storage requirements.

      • So you can’t say you want a gun for self-defense in NZ, but if you use a gun to justifiably defend your self your Ok. SMH

        • In NZ you cannot buy anything that’s considered a lethal weapon with the “anticipation” of using it against another person because they consider that to be you admitting to wanting something that can cause death for the purpose of causing death.

      • “Ratonally argue.” When the fuck has any argument offered by anti-gunners been rational? I know what you’re saying though.

  9. He isn’t a right winger. He is a mash up of what we normally call left and right. There are a lot of people in Portland like him.

    • He’s not right wing or left wing. This guy is a violent schizophrenic psychopath with serious impulsive aggression issues. He doesn’t belong to any camp and probably hates everybody. He’s obviously a total wreck. The people who helped in this need to be put away as well.

  10. And just so we’re clear here, based on his beliefs – he is a LEFT wing nut job , not a right winger.

  11. You can’t hurt people with a thumbhole stock…. California will soon run out of things to ban and have to go with “all guns.”

  12. Guy’s entirely an eco-fascist and claimed as such, nowhere near right-wing in any capacity.

    This is actually the very far left getting out of control and naturally the “left” here don’t want to face that or even understand what it is that just happened.

    Instead, they are going to react exactly as this guy said they would, as he designed. He certainly wasn’t stupid and he knows all these games inside and out, likely because he’s hung out on /pol/ far too much, but to some degree the MSM is the absolute primary motivation behind this whole incident, because he knew full well they will go full r-tard to get the story out.

    • And also has a thing for Serbian nationalists.

      Evil is just evil.

      And there will be reprisal and copycat attacks.

  13. I’m guessing that New Zealand does not have the death penalty. Will we see a push for an exception?

  14. Can anyone remember way way back in 2016..?
    When a self-professed admirer of prophet Muhammad shot up a gay bar in Orlando in 2016 and killed 49 people, the media assured us that Muhammad’s “hateful” words about homosexuals (e.g., “they should be thrown from a great height, then stoned”) were totally not to blame. Islam is all about ‘peace’ …they said.

    When a self-professed ‘white nationalist’ shoots up a mosque in NZ in 2019 and killed 49 people, the media assured us that Trump’s “hateful” words about muslims (we should limit immigration from terrorist hotbeds where vetting is impossible) were completely to blame….

    Media hypocrites!

    • Didn’t you know that it is all the NRA’s fault? AOC tells us so! (Does the NRA even have a branch in NZ or Australia?)

      • “Didn’t you know that it is all the NRA’s fault? AOC tells us so!”

        What was New Zealand’s stance on concealed carry before 1934? How about before 1994?

  15. He entered the first mosque with a semiauto rifle and a shotgun. He dumped the shotgun when it was empty. He was using two 30 round mags taped together. His rifle had ”
    Muslim Reaper” written on it. He went back to his car and got a second semiauto rifle, leaving the first on the ground. There were other rifles and lots of mags and some improvised explosive devices in his boot, plus three more rifles in the passenger seat well. He apparently live streamed the event with a GoPro attached to his helmet.

    • I watched it. It shows everything in graphic detail as one would expect. Folks who are interested in surviving a mass shooting might want to watch it if they can stomach it. Without going into too much detail you can clearly see what decisions people made that were the difference between life and death. The people who immediately ran out of sight tended to live. Folks huddled together in corners or lying prone on the ground did not. One guy tried to tackle the shooter from a blind side but was unsuccessful. Some victims seemed be loitering in the street trying to see what was going on but encountered the shooter as he was leaving. At no point was there any sign of police response, no sirens in the distance or anything, even when the shooter had driven some distance away at the end of the attack. The entire attack including some driving time took place in under 9 minutes.

      • Just saw it. No resistance. Everyone caught off guard. You’d think it was a movie. Weird music playing in his car the whole time. Unreal…except it was. Lots of people in traffic and sidewalks he didn’t mess with. He was zoned in to his target. Kept dumping mags into piles of people. Looking for movement. Got back into his car and took off fast. A couple of sirens in the background. He was orderly. I am processing….what will be fallout?

  16. I have to admit, he really referenced a lot of very specific details and historical analogy. He is correct on a lot of the references and everything else.

    To me, this is an akin to the Beirut bombing and the King David Hotel bombing. This will either embolden people or really give people pause for thought.

  17. So now rock and roll music is to blame. That should make Al Gore in his wife Tipper happy since they were trying to censor records all those years ago. The left-wing have always been the book burners in the world. The left has always been anti-free speech.

    But since rock and roll music really started with Chuck Berry and Fats Domino another black singers and performers. I guess you can bring blame it on the blacks then.

    How about that?????

    • i’m goin’ with jackie brenston and rocket 88, but then, i like the kings of rhythm and oldsmobiles.

  18. I thought semi-automatic rifles were illegal in Australia and New Zealand. How did this guy get his guns? They have such wonderful gun control in those countries don’t they?

    At least they brag about it? The gun grabbers I’m referring to.

    • Military Style Semi Automatic Rifles are covered by an “E” endorsement to the NZ Firearms License and can be possessed for competition purposes or professional hunting. So long as there’s a “genuine need” to possess the rifle for what you want to do the endorsement is $200NZD and is added to your general Type A license.

      Pistols, if you’re wondering are a “B” endorsement. Same money required along with proof of membership in a pistol club.

        • We’ll see if it stays that way.

          In 1997 after a massacre in NZ and the one in Australia there was a report known as “The Thorp Report” that recommended banning MSRs (MSSAs), restricting the number of handguns one could own, mental health reporting, and what we’d today call “red flag” rules for certain people to temporarily revoke their license.

          Those suggestions failed in “The Beehive” (part of their parliament) the year I was there (97/98).

        • Geoff PR
          Having to prove a “genuine need” to get a firearm, is no in the US Bill of Rights. Only subjects of the crown, New Zealand for example, have to prove a genuine need to get a gun.

    • I noted more the fact that he walked past people while entering the Mosque and the folks on the street didn’t even notice he was carrying a shotgun.

      • Decided to do something like this two years ago. Went to NZ for training and recon three months ago.

        • I think we both got it close but not on the nose. Your statement is likely closer to what he wrote. He has spent “sporadic periods of time” in NZ over the years and got his NZ firearms license November 1017. Unless I’ve missed something, he could’ve been training on and off for at least those two years or he could’ve been just shooting at his gun club for the first year or longer. My memory gets befuddled because he was also a fitness trainer. Training for these murders or training for a living smears together in my memory of what I’ve read so far.

          “There was a period of time 2 years prior to the attack to the attack that dramatically changed my views. The period of time was from, beginning of April 2017 until the end May 2017.”

          “I begun planning an attack roughly two years in advance and an attack at that location in Christchurch three months in advance.”

          “New Zealand was not the original choice for the attack, I only arrived to New Zealand to live temporarily whilst I planned and trained, but I soon found out that New Zealand was as target rich of an environment as anywhere else in the West.”

  19. Well I’m glad to hear at least they changed that aspect of the law allowing some type of self-defense with Firearms.

  20. there could be 1000 more of these attacks and it still wouldnt change the fact that nobody kills more muslims in the world right now than muslims
    he broke the law and for that he should be prosecuted to the extent that the law allows
    but im not in any way shape or form going to sit here and allow myself to be bullied shamed or cajoled into shedding a bunch of tears over this by a bunch of people that are totally ok with the slaughter of 1.2 million innocent babies in our country every year
    thats for damn sure
    oh yeah and i learned everything i need to know about islam on 911

    • And Chinese killed Chinese, European killed European , and American killed American, so what is your point?

  21. White Supremacist or anti-muslim? Not saying either is valid excuse, but there is a significant difference. This guy sounds like he was going to war against what he saw as a Muslim invasion of his country. Thats sounds a whole lot different than a guy killing anyone non-white guy he could find.

  22. In answer to uncommon & Geoff(TTAG works “poorly” )George Clooney gave SPLC $1000000. Mebbe his sharia mother-in-law ordered him to…😩

  23. This is what I meant when I said the details seemed “a bit on the nose” in an earlier article. He layered on the neonazi rhetoric so thick it borderlines on parody.
    Again, not saying this is a false flag, just questioning the shooter’s true beliefs.

    • Yep. I don’t think the writing can definitively pinpoint his true beliefs. It was a contrived piece. He might or might not believe the ideologies he claimed. It might have simply been more reinforcement of the work to add to its potency.

  24. I guess you shouldn’t run over girls with a truck, if only us possums had this kind of justice. We think serbs em right.

  25. New Zealand Mosques Shooting Suspect Called “Trump” a ‘Symbol of White Supremacy’ and Claimed He Was Just a ‘Regular White Man’ Ensuring a ‘Future for My People’ The Right Wing terrorist also mentioned his admiration for Dillon Roof and his mass murder spree.

    Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the attack was the work of an “extremist right-wing violent terrorist,”

    Tavis said he saw the man shoot a friend’s five-year-old daughter.

    The 74-page manifesto left behind after the attack was littered with conspiracy theories about white birthrates and “white genocide.” It is the latest sign that a lethal vision of white nationalism has spread internationally. Its title, “The Great Replacement,” echoes the rallying cry of, among others, the torch-bearing protesters who marched in Charlottesville in 2017.

    Professor Sapolsky of Stanford University has stated that our biological evolution has hard wired our brains for hate. It was part of our survival mechanism when we were evolving from the great apes.

    A great case could be made for mandatory higher education or at least a couple of years of it. Whenever there are mass migrations of people do to war and famine the indigenous and largely uneducated population feels their Neaderthalithic stone age roots and fears “the others” as a threat to their culture and way of life little realizing that the first generation of natural born immigrant children soon become integrated and often lose most of their ability to even speak the language of their immigrant parents. In the U.S. the song “La Bomba” which became so popular was sung by a first generation Latino boy that could not even speak his mothers Spanish language.

    We have 21st Century technology to kill and we have Stone Age biological mentality that compels such violence. Years ago the BBC did a documentary called “Tribes” which looked into the hatreds of two tribes, the British Protestants v/s the Irish Catholics. It paralleled the behavior of Chimpanzees killing each other when another Chimpanzee tribe wandered into the valley inhabited by the original tribe of Chimpanzees. In short the similarities of behavior between Chimpanzees and Humans (The Naked Apes) were striking, tragic and frightening. Biologically we are little removed from the Great Apes as humans share 98 per cent of their DNA with Chimpanzees and today in New Zealand even a high school graduate would not have failed to see it.

    • The problem with conspiracy theories, and this guy’s manifesto, is that they all contain an element of truth which is what believers seize on. Because of the way our brains work, no level of education can completely eradicate this tendency.

      This dude understood that and exploited it. His understanding of communications, human nature, the reactions he would provoke and the chain reaction that would cause, internet culture and a laundry list of other things is really rather remarkable.

      This dude calls for the death of Angel Merkel, the Mayor of London and drug dealers in the same breath. All while trashing socialism and communism while promoting individual rights while trashing individualism. He bad mouths Conservatives but does the same to Antifa. He does it all with nuance that makes him seem strangely reasonable. I mean, he didn’t want to kill cops and specifically avoided doing so because NZ police haven’t turned against the people? Fuck man, there’s people on TTAG who would bite on bait.

      He’s like Santa’s bag: something for everyone. And, disturbingly, he anticipated the reaction of those in power and effectively countered it. This dude is gonna end up being worshiped like the Columbine killers but on a whole other level. This whole thing is just getting started. That’s what’s scary about it. This guy is like Clyde from Law Abiding Citizen mixed with The Joker mixed with Garry Kasparov and a Goa’uld.

    • I checked the birthrates of other ethnicity and counties today, they check out. Americans are at 1.66, Mexico is around 2.2, Guatemala, Honduras, 2.4 live births, Panama around 2.2, 3-7.5 for almost all African countries.

      We already have 25,000,000 Illegals in the USA and the crossings are surging. Word has likely spread that the decaying fencing is being replaced by a great steel wall and if you don’t get here now, you aren’t coming. The Demographics of Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, are all clear as day. The more that cross, the more Texas turns blue. I don’t walk outside without a gun anymore because there is so much drug and gang trafficking. I thought this was America, not Mexico.

      Professor Sapolsky of Stanford University can take a hike. Any people of any country are going to demand change when they are being run out of their own homeland. Build the wall, secure the borders, and stop letting everyone under the sun in. Immigration by merit only. That will end this, at least for America.

      • Yup. ,. ,,,,I’m not much on South American history. What are the reasons these people are leaving their fine countries? ,???, ,????, Brave and courageous refuges that flee their country. Definitely need that kind of diversity here. It’s not like America has any wars to fight, Uncle Sam needs you !!, more people that defend it by fleeing, yup .

  26. The guy knows his history regarding the Islamic invasions of Europe. Anyone familiar with that history understood that President Clinton and Sec State Albright were supporting the wrong side in the former Yugoslavia. The Bosnians committed plenty of their own atrocities against ethnic serbs. This masaacre does not invalidate the beliefs that many reasonable people have that unlimited immigration from Muslim countries will inevitable result in conquest or civil war. Just look at the Philipines. Australia and New Zealand exist in very close proximity to Indonesia and Malasia, predominantly Muslim countries that vastly outnumber them.

    The gunman’s beliefs might be genuine, but this seems like such a gratuitous charcature of a racist that I have to suspect that it was a false flag propaganda operation.

  27. I have a flag on one of my guns. I have no doubt that the Dems in general and AOC in particular would consider that a white supremacist reference.

  28. Sorry to be a spoiler, but how about TTAG get back to GUNS. If I want political commentary I can watch the boob-tube or go to Brietbart news. This is not The Truth About Politics. And I could not possibly care less about dead mooslimes. Let GOD sort them out. Remember 911.

      • Sorry, strych. If I want international gun crime news I would find a site for it. U.S. gun crime is one thing as is U.S. gun politics. I can get a belly full else where. Here I want guns, even Glocks.

        • I come to TTAG for politics. I can watch YouTube for guns. Like the non-political bs on The Firearm Blog…

        • This guy’s intent is to influence US politics, he explicitly says so and designed his crime for maximum political impact in this country.

          If you read his manifesto he’s pretty clear about that. And a lot of other things. He’s an extremist but he’s no nut. He fully hopes that his actions will bring about a major change in the United States and thereby the entire Western World.

          And AOC has already played right-the-fuck into his hands.

          Rare as it is, I’d keep an eye on this. He’s probably right that while he doesn’t matter his actions will have wide ranging consequences in multiple countries, one’s he intends to amplify with his trial.

          This guy isn’t stupid. He understands mass communication in a way most communications majors don’t. This three ring circus is just getting started and your rights and firearms may well be affected.

        • “Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn’t mean politics won’t take an interest in you. ” ― Pericles, Greek general and statesman. Don’t think for a New York minute that the anti-firearms people in this country won’t point to this as an example of what can happen when “:We, the People” are allowed to keep firearms, whether this evil bastard had them legally or illegally. The only facts which are germane are that he had the firearms and that he slaughtered 49 human beings with them. Nothing else will matter to those who would strip us of our right to keep and bear arms.

    • Guns are inseparable from politics. Look at TFB as an example. It’s motto literally is “firearms not politics.” Then Scroll to the comments section on the majority of articles. Politics is intertwined with violence and weaponry. It’s always been so, and always will be so.

  29. It looked to me in the live-streamed video that the dues rifle had an eotech on it. That rifle does not. Am I missing something here?

  30. Blacks bellyache about slavery every chance they get.
    Muslims complain about the crusades.
    Jews throw the Holocaust ™ into our faces every chance they get.

    But let a white guy reference battles that defended Christian Europe against the Muslim hordes and it is “White Supremacist “?

    The question that needs to be asked is why are mosques in a city named Christchurch to begin with.
    Diversity leads to war. Always.

    • The white guy was talking about those battles while he was committing mass murder. Even a hate filled pus sack like you can see the difference, right?

      • Your faith in the reasoning abilities of hate-filled pus-sacks, Sir, is sadly misplaced. Hate-filled pus-sacks gotta hate. It’s their nature. Why do they have to show up here, though? Couldn’t they go back to StormFront, where they belong?

  31. This whole incident is the most extreme example of deliberate media-baiting I’ve ever seen in my life. He came right out and said “yeah, dude, I did this so liberals would try to take Americans’ guns and start a race war”, and the American liberal media immediately responded “Yes, take Americans’ guns.”

    • It’s more than that.

      He’s planned this out in a way that means if the governments and corporations that run things react in the most statistically probable way then they will provoke the exact reaction this guy wants. Both have already started to do exactly what he was hoping for. Trying to scrub his video from the webz, and failing due to the redundancy of the internet and thereby sparking exactly the conversation he hoped for. That’s somewhat unsettling. AOC has also already played right into his hands.

      This guy grew up on the internet and knows exactly how to key people in to things that have already been noticed on places like the Chans and The Reddit. He also knows how to make his actions look a certain way to those people and how to provoke the reaction he wants from the governments.

      The likely response from the Western world in general will be to decry and maybe even try to clamp down on “hate speech”. He’s hoping for that. Same with gun control, moves towards disarming the public will provoke the reaction he’s looking for.

      The section of his manifesto called “The Radicalization of Western Men” is a shockingly prescient look at politics, human nature, the state of affairs in terms of freedom, the state of Western culture, the fears of people overall, and the internet culture. He gets the zeitgeist of a good portion of the Western world, he knows it’s a powderkeg and he’s done his damnedest to light the fuse.

      People are going to call this guy crazy. He’s not. He might not have a high level of education but this guy is smart, ruthless, well traveled, experienced with nuance and capable of remarkable insight and foresight. He is exactly the kind of “lone wolf” people have worried about for decades. In fact, he is almost certainly worse because he’s done what he’s done in a way that will likely convince people to follow him.

      • Spot on. Exactly.

        He even kicked off his murders with a post on 8chan telling all about it roughly 15 minutes before the event. His plan and its execution was a shrewd operation. If successful, he will have influenced the left, and perhaps even some on the right, into further infringement upon several aspects of natural rights.

        • What bothers me the most is that this guy is going to be idolized like the Columbine shooters.

          The only thing is that he’s smarter than they were and has passed on a message that will be grabbed onto be a fair number of people. Meaning he might well be idolized by A LOT more people and people who are encouraged by his manifesto might well act on it. Even worse, trying to prevent his message from getting out is basically impossible and only plays into what he wants. The only thing that might make this guy worse is if someone kills him in jail.

          I mean, there’s something for everyone in that manifesto. Think the problem is trampling your rights? The government in general? Immigration? Socialism? Communism? Media? Nihilism? Religion? Diversity? Whatever your problem, he’s got the solution: and together and kill some people.

          The really scary thing to me is that his manifesto, if you “hear it” in your head, bounces around in a rather startling way. Echos from Hitler fade to Patrick Henry and then back to Churchill with a touch of JFK before returning to Hitler and then moving t0 Bernie Sanders and then some greenie. There’s a justification to set everyone against everyone and both sides can see that in one work and use it for justification. Like the Cathars and the Catholics.

          And the predictable actions of those in power… will make it only seem he was right. This guy is kinda like a Bond villain.

        • I agree with you completely. Just it’s effectiveness alone sparks conspiracy theory lights in my own brain; before even considering any of the actual content. There really does seem to be something for practically everyone. I go back and forth as to if I think this was the result of social media engineering influencing memes and resulting in effective shitposting IRL or if it was cooked up somewhere by professionals. Strange stuff, IMHO.

      • What is he? Perhaps the perfect psychopath, certainly not insane as a matter of law in that he is capable of cogent, if indeed terribly twisted thought processes. He appears to be reasonably intelligent and a student of the history which interests him and he uses that to justify his craven indifference to life. Perhaps better to describe him as being “cunning” rather than particularly intelligent. Like any good sociopath, he knows how to manipulate people and the media to achieve his ends.

        • Apologies for the length here.

          Here’s the issue:

          You see comments supporting this guy’s point of view every single day right here on TTAG. Run over to Breitbart and it gets markedly more pronounced. Views on police, immigration, how to deal with criminals, traitors, the current state of Western Civ… all his points of view are echoed right here daily or nearly daily.

          The truly fucked up thing in my mind is that I can’t disagree with some of what he says. I have to admit he’s right in some cases. I might disagree with the overall plan/strategy and the means with which he aims to achieve it but I cannot call the guy a liar. Misguided, yes. Entirely wrong? No. The right prescription for what ails us? No, but now we’re getting into hair splitting which is what he obviously wants.

          And that’s the real issue. If he’s right, which in some cases he certainly is, then the only question is how big of a threat you think those situations are. If you judge them to be as serious of a situation as he quite clearly does then you cannot argue against the logic what he did, the act maybe, but not the logic. You might argue for another way going forward but you can’t find fault with his logic or, therefore, his ultimate actions if you agree with him on the seriousness of the threat that is posed.

          To use a gun analogy: Is shooting to death someone wrong? That depends entirely on the circumstances. If you perceive yourself to be in serious danger of grave bodily harm or death, or perceive someone else to be, then deadly force is acceptable. The same is true of a group of people. A gunman threatening 20 people is someone you can legally, rationally and morally shoot to death. That’s the argument he’s creating here: Is what he did murder or defense of other people?

          He argues it’s the latter and does so in a way that will be really rather convincing for a large number of people. That’s kind of terrifying because to shoot someone in the face all you have to do, really, is show that under the exact set of circumstances you shot the person, a reasonable person would do the same. Your defense is that your actions were reasonable under the circumstances. That’s exactly his argument too.

          The scary part of that is that all the protests in Europe are about these issues and those people quite clearly see Brexit and the Yellow Jacket situations as serious. This guy is just trying to make them, quite literally, deadly serious.

          The whole thing is a very complicated and very well thought out appeal to ignorance, that’s true. It’s also dangerously effective because most of the problems he discusses wouldn’t exist if an appeal to ignorance wasn’t extremely effective. We know it’s effective because an appeal to ignorance is exactly what created the problems he’s suggesting the solution to.

          So yes, these are the actions of a sane person who is very intelligent and is convinced that he acted, using lethal force, in defense of others. He doesn’t have to convince a big percentage of people that he’s right to create complete chaos and that’s what he’s aiming for. A job made all the easier by the fact that there are a lot of people, on one issue or another than are 90%+ of the way there already.

        • Strych, I would argue that just because there’s truth to his claims, that doesn’t make him “sane”. There’s plenty of madmen throughout history that use legitimate problems are a justification for madness. Take the Bolsheviks as one example. Absolutely mad. But the revolution and civil war that occurred in Russia happened for a reason. Russia was still an absolutist monarchy and a shithole. You can’t blame people for revolting or supporting the revolution. But the madmen who were leading the Bolsheviks were still madmen. But I think you’re right in that he was intelligent. Plenty of intelligent people who are scary nuts.

        • I read the manifesto and the guy is entirely sane. Its worth reading and brings up a lot of good points about the shit show that is taking place in our time. He also sounds like a normal westerner that got fed up, hoist the black flag, and started slitting throats.

          The MSM is already twisting it to their narrative, trying to link the guy as a Trump supporter when he outright states he thinks Trump is a terrible policy maker, though a symbol for white people to rally around. You won’t get any truth from the MSM on this story.

        • Gadsden:

          I’m with Arc on this one. If you read the manifesto in it’s entirety the guy doesn’t appear to be at all insane. He seems to have a complete grip on reality, know what he’s doing and be moving directly towards a desired outcome. Those are not the actions of someone who’s lost their marbles. Further, his demeanor throughout the piece is one of someone who understands why lots of people will not understand. Crazy people don’t generally try to explain themselves the way he does.

          If I had to relate him to a character that’s widely known I’d go with Colonel Walter E. Kurtz from Apocalypse Now. Not insane, just without scruples and therefore diabolically effective.

          You don’t have to admire what he’s done to see the logic in what he’s done and the intelligence in the way he went about it. I’ve never met the guy so I’d be hesitant to say for sure if he has or doesn’t have a disorder but from where I sit there is no evidence that he’s nuts.

        • I too do not believe he is insane. I don’t, at this time, really believe he is a near perfect sociopath either; if he even was the author. I’m not sure that a near perfect sociopath could get all of that nuance just right without assistance. That’s a lot of mimicry for him to accomplish in a very short time (assuming he is telling any truth about the time frame taken to write it, which I suspect he may not have been honest about). I would have to take much more time reading and looking references up before making my own firm decision but my first pass of this says sane and not a perfect sociopath, if he wrote it alone.

          Then, there is the video. That’s very much sociopath. I can’t help but consider that he didn’t write that. I’ve been looking through some his old stuff that I and others have archived before the purge. I haven’t compared it yet with the writing. One of the other males or the female they arrested might have been the author or at least helped in the writing.

          Then again, as a product of the internet, he might have simply gotten lucky in the writing as the social media engineering took root. He could be insane, a near perfect sociopath, and the writing the odd result of long term internet influence.

        • “Then, there is the video. That’s very much sociopath. I can’t help but consider that he didn’t write that.”

          There’s always the possibility that he’s nuts and very good at covering it up or had help.

          However, the simpler solution is that he’s telling the truth and his actions in the video, particularly his reaction after having “done the deed” isn’t sociopathic but rather a reflection of the fact that he’s a true believer. ISIS and other terror groups have put out similarly disturbing videos, especially recently out of Africa, that are basically the same.

          There’s no reason to recoil in horror at your actions if you truly think you’re doing the right thing. That’s the simplest solution that resolves the manifesto and the video behavior.

          I would also point out, having spent time in the NZ school system, that generally speaking when it comes to the “three R’s” the British based educational systems are light years ahead of us. It’s not surprising to me that someone who didn’t do well in their secondary education system can still write like that.

          The main thing I would note in terms of interesting facts about this case is this: You can tell the age of people by their reaction to this. Older folks just don’t get it because they didn’t grow up with the internet and don’t understand the internet culture.

          This whole thing reminds me of that Asian guy who goes off at the the Shea LaBouf are thing. Well, here, here’s the video. Listen to what he says about the next generation of shitlords/shitposters and how older people really don’t get what’s already here. This guy, and people younger than him are the target audience for that manifesto.

        • “However, the simpler solution is that he’s telling the truth and his actions in the video, particularly his reaction after having “done the deed” isn’t sociopathic but rather a reflection of the fact that he’s a true believer.”

          Yup. That’s why my first guess was that he wasn’t a near perfect sociopath or really a sociopath at all. You are right, it is the simpler answer.

          “The main thing I would note in terms of interesting facts about this case is this: You can tell the age of people by their reaction to this. Older folks just don’t get it because they didn’t grow up with the internet and don’t understand the internet culture.”

          Oh, yeah. I watched a video this morning where a TV reporter said Tarrant was a former Navy SEAL with over 300 confirmed kills. I really hope that was a fake broadcast. Even though it is a serious situation, I could help but bust out laughing.

          I started early on in 8-bit computers and networking. It later became my first career and I introduced my children to the technology at an early age. When the internet started kicking off, I was really active on it, both professionally and personally. They were completely immersed in it from the beginning. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have seen what he did there but my children would. Of course, my experiences are limited and internet culture has rapidly passed me by (a good thing, IMHO) but my adult children still speak memes so I get a refresher course daily in family chat and in person.

        • Gadsden:

          I’ve gotten better with my analogies to older movies because I have to with my dad. At least here I didn’t have to go back to Bogart in Casa Blanca.


          I certainly hope that broadcast was fake. Hard to tell these days sometimes.

          The internet culture gap is real and in this case it’s quite dangerous IMHO. This dude understood it and exploited it. Few people over… hmmm 45 will understand what he’s done and none of them will understand it in depth. But guess who tends to hold the power in companies and government? People over 45. I think he knew this and was counting on it. Hopefully I’m wrong.


          This is the kind of thing I’ve been talking about with advertising, psychology, evolutionary biology etc. This guy wrapped it all up in a bow and sent it as a mail bomb which, quite frankly, I didn’t see coming. This is exactly the kind of thing I’ve been trying to get across to people here and then this guy puts it all together and goes and does this.

          I just hope that because he only has “one shot” at it that he fails. I fully suspect that what he really wants is to spark a major conflict. He thinks he’s figured out how to win but even he acknowledges that in every action there is risk and that he’s kinda going for a “Hail Mary” pass here.

          This is the internet age version of psyops/guerrilla warfare. Podesta saw the power in it, that’s why he was willing to abuse FoxAcid in 2016. But Podesta didn’t really understand it. This shooter asshole does and, IMHO, that makes him very, very dangerous. He knows exactly how to speak to a ton of people who are already angry and suspicious. He uses “meme magic” and troll tactics to an amazing degree both on and offline but this is a whole other level of shit-stirring. He knows how to provoke the reaction he wants and, based on what I’ve seen so far, every single one of the “powers that be” is playing right along with his game because even if they’ve read his manifesto, they don’t get it.

          They see this guy as just another shooter nutbar, which is a dangerous underestimation and exactly what the guy wangs. It’s also a place where he gets a lot of his strength.

          As Verbal Kint put it in The Usual Suspects “The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist”.

        • “I certainly hope that broadcast was fake. Hard to tell these days sometimes.

          The internet culture gap is real and in this case it’s quite dangerous IMHO. This dude understood it and exploited it. Few people over… hmmm 45 will understand what he’s done and none of them will understand it in depth. But guess who tends to hold the power in companies and government? People over 45. I think he knew this and was counting on it. Hopefully I’m wrong. ”

          I think you nailed it. I’m over 45, barely catch some of it, and I’m an outlier towards understanding. IMHO, yeah, he knew and was counting on it. So far, it seems to be working.

      • Strych9, I believe your assessments nailed it. For example, your earlier/later comments on the shooter’s intent to create more division knowing well his audience, makes perfect sense.
        Side note: my wife (liberal, anti gun, white, well educated), saw the 17 minute shooter video. Her initials commments were, “the shooter is crazy, well-calculated, racist and where were the police the first 15 minutes?”
        She didn’t jump on the, “we have to band guns” bandwagon.

        • OK, I’m overly tired and screwing up my threads here today. Sorry about that.

          Good on your wife btw.

          [Copied from above where I meant to reply to you but ended up in the wrong thread… go me]

          This is the kind of thing I’ve been talking about with advertising, psychology, evolutionary biology etc. This guy wrapped it all up in a bow and sent it as a mail bomb which, quite frankly, I didn’t see coming. This is exactly the kind of thing I’ve been trying to get across to people here and then this guy puts it all together and goes and does this.

          I just hope that because he only has “one shot” at it that he fails. I fully suspect that what he really wants is to spark a major conflict. He thinks he’s figured out how to win but even he acknowledges that in every action there is risk and that he’s kinda going for a “Hail Mary” pass here.

          This is the internet age version of psyops/guerrilla warfare. Podesta saw the power in it, that’s why he was willing to abuse FoxAcid in 2016. But Podesta didn’t really understand it. This shooter asshole does and, IMHO, that makes him very, very dangerous. He knows exactly how to speak to a ton of people who are already angry and suspicious. He uses “meme magic” and troll tactics to an amazing degree both on and offline but this is a whole other level of shit-stirring. He knows how to provoke the reaction he wants and, based on what I’ve seen so far, every single one of the “powers that be” is playing right along with his game because even if they’ve read his manifesto, they don’t get it.

          They see this guy as just another shooter nutbar, which is a dangerous underestimation and exactly what the guy wangs. It’s also a place where he gets a lot of his strength.

          As Verbal Kint put it in The Usual Suspects “The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist”.

        • apparently I can’t type either.

          *wants, not wangs. Although that typo could be considered a bad attempt at humor.

    • “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children” The most common reference of ‘ 14 words’ according to Wikipedia, coined by David Lane. Wikipedia is getting less reliable by the day and Hitler did have a much longer winded version.

      Its interesting how every other race can secure a future for their kids but if white people try to, its racist.

  32. For everyone calling this a false flag, I was following the story as it unfolded around 1-3 AM last night, including the livestream video. Its anything but a false flag this time around. Even the white nationalists were entertaining it being a false flag but so far, all evidence says otherwise. Except for the manifesto which reads like it was written by two different people.

    • Sometimes one of my comments will disappear without posting. If I try to post it again, it says it is a duplicate. Back in the day, TTAG told me that they would get caught in automatic filters and it required someone to manually fish them out. I haven’t bothered to check back to see if recent ones were eventually posted.

      What were your latest experiences? Did the site refuse your username/email or refuse to post anything from you?

      • I was banned and none of my comments show up if I use any user name similar. It’s not like I did anything wrong. I simply posted a video of an incident that happened and was somewhat on topic of the news post to which I posted it in, but apparently this made the moderator of the comments section ban me out of personal reasons. The video wasn’t graphic/gory and I didn’t say anything wrong.

        I have been posting on this site for years. I have made many controversial comments but none of them ever got me banned. I don’t know who runs the comments section, whomever it is has a personal bias..

        • Wow, thanks for the details. That would be the first time someone was outright banned, as far as I know.

          It’s their sandbox so I don’t deny their right to decide. However, the thought of TTAG banning and censoring people is not good.

    • They have done it before, but rarely. In my observation They really only do it to people who spam, use a ton of obscene language, or really trash the site.

  33. One thing’s for sure, the government’s that want to ban firearms always have one thing to fall back on.. when the fake ISIS false flag thing dont work.. They can always STAGE A FAKE “white supremacist” mass killing.. then the media will take over from there.. They will push this narrative for weeks (if not months)..especially the Democrats in this country..

  34. There is no wonder why they took the mass killing video down.. most people can watch it and tell that it was staged fake garbage.. sadly a majority of the masses is very gullible.. if you can watch the video, in its entirety, and see for yourself..

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