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I am SO done with this trend. You?

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    • The heatshield seems neat, except for the polymer retaining clip being in full contact with the barrel near the chamber. You know, because if your gun does get hot enough for you to want a heatshield to help protect your hands, it should be held together with plastic parts that are in contact with the hot bits…

  1. Don’t get me wrong. I love zombie books and movies. The first bits of zombie gear were cute. Zombie-themed stuff jumped the shark a few years ago, though. What’s next? Zombie-themed toilet paper… um… I’m calling my patent lawyer!

    • I was geared up to make a post but you said exactly what I was going to say. Except the toilet paper thing….Charmin could make their bear a zombie bear for the packaging. Even better would be to zombify the cute little baby they used to use.

  2. What is funny is I have yet to see any of this stuff at the range in actual use. I can’t recall seeing any neon green on any guns, or any biohazard symbols on scopes. Maybe I need to pay closer attention.

  3. I never liked it enough to be “done” with it. As a matter of fact other than “World War Z” I have never liked any zombie fiction at all.

  4. No matter how justified a self-defence shooting would be, a prosecutor would have a field day exploiting the “zombie stalker” plastered on the gun.

  5. Anything that provides sales and revenue for the gun industry is fine by me. If stuff like this gets a whole new genre of zombie lover into buying guns and gun accessories, then they add to the pro-2A movement (and they vote) then I love it. Will I buy it? No. But it’s no more offensive to me than a gold plated gun and it’s far less offensive then a pink gripped gun. But when it comes to those guns and accessories I refer back to sentence number one.

  6. If you’re so “over” the Zombie stuff, why keep posting it? Aren’t you just drawing attention to it and extending the fad’s lifespan? A quick search reveals you guys have made 8 Zombie-focused posts in April alone. That’s a Zombie post every three days.

    Admit it. You like it. Or at least you like the page views.

    • I’m tired of the trend. Not our posts on the trend. Or the page views from our posts on the trend.

      • 🙂

        I’m OK with anything that gets more people into guns. The Zombie thing lets you buy guns not for hunting, not for “real” personal defense, but to pretend to shoot Zombies. It’s like playing make-believe as a kid. It’s a way to shoot in a totally recreational way.

        Not my thing, but I don’t have a problem with it.

  7. If it makes money, run with it. Plus, it could bring a few more people extra people into the 2A community. Think of it.
    “Hey bro, check out all this zombie stuff you can actually buy,” says Chad
    “Whoah dude, it’s like COD!” exclaims Joseph McBrosef
    “Wow I can’t believe I could buy this stuff”
    “Hey man, I heard it is a protected right to own this stuff”
    “No way, we should check this out on the Internet”
    And so the two young men skipped arm in arm to the internet, where they discover Hickock45, TTAG, the NRA, and 3-gun competition. Chad decides to buy his first AR-15 and Joseph goes back to being a loser frat bro. Ten years later Chad is a millionaire and life member of the NRA. He spends his mornings helping the needy and the afternoons popping soda cans from 200 yards. Joseph finally gets off parole and discovers the wonders of meth. Joseph is then promptly eaten in the Zombie outbreak of 2024. Chad is able to protect himself with his custom 1911 (painted neon green) and goes on to repopulate the Earth with the help of the Swedish olympic volley ball team. The End.

    • Your last sentence just gave me a strong desire to start painting my guns…

      Quick edit, the last sentence was “The end”. I was referring to the one just before that.

  8. I was done with the zombie craze after I beat Undead Nightmare, I was done with it again when I saw the PC game “Trains vs Zombies”. I will puke my brains out if I see a special sporterized “Zombie WW2 Rifle”.

    • That’s a great idea. I had not thought of a zombified (new word) M1 Garand.
      LOL Now you’ve done it.

  9. Who the f^ck is actually buying that green crap? Like Van said, I’ve never seen any of that stuff at the range. Even though I don’t think that lauging at an armed man is the wisest course of action, I’m not sure that I could stop myself.

  10. I’m currently wondering which sells more: military (product name here) system, tactical (product name here) system or zombie defense (product name here) system.

  11. Alright, I agree the marketing hype over the Zombie theme is wearing thin. However, with gun sales way up across the board, don’t you think the term “Zombie” is a metaphor for what we all know?

    Increased threats from bad guys that are adjusting their tactics and even wearing body armor?

    Increased threats from a potential Obama re-election who has a long record of being anti 2nd Amendment?

    Increased threats from potential riots or otherwise civil unrest like the Occupy Movement, or the potential Zimmerman Acquittal?

    Increased threats from economic collapse and potential terrorist attacks?

    We know who the “Zombies are”…….The firearms industry, (marketing anyway) is just riding this cow…….

    • Exactly – it’s a polite way of acknowledging a potential future threat, without being so gauche or declasse as to state it.

  12. I just figured out how to solve 2 problems, We need to get the ATF to focus their operations on Zombie activity. Round up the Zombies, disarm the Zombies. Finally a group we can all rally together to hate and persecute with no worries of back lash.

  13. uhg, walking dead comic fan here, Z theme is making me want to barf. when all metaphoric content is removed and leaves only douche-y story tropes are left the trend is left soulless and… undead i guess, literally.

    • The Walking Dead TV series is the creepiest thing ever on TV. Yes, even more creepy than the Rosie O’Donnell Show.

  14. I love post-apocalyptic fiction, zombies included…but for me the final straw was Hornady bringing out their “Zombie Max” line of antizombie ammunition.

    No. Just…no. I wouldn’t be caught dead with a box of Z-Max. Or undead, even.

  15. I am a HUGE fan of (SLOW) Zombie stuff, espciially stuff like Zombie Squad who use the zombie metaphor to promote emergency preparedness and disaster response (first aid, bugging out, firearms safety and training, etc.).
    However, I think most of the firearms related stuff is terrible. A good, reliable, gun is a good zombie gun – painting it green or adding pictures doesn’t make it any better, in fact, I think it can lead to confusion and present the owner as an irresponsible gun owner. I won’t do that for the same reason I wouldn’t get skulls, macho death threats, or anything like that engraved on my slide.

    The Zombie Ammo is a cool display item and zombie targets can be fun, but there is no need to make your mossberg look like a nerf or put a lime green bayonet on your glock.

  16. “What’s the most significant difference between a New Age Progressive Secularist Libtard and a Zombie?
    A heartbeat.”

  17. If you don’t buy it, they will stop selling it.
    Unfortunately, that also works for the stuff I really want, but can’t afford until after they quit selling it…

  18. It’s an attempt to appeal to a younger crowd. Aren’t you OFWGs always wondering where us younger guys are? Although I don’t have any desire for that zombie stuff, I have plenty of friends who would go for it. I’m an oddball though, in my 20s and I like lever actions, revolvers, and 1911s, not ARs and plastic 9mms…all my friends think I’m weird.

  19. Never got involved with the trend to begin with. The only people I’ve ever seen shoot at zombie targets on the range are the worst kind of jocks who like to mix guns, beer, hooting, hollering, and generally talking loudly. I was never a part of the target demographic.

    • Yep. Love the zombie stuff. It’s fun, silly, and no one can yell “racist” or “hater” or “baby killer” when you’re shooting zombies. I love shooting zombie targets and any other kinda target.

      And to “Daniel,” you need to find a better range. My wife and kids like to shoot zombies, too, and we don’t fall into your limited demographic experience. Anything that can get people out to the range practicing and enjoying shooting sports is fine by me.

  20. Headline says it all.

    I’ve got to say, the zombie meme is good for one thing.

    Friend (who’s not so sure about guns): “Why are you carrying a gun?:

    Me: “Zombies, duh.”

  21. The title of this post raises a lot of interesting questions: Do they? Crap, I mean.

    They eat, right? So if they eat, I’m thinking that they gotta crap. Are there special zombie restrooms? Do they use zombie TP (hey, now that would be a big seller in today’s market)? Do they even drop trou? ‘Cause as we all know, zombies are dumber than a box of congressmen.

    • Erm, it seems we have an attorney on the line. He claims to be filing a class-action suit on behalf of zombies re: your comparing them to “a box of congressmen”. Says they’re seeking pain and suffering as well as defamation of character. What should I tell him?

  22. Why is everyone so critical of something they don’t have to purchase?? Of coarse a zombie themed gun isn’t going to help “take out” zombies. That’s about as intelligent as kids with rice burner civic’s and them thinking a sticker or graphic will give the HP. Thats just dumb.
    I do think some of the painted guns I’ve seen look terrible. However I did see a badass zombie 1911 and I would totally purchase it. Not for carry conceal but for target practice fun and display. I happen to like the zombie thing and it’s an escape from reality for a bit. Some people use drugs, some drink their livers into a rock, some much worse. Myself I like zombie stuff. I don’t throw it in peoples faces it’s just my thing. So if you don’t like it move on to something else. I personally think camo looks like hillbilly garbage but that’s someone else’s choice. Who cares ??

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